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Found 9 results

  1. CARTOGRAPHY of EURTH http://i.imgur.com/hwkJvTVl.jpg Satellite image of our RP wurld (July 11th, 2017) 1. Introduction This is an explanation of v4 of our regional map. It is a continuation of v3, which was expanded into a full globe in 2017. We started with the original landmass of v3, established relative sizes of our world, and added more continents to the remaining area. This project became v4. Map of Eurth v4 (2017-present) Map of Europa v3 (2006-2017) Map of Europa v2 (2004-2006) Map of Europa v1 (2004) 2. Qualif
  2. Where are the borders of the oceans? We call these the maritime boundaries. Technically our planet only has one ocean: the giant, not-so-creatively named “world ocean.” But that makes it hard to talk about different parts of the ocean on different parts of the planet. It makes sense to split it up, but how do you divide a continuous body of water? Since we humans have a habit of making things all about us, historically we have divvied up all that water based on our own perceptions.
  3. What's the best temperature for civilization? This video aims to explain why and where. Here's a link to the map with annual average temperature if you're interested: https://i.redd.it/l1eye5puu3v11.jpg
  4. Part 1 (above): a simple guide to worldbuilding climate zones. Part 2: Ferrel and Polar cell climates.
  5. Step 1 - Mountains Step 2 - Rivers Step 3 - Coasts / Islands Step 4 - Settlements Step 5 - Forests
  6. This timelapse shows how someone made a fantasy map in Photoshop. The whole process took about 17 hours. Making a fantasy map in Photoshop. Fantasy Cartography step by step. Roleplaying game map for your rpg's such as Dungeons and Dragons or Roll20. Software used: Adobe Photoshop Autodesk Sketchbook Lazy Nezumi Pro Reference Websites used: Google Relief Map: https://maps-for-free.com/ Tangram Height Mapper: https://tangrams.github.io/heightmapper
  7. Using plate tectonics to create fantasy maps.
  8. Wendover Productions explains why cities are located where they are. Update: in June 2020 another video talked about where to put cities when worldbuilding. Five aspects to consider are: Trade Defense & Strategic Importance Industry Food & Water Religion & Culture
  9. Want to see our planet as a globe? Want to measure accurate distances without complicated mathematics? Want to crash your computer with heavy software? You are in luck! Because now you can, by following this tutorial. You will learn how to take our flat world map and turn it into a functional layer with Google Earth Pro. In this tutorial, I'll take you through each step of this process. Let me know in the comments if you are experiencing any issues. 1. Download Google Earth Pro At the time of this writing, you can download this free software package from https://w
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