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  1. Hello there, people! I would like to present to you a game, that is fairly commonly played in the pubs of @Walneria for over 200 years now! This game is called Tossní, literally meaning nothing. Theories on what the name means are mostly outlandish, but some linguists suggest, that the name comes from a misheard Walnerian phrase "To ssní", literally "On it is snowing", possibly referring to the timing when the game came to be - when it was snowing (or for that purpose any other bad weather outside), people in the house gathered and played the game to spend long evenings together. Later, the game found its way to the extensive pub culture of @Walneria, where people spending the evening enjoyed playing the game, betting little ammounts of money (usually up to 10 Krónes per round, which is about 5/8 of one US Dollar). This game is played using 108 card deck (two 52 card decks and 4 additional jokers, which is a basic canasta deck), and is the game for 2-10 players. If you feel like trying it out, make sure to read the IIWiki page for Tossní, it is not hard to understand and fairly entertaining to play. If you decide to try it out and play it with family, not only will you secretely bring few people down to Eurth, but you could also secretely qualify for not getting beaten up instantly if you ever find yourself in a Walnerian pub. I would love to hear some feedback from those of you, who tried it out! (Before somebody asks: It was not inspired by Uno, but western Slavic versions of Mau-Mau (Specifically Czech Prší and Slovak Faraón), from which the Uno stems as well. So rather as inspiration, the games have a common ancestor.)
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