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  1. Hola mi nombre Willber presidente de Eliberia y por este medio quiero dar mi formulario para que me den un territorio en el mapa. Nación en Eurth: Republica Federal de Eliberia Bandera: Nombre de la capital: Ciudad de Eliberia Ubicación de la capital: En la costa norte del pais Enlace del libro de datos: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=eliberia/detail=factbook Enlace a la sala de prensa: Cultura: America Clima: Tropical templado Ubicación Isla Historia: 517 años
  2. “An Empire Divided” Multi-Expansion RP Proposal Metztlitlaca Expansion My first expansion! Despite the name of the proposal this application is only for the first stage of the expansion, which is the conquest of the Occidental Democratic Republic of Satillo. All currently made information for the expansion (for now) will be below. Since the departure of Derthalen, Adaptus, Limonaia, and Variota, there is no longer a “Boogeymen” nation for people to work with/against. The closest we have is Fulgistan, who although is planning to expand, may not be as amoral as people hope (closer to
  3. It's been an hell of a long time since I RPed an expansion of Tagmatium's borders. Over a decade, in fact. I am going to claim two areas, although I cannot promise that these will be completed any time soon. The first part, the six islands between my nation and Deltannia, will run roughly concurrently with my Spots thread, and will be directly affected by the developments within it. Some of it was initially planned over a year ago, but I never got around to actually doing it. It will also help me sketch out my personal retcon of the old Long War. As it was, it was became unworkable for me
  4. After progressing Project Canamo along and planning some future writing, I'd like to present an expansion/future claims plan. 1. Prymontian Rus Step 1 simply sees the renaming of The Hellenic Rus to Prymontian Rus. This will become official in RP around October when I roleplay local elections, and the country will eventually become one with the United States around 2020. 2. The Canamo Canal The Canamo Canal is an upcoming project between myself, @Iverica, and @Girkmand, which will connect the Canamo Sea to the Mediargic Sea. This will be roleplayed over t
  5. Over the past weeks and upcoming weeks me and @Alenveil have/will be RPing often to help justify the war in the Auraid Bay. The Actual RP will begin on April 24th, and will go on for the following two to four weeks. We have acknowledged that we As relatively new Nations must earn the expansion, so we will be doing as much as possible before April 24th. The post conflict borders will look much like this The red border represents my claim, and the blue Alenveil’s. The Yellow spot is the city of Pyemacus, and the Anchor PNB Hamptus, you could leave the PyeMcGowian Border there and
  6. As some of you might know, I have decided to start a clean slate because I find that the previous idea of Selayar is unworkable on my end. So i'm moving map spot to better fit my new idea for this country, and here's my new form: Nation in Europa: Selayar Flag: Capital name: Wanaperaʻa Capital location: In the gulf area (see the map of claim) Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Selayar Newsroom link: Culture: Insular Southeast Asia (Austronesia) without Indian influence along with pseudo-Polynesia linguistic influence and a mix of other Asian cultu
  7. I'd like to expand into the former territory of Beautancus. He left around the same time as I did, and to my knowledge is not active within the region or even a nation on NS any longer. I have considerable history however with that area from previous role-plays in the archive and so forth. I will begin a role-play concerning it as well leading up to it, from the current diplomatic thread here:
  8. Salutations readers of this here topic. Here's one more topic to discuss! I know what you're thinking "a discussion topic about Shffahkian expansion, yay!" However, before we jump right into it, here's some backstory. As of late, I haven't been very active on the forums in terms of RP as I've been keeping myself busy making a fitting iiwiki page for everyone's favourite *cough* only Collectivist state. In writing my history as a Lysian colony and the like, I came upon a historical topic which I didn't really explore much in the creation of my history.
  9. As my dear neighbor @Prymont had stated I have a few expansion areas Im looking at for the future of Ahrana and the last of all expansions of Ahrana for the foreseeable future and such. The expansion will come in three phases with te first phase starting next year and the other two phases being six months between the first one. They all are going to be Role-played out and will have many justifications and reasonings. (please do ignore the sub-territorial lines inside the federation that's for something else) Anyways the first Phase is to the West of the Federations Border
  10. I am only posting this here to state and certify that if any future nation wants to be placed on the lands as follows that they should incorporate the history of the former colony into their nation. Actual Request Below is a map of the former colony of Twinsud Coast, there will be one port that is still represented on the map and if needed the port will become either PyeMcGow
  11. Well I suppose it is time to expand Seylos. The expansion is occurring in the topic The Storm, where King Aidan is traveling after the "unfortunate" passing of his grandfather who ruled as the Duke of Éire. With no family left, women unable to inherit, and the precarious economic situation of the country a personal union will be formed. However Aidan will run into his own problems during the negotiations when a Category 3 hurricane strikes the southern portion on the island. This map describes the territories of Éire, Plenmont, and Sark which will also be at the negotiating ta
  12. I have taken some time to think about how I want the Sunset Sea Islands to evolve over the next few years. Whilst the image might look frightening and/or overpowered now, let me explain my reasoning behind it. First, I want to elaborate on the first stage of expansion I de-facto started now with The Secretary's Report and which I will continue after the ATARA Generall Assembly is over (since I, unfortunately, missed the deadline for new topics). I will roleplay the SSI using the crumbling UBPSSIF and internal instability of the former royal subject nations (see TSR and Thalassan War) as a
  13. This is my expansion plans for the upcoming years, I’m only putting this here so that others who want a map spot know what to request and what not to? Phase 1 FORMER THEODORIAN TERRITORY I’m planning on expanding to Theodoria’s Former Territory through a referendum. As He is going to either move spot or leave completely I wouldn’t want to use Theodoria as the name for the nation, and I’m planning on calling it Tegidia. So PyeMcGowan and Tegidia have strong economic ties and they also uses the Poggle as it’s currency, We have always been very close and due to Political Problems,
  14. @Orioni, would you mind expanding me on the map towards Morheim? I would like to share a border with them.
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OAkD5Q7USqh4QLMxUBj5l4smnDJ7qp-N/view?usp=sharing After looking at Ahrana's recent land acquisition, I have finalized my plans for new territory. Currently claimed territory is in Yellow, and possibly new cities are in Red. All territory outlined was occupied after numerous "barbarian" raids coming from the region, and all minorities in the area will be given full rights if/when annexation happens. Check The Commonwealth Times for further detail.
  16. Lo and behold, the fruits of Project Canamo! Others have been granted expansion either before or during the writing process, and as I've spent three months so far on Project Canamo, I think it's fair to put mine forwards. As they're smaller, I'd like to claim the top two islands fairly soon as dedicated Prymontian territory. One of my upcoming posts on PC will be about the larger of the two islands, so it will be adequately roleplayed. The objective for them is hidden weapons storage, testing, and development. As for The Hellenic Rus, I'll be roleplaying Prymontian
  17. Used to be my application for expansion. Now I mostly just use this post to record important details about Giokto that I might need to recall later on. History Ancient History and Formation The earliest ancestors of the Giokton people are known to have lived along the southern coast of the Ketek (Cashari) Peninsula, eventually migrating south to a mountainous, resource-rich island now known as Giokto. Despite being located far from the center of the ancient Huang civilization, the Giokton people have always maintained close contact with the far-western reaches of Huang ter
  18. Couple of simple map requests. 1. Please rename my capital to what it currently is, Belgrade. 2. Update my flag On a completely unrelated note, I would like to know if there was any more groundwork set on expansion. I am thinking far ahead here, but if there are any changes to the process (doing RPs, being active) let me know. If I am currently eligible, you can reply and we can have that arranged. Thanks.
  19. Nation in Europa: Brundeblurg Flag: (Sorry cant due to website problems) - But same flag i have for my NS nation Capital name: Nova Fedi Capital location: (On the coast of my nation) Factbook link: Newsroom link: Culture: A deeply religious, funny and Pius nation, having a long and rich history, a large amount of a Blundeblurgian life surrounds around agriculture, as the populace is growing food wether at home or on the fields, and by the beautiful shiny coats a thriving fishing industry intertwines with regular life as the populace with work in
  20. Looking at expanding Gallambria's reach 'globally' for political, economic and strategic reasons. I have an interest in these three islands/island groups. My intention is not to land grab, however to expand into islands/areas that would extend my nations reach into the northern hemisphere, but also allowing nations to access the Marenesian island group. Below is the plan I have for my expansion. As these islands are deemed "Terra Nullis" - I will be RP'ing the claims through maritime exploration by Government and Naval maritime forces.
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