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Found 9 results

  1. List of Diplomatic Missions Adaptus Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Novumcastrum Afropa Embassy of Andalla in Dieudonné Ahrana Embassy of Andalla in Moskovo Consulate-General of Andalla in Peterburi Astriedan Honorary Consulate of Andalla in Curia Cashar Embassy of Andalla in Protiva Consulate-General of Andalla in Malmega Cristina Embassy of Andalla in Cristina Fjallshima Embassy of Andalla in Yokoholm Fulgistan Embassy of Andalla in Bogd Gioro Consulate-General of Andalla in Wulumqi Gallambria Embassy of Andalla in Bromwich Giokto Emba
  2. The Andallan Broadcasting Network, or simply ABN, is the largest commercial broadcast television and radio network in Andalla. Its main office is located at the ABN Broadcasting Center at Erik S. Dahlsen Avenue (ESDA) corner Olsen Avenue while its primary transmitter, the Millennium Tower, is located in Haugvange. The ABN broadcasts primarily through its flagship television channel DSEA-TV (better known as Commonwealth TV or CTV), as well as through its flagship AM radio station DZMB-AM (Radio Andska 630). The ABN is best-known for its nationwide evening news program, Andalla Today, and i
  3. The Thalassan War Tiauhai Sea 5°42'43"N 119°26'46"W 18 November 1941 0750 hrs It was a calm November morning. Gentle waves lapped against the cold, gray hull of the Giokton Type 3A-class submarine C-23; her blunt bow cutting silently and steadily through the surface of the Tiauhai Sea. A soft sea breeze blew against the cheeks of five men perched atop the bridge, nonchalantly keeping watch over the seemingly endless void of blue water that surrounded them on three sides. Behind them lay the western coast of Giokto; the faint shadow of mountains and dense
  4. Andalla

    Flight 371

    F L I G H T 3 7 1 "Papa, kha-kin neh!" (hurry up) "Yes, yes, almost done." "But, papa, ah-peh (uncle) can't be late." "I know, I know, just hold on a bit, Jans." For the fifth time, young Jans took a glance at the clock. It was eight minutes past one, the morning of November 30th. He turned around and looked out the window to check if the car was still there. The Esé patiently waited; its headlights illuminating the cold, lonely midnight street. Two women stood outside talking — Jans' mother Anna, and her sister Ashley. Even from inside the house, he could
  5. The Oriental Meteorological, Atmospherical and Hydrological Administration, abbreviated as OMAHA, is a joint meteorological organization between several nations in the vicinity of the Oriental Ocean. Formally established on 28 August 2017 in Waipahu, @Kualoa, founding members included Kualoa, @Andalla, and the @Sunset Sea Islands. OMAHA was established to provide its member states with a quick and reliable source for weather reports, usually regarding tropical cyclones. Though OMAHA does not hold national status within any nation, it represents a partnership between the national meteorological
  6. The calendar read 5 July 1948, Monday. It had been a year since the Thalassan War had ended, when the Gioktons had surrendered and the @Sunset Sea Islands liberated from its oppressive leadership. It was a bloody war that saw the deaths of millions — military and civilian alike. It was not unusual that the Commonwealth had not yet recovered; yet despite this, the economy was, as a matter of fact, growing. People were looking for new ideas. And where else could they find new ideas other than Europa, the political, ideological, cultural, economical and technological center of the world? The oppo
  7. @Iverica @Prymont @Derthalen @Astriedan @The Eurofuhrer @Girkmand @Sunset Sea Islands @Selayar @Little Flau @Variota @Cashar @Orioni @Afropa @Tagmatium Rules @Fleur de Lys @Cristina @Magnaeus @Gallambria (Phew, that has got to be the longest line of mentions this forum has seen!) Fellow mentioned test subjects comrades, allow me a few minutes. According to my foreign relations factbook, Andalla has retrospectively established foreign relations with your country. Do not worry, in most cases it's just a consulate in the capital, not an embassy. I'm just trying to be a friendly lit
  8. Skandinavisk Aircraft Manufacturing, officially Skandinavisk Flyindustri A/S, is an Andallan aerospace company that designs, manufactures and sells both civilian and military aircraft. Skandinavisk is the largest company in Andalla and among the largest in Thalassa by revenue, total assets, and employees. At the end of FY 2017, the company reported $43.568 billion in revenues, $72.133 billion in total assets, and nearly 86,000 employees worldwide—67,442 in Andalla and Giokto. Skandinavisk aircraft are delivered to customers across the world, with major final assembly plants located in Andalla,
  9. The following is a list of prominent Andallan arms manufacturers. Until the 1950s, most of Andalla's arms manufacturing was controlled by the government. In 1949, the Arms Industry Privatization Act was ratified, granting more leeway for privately-owned arms manufacturers. The present Andallan arms industry is dominated by Skandinavisk, Faerfrisk Arms and Kungsborg Land Systems. SKANDINAVISK Skandinavisk Aircraft Manufacturing (Officially Skandinavisk Flygproducent A/S) is the largest manufacturer of aircraft in Andalla and the Andallan Commonwealth Air Force's primary supp
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