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Found 4 results

  1. THE DALSTAVIAN WAR May 2019 It is always thought that after a war peace should come, and with it also prosperity and knowledge ... but that was not the case. The long and heartbreaking civil war in Ruthenia brought Supreme Leader Kars Delai to power after 9 years of sacrifices, deaths and hunger. Although the conflict ended in 2009, the nation was unable to recover economically from the disastrous situation it was in, leaving the population at the mercy of the dictator and death. There were those who had enough of all this, that it was time to stop trusting the government an
  2. 22 June 2020 For several days on the regional news and on Solisea News the government had announced a referendum about the reduction of fuel use to modernize the country with clean energy. Since 2005 Anatea tried to obtain renewable energy so as not to spend too much money on the import of petrol and raw materials, trying to avoid the use of nuclear energy which, according to a referendum and a law that later became reality, was prohibited in energy and military field in 1990. Now, on June 22, the Set party (center-right and supporter of the continued use of oil) and the Lucet party
  3. Sarah Mezzani << Welcome to the morning edition of Solisea News, with Sarah Mezzani! Let's start with news about the Anatean GDP's recovery after the end of the conflict in Delstev. I pass the line to Jack Lini about his report. >> Jack Lini << It is with constancy and many sacrifices that Anatea has managed to improve its GDP by +0.3 in recent weeks. The secret? A cut on the armament funds of the army to divert them towards the incentives for the companies that were going in clear crisis. Along with the good news of the recovery, unemployment is also
  4. It had been a few years since Anatea had experienced the thrill of war on its skin. It was not as cold and distant as they told in school and information books, nor heroic as the novels about soldiers and generals did. It was ruthless, tough, relentless. Nobody was spared, nobody saw the next day without having had a reckless dose of luck that would have made everyone pass unscathed through the hell of lead and flames that was the war. They were numbers against numbers, powerful against other powerful, hordes of innocent people who were sent to the massacre despite Anatea had always clai
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