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Found 2 results

  1. The Thalassan War Tiauhai Sea 5°42'43"N 119°26'46"W 18 November 1941 0750 hrs It was a calm November morning. Gentle waves lapped against the cold, gray hull of the Giokton Type 3A-class submarine C-23; her blunt bow cutting silently and steadily through the surface of the Tiauhai Sea. A soft sea breeze blew against the cheeks of five men perched atop the bridge, nonchalantly keeping watch over the seemingly endless void of blue water that surrounded them on three sides. Behind them lay the western coast of Giokto; the faint shadow of mountains and dense
  2. To say Engelstov was a welcome change to Bulgenstaz would be undoubtedly false. The price the Bulgenstazi people had payed for freedom, the 50,000 lives, the 50,000 pure souls, had not been in the name of his brutality. Dmitry Mendhelson knew this much. The SRRB had not been formed to oppress, but to rejuvenate, to bring hope to the fledgeling nation. It now served in the place the colonials had left, oppressive and unbending, a slaver to the masses. The SRRB was deaf to the cries for democracy and freedom by the people of Bulgenstaz. If there would be change, it would be now, and it must be s
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