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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! As part of the 5.1 Eurth Map Update, I am trying to reach out to all of the continents of Eurth (Aurelia/Thalassa/Alharu/Argis/Marenesia/Europa) in attempt to figure out what changes those in the continent would like. And for the first two continents is Aurelia and Thalassa as much of the foundations for changes have already been put in place or are blank enough for some major restructuring. As far as I am aware, these are the current discussions / issues with the continent that need to be confirmed / discussed:- 1) Limonaia Replacement Nation. An Italian nation that can be a col
  2. Hello! Most people on this forum knows me as "that map guy", or "that country with the slavery". But since the 27th of March of this year I have been given the title of "Cartographer" equal to "RP Mentor" in the staff hierarchy as part of the general staff delegations over the past year. My role is to keep track of map placement requests, requests by current members for changes to their nations and the wider Eurth, increasing transparency between producing the map and the members of our community, and updating the map as per needed. Orioni is still the head of cartography - as he is the
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