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  1. Heppie beurtday Hannes. :)

  2. Maybe Europa should try to recruit some. NS is an old game, but regions who actively recruit still grow.
  3. Yeah, since I tought Tagmatium was back. But it seems he's gone again. Don't see Suverina anywhere too. I guess it's only you who still wanders this forum.
  4. So are we going to continue with ww1-style Sevurina RP?
  5. That movie had such a nice intro.
  6. I check it up now and then.
  7. Where's the Tagster? He's leaving a rp hanging.
  8. The Monarch sat on his golden throne, the centerpiece of the large, Imperial-styled Ceremonial Room. Gracing the surrounding gang of officials with his presence. He can sit confident, his rule undisputed ans absolute. His chest forward and head held high, he was the man the country should have been proud of. "Hurry up, painter, gold doesn't tend to follow the shape of your but so much. My ass is pleeding with my mind to have you executed and the longer it takes, the more he's making a convincing argument", the Monarch said nonchalantly. The painter cawers some more behind his easel,
  9. Gooooooooodmoooooooorning Europa!
  10. Bulgaria?? What the hell for a name is that for a country? Pick your names as you like, but you should know it's just a silly name and totally not realistic. Windsor-treaty-like thing is fine and dandy for me, but we should -and I can't really stress this enough - for the sake of a serious roleplay pick an incredible awesome name. More Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, less Windsor!
  11. All of these options are still better than jumping out of a chopper and shooting two nets at a dragon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ1JfEIumv8
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