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  1. Happy birthday young Sir. Many happy returns! 

  2. Happy birthday young Sir. Many happy returns! 🎉

  3. I respectfully request the island of plot 76/77. I fulfil the requirements.... Oh, and all the surrounding islands..Muwahahahah!! Muwahahahaha!!!!! Specifically 0.42 and 0.23....... Link to flag?
  4. Hmm....Brazil will do well....But a European team will win....Look out for a surprise Italian side. New manager, Ageing stars and young talent... I also think England won't cruise the group stage as is expected. I think a struggle against Paraguay.......But hope not.... And you gotta love Crouchy!! Come on Rodders!!!!
  5. And so are you P!!! Over to you my friend.
  6. Which condiment is said to have been created by a Mrs Clements in the 18th century?
  7. The much lamanted and heroic Admiral Benbow. Damn those Frenchies!!!
  8. Well it's darned good to meet you!
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