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  1. Glad to see that North Pacific is doing its bit. I'm not sure whether it's okay for me to talk about stuff, so I'll try to be quick. On the role-playing front, North Pacific isn't a very RP style region, yet we have one role-play that is 75 pages long and currently has around 1200 replies, and is still going strong. It's a role-play based on the 16th century (though it's now in the early 17th century), and it has nothing to do with NS at all. I think the fact that the nations role-played are confined to the one role-play allows people to get immersed and write really good storylines without worrying about how things will affect their nation. Perhaps having an area for general role-plays might help things a little? That way this forum would not only attract RPers who like to role-play within NS, but all RPers. Sorry if this has already been thought of?
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