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  1. figging (if you don't know what it is, don't look it up, its scary)
  2. Millbrex, a bridge between the East and West. Orion, Phil IV, Vanarambaion and ZiqXx. Great Kings and Selene2u. 2 separate blocs. But not any longer. After consideration, Millbrex has decided to "bridge the gap". We throw our hat into the ECA hoping that it meets the Objectives it has set, and surpasses the vision created by its founders. Millbrex would like to take this opportunity to state that any rumours heard regarding planned disruption of the ECA are completly untrue. Never had it crossed our minds to put up huge barriers and charge a fortune for the passage of sea and land transport.
  3. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (I'll be impressed to see someone get anywhere from this )
  4. Millbrex, as a country with fully legal medical and recreational marijuana use, endorses this bill. The liberal attitude of Europa is to be applauded, we also look forward to trading our various blends with other countries in exchange for their local produce. Millbrex is currently assessing a variety of marijuana based technologies both civilian and military, and hopes that there may even be scope within the MMRTA for an exchage of ideas relating to smoking paraphernalia.
  5. OOC: anyone who cares... hold down <alt> and type ?0246 on the keypad, then you get an ?, 0228 gets you an "?" and 0229 an "?"
  6. Warmasters Drummond and Cauty, of Millbrex have today declared their interest in lot 99. Since the upheaval of moving Millbrex from the West Pacific, and previously the Land of Mu, a permanent home had yet to be secured. "We will take one icecream van, one ford, a stereo and some sheep and park them on lot 99. We will spend the next two weeks occupying this are until it is secured for the population of Millbrex" Cauty later added that the occupation alone would result in a claim of 14 million Euro against Millbrex's military budget. "We need to burn about a million euro a night, just to keep warm" -----ends-----
  7. The power of suggestive thought is strong in me, oh yes....
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