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  1. 🎉 A very happy 34th birthday to you, Sgt.!

  2. Tag is protesting the weather, lolz. That's like people hanging around on the beach in December during an off-season hurricane in defiance of unseasonal weather.
  3. What he said. Yeah, ironically I did not pick the second most common language in the US as a language I am fluent in, mmmk?
  4. While sucking Germany's ass and trying to claim independence is certainly an appealing idea... ...you should know better than to doubt my aspirations to play the underdog. But yeah, Free France. Nothing like being greeted by mobs of jubilant free-peoples. Plus, it's always fun to argue with a Brit about resources. True life story.
  5. Sounds good...I'd like to represent the French on this. I'm fairly keen on them (or at least I can pretend to be).
  6. Nothing like a good game of Use Your Nationalism To Trump Theirs. It's a shame that those Brits got all tied up in the President's hard-nosed, anti-diplomatic soiree. Think about it, though. Iran's got nuclear cruise missiles aimed right at them right this very minute from ships out in those waters, plus a couple aircraft carriers loaded with God-knows-what, in terms of ordinance and overall firepower. This is why we've got to get some kind of big diplomatic push throughout the world to discuss these border issues and get them solved, 'cause the Persian Gulf division seems to have been a back-burner issue even for the nations of the Middle East.
  7. Natural living and mandatory local militia service does an economy good.
  8. Today I attended a Fort Stewart tree-planting ceremony. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with Fort Stewart customs, we have a grove of trees that's over 300 tress now, with each tree representing a fallen 3rd Infantry Division Soldier who was killed in Iraq. This is a unique, living memorial of eastern redbud trees (which are just now sprouting pink blossoms) that is dedicated to the fallen, lives who, unfortunately, may have been lost in vain. Only time will tell. Today, two young privates that I had worked with through much of last year had trees planted in their name, granite blocks set with their name, rank, and posting at death. They were both very fresh from training and worked their hardest to make something of themselves, and I knew both of them to be outstanding Soldiers. I was passed up for escort duty with one of the families (I'm on the division color guard, instead), but I got a chance to talk to a Captain who does the whole "bad news visit" thing and also does the family escorting, and he told me that he has to pray all the time just to get through the days. He's on permenant rear deatchment these days, but in the past he served as an Infantry lieutenant and the S-1 (personnel operations) of my unit, and has a lot of experience with this stuff. Anyway, it pains me to hear about these things all the time. It pains me to know that that the lucky ones who survive aren't necessarily so 'lucky', given the utter sh*te support services here that turn away veterans all the time once they're out of the service. How people who come back messed up with PTSD are instead told that they have a 'personality disorder', something they always had or whatever, or even employees of the Veterans Affairs that tell servicemembers that they don't work with 'nutcases', as if people who come back affected by war are 'nutcases'. The casualties are greater than many think; too often the unseen scars of battle are left untreated, and a veteran is left to suffer through this throughout the remaining days of their lives, many of whom from the current conflict don't even feel as though they fought for freedom, but merely for survival, in a politically charged war that has become the shining example of a laissez faire free-market paradise. Just consider the timing of the invasion of Iraq, and the recent rhetoric against Iran. Iraq was planning on doing something that would bring down the entire United States economy, by selling its oil flow by the Euro, or petroeuro, instead of the Dollar, or petrodollar. Siince the value of the dollar is backed by the world's oil reserves (and not gold anymore, since Nixon), this would bring about a rapid declination of the hegemonic foreign policies of the United States neo-conservative elements of the IMF and the World Bank,who have long attempted to supress much of South America's developing economies, as well as the global oil market. Well, since 9/11 conveniently happened (the neo-cons were calling for another Pearl Harbor in 2000), the excuse of defeating terrorism was immediately put forth to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq, with several key neo-conservative individuals immediately being placed at the top of Iraq's new oil ministry. Recently, Halliburton has been making moves to maximize its profits from the oil flow by successfully engaging Iraq's government to monopolize and centralize the control of Iraq's oil profits by distributing the flow to foreign multinationals with some affiliation to Halliburton or the Bush Administration. And with their recent move to Dubai, Halliburton can enjoy American tax cuts without really having to pay all of the American taxes they used to be obligated under. Now this hate-rhetoric and fearmongering is being used to paint Iran in the same light, who is also planning to sell its oil by the Euro. And in the middle of all of this, the lives of military folks from many countries around the world are being wagered on a free-market gamble.
  9. Damn, those guys have been gone for a while, haven't they?
  10. Hail, Parivas! If you have any questions regarding the region and/or the forum, feel free to PM an admin or the Europa SGT (that's me). Enjoy your time here and welcome to Europa.
  11. Hail, Shaen-dude. If you have any questions regarding the region, feel free to PM a mod or the Europa SGT (that's me).
  12. Here's a little quantitative data to take the philosophical 'nonsense' out of the spiel. The United States of America makes up 5% of the world's population. Now that same 5% consumes about 25% of the world's resources, and accounts for about 30% of the world's pollution. Now by any reasonable reckoning, that's a system that shouldn't be in place, nor should it be exported to any other nation. Some good reading on the foreign policy would be 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins, a guy who, when a new President would be democratically elected in a Latin America country, for example, would go to meet the new President, and offer that man (or woman, in such a recent case) $200,000,000 or so to sell out the country to the petro-dollar Saudi-Houston cartel, the IMF, and the WTO, OR Mr. Perkins (and other so-called 'Economic Hitmen') would offer them a bullet for their troubles. A case of belligerent, empire-building foreign policy that has touched virtually every corner of the world. It's not just a danger to Americans, as we've seen in the past. And I'll be damned if I see a woman about the same age as my mother (she's getting up there) working two jobs and I just say "Oh well, she should've known better and invested". Huh, if we had just put up with this sort of thing in the past, instead of challenging the system, I'd vouch that nothing would be the same, and it is imperative that people continue to stand up and demand progress, reform, and redress. Jesus, if nobody had stood up to the fiscal scandals of the wealthy, things like Enron, Exxon Mobil, Tyco, etc. would be commonplace. Some people will argue that a corporation's social responsibility is limited to delivering a profit to its shareholders, but it's gotten to where even those folks are getting cheated.
  13. I tend to disagree with nationalism and having too much pride in being born and raised somewhere, but I guess that's just because I was born in Sweden and raised in a lot of different places, usually in 'Western' countries. Since I joined the Army in 2002 (I was 17 and just getting old enough to enlist with parental consent), in the wake of 9/11, I have, through my various deployments (Iraq, the Horn of Africa), seen the third world, and I've seen the way that the American government, corrupt with corporate greed and neo-conservative imperialism (both of which have been waging a cold war behind the scenes of our government since 1997), have exploited the third world and provided virtually no compensation. I have also seen that the American people are only treated better because people stand up to the government, not because the free market capitalist 'paradise' is a paradise at all, at least not for the common man, woman, and teenager who puts in the 8 or more hours of work and doesn't even have the right to the fruits of his or her own labor; they have to buy the product of all that hard work back. That alone can get my blood boiling, especially when I hear that 50,000,000 people don't have health insurance, and those who do aren't faring much better 'cause they have to pay higher premiums to compensate for those who are not insured. That makes absolutely no sense, and it makes absolutely no sense why this country should be the only super-modern country without it. The "costs too much" rhetoric is bull, because the people making those complaints are the ones rolling millions of dollars and spending it wastefully, not using it to invest back into business like the laissez-faire champions would have you believe. I'm far from a lazy pessimist. The fact that I openly express my Socialist beliefs in the Army is by itself a courageous act. And I know I've been given a slight benefit of the doubt simply because I am not junior enlisted. I regularly write my Senator Sam Brownback and my Representative Jerry Moran (both of whom continue to argue that throwing money at Iraq and Afghanistan will work). I actively demonstrate and participate in peaceful disruptions, and have a very wonderful support network of activist lawyers and the like, whom I thank every chance I get for their dedication, courage, and hard work. Now, there are honest folks in this country, I will not deny that. But facts are facts. Folks gotta stand up and be vigilant. In the Industrial Revolution here in the States, the owners of factories were getting on the wire with their buddy the state governor and asking, if it wasn't much trouble, to send down the Guardsmen and shoot those uppity workers for wanting to be treated like human beings, instead of fricken cattle. That point in our history, and other moments in our time, have reinforced a fundamental idea that I've always held, that if it wasn't for people complaining, raising hell, and demanding change, we would have never gotten past that part of our history, and so on and so forth. For Pete's sake, the FBI, under citizen pressure, FINALLY admitted to abusing the (un)Patriot(ic) Act, snooping on people they had no business looking at. There was a time where racism was more than calling somebody a bad name or whatever. It was outright segregation, legalized hatred. It took people to stand up to that, and I strongly support a vigilant dissenting entity in this country, because history has proven that dissent is absolutely imperative in a democratic society.
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