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Theocracy of the invisible

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  1. I would hypothosise that it is linked to the genrally central nature of most of the nations here. I suspect that extremists are less likley to join because the do not want interference. Once a sizable majority of people here were in the UN it began to be seen as the generallly accepted thing. Anyway, thats is just my two cents.
  2. He wasn't the only one to be impressed at your information gathering. In your last post do you mean ability to vote, or ability to make our own proposels?
  3. Upon hearing the news the theocracy of the transparent declared a day of morning for the attempted murder of Brawandi democracy. On questioning of this unusual move the Archpriest responded "I need a day off to do my shopping." As a result of this odd statment it was decided to lend moral support and a contigent of well funded greengrocers to help any caught in the cross fire.
  4. Hello, due to your great looking record on civil liberties my fledgling nation has decided to affiliate itself with you. I hope with have a happy region.
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