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  1. North Korinon SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ Office of Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas Stared at the teletype and felt his shoulders sink after reading aloud its contents to Yuta, Daya and himself. It was Daya who let out the curse first. Fuuuuck. We are so f*cked if we dont get this right. I bet those naval officers are in some sort of living hell right now, they cant be happy right? Right Yuuutta, they cant be!? Now, now Daya, compose yourself. Yuta managed to be the solid stone of the meeting. Fasri appeared to be waning and waxing in the briefest of light that spi
  2. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry) Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle Subject: Imperial Court News Prathen, SIMH., 2nd Year of Karn (2021), K2/04/21 — Empress Kira'Karn, who symbolizes the unity and continuity of the Haruspex nation, is set to make a visit to North Korinon. This is a tremendous occasion and shall be apart of her itinerary for visiting the colonial holding of Kaldana as well. The Empress has decreed that visiting our newest protectorate, is to boost morale not only for those stationed therein, but to welcome the citiz
  3. North Korninon, Verlucio Port Luhtun (Condor), Fast Strike Carrier Class (FSCC) 1st Protectorate Defense Fleet Prata-Khan Yarna stood upon the bridge of the Luhtun, and yet there wasn't much for him to do aboard the ship at the moment. They were docked within the port, and as said docks were built to handle high volume tenders, they had been reasonable able to accommodate the naval warships that had become apart of its day to day operations. If anything, the Luhtun had become a central operations vessel in this berth, able to force project beyond patrolling via its cohort of VTOL
  4. North Korinon Cunetio City It'd been about a week since the meet and greet of the other officers and staff assigned to the North Korinon territory. His wife had come, with their two children. His son was old enough to understand, but his daughter was still feeling defeated as all of her friends were back in Tavor. So today was a bit of a father and daughter day, relaxing at a small coffee shoppe, where he was attempting to liven her mood up at the moment. My dear, I know this isnt what you desired, but do try to make the best of it, we will be here for a good long while. She huffed
  5. As with Tag there are a few options for the Haru. One: They volunteer to join the Anglian economic/military bloc rising out of the ashes of the collapsed old wurld, and offer the industrial and military complexes to that end. In the short term, the experienced combat troops and the ruthlessness of said troops could cause capitulation from a variety of affected countries. As the Haru are already ostracized, they suffer less on that front then say Tagmatium. The downside to defeat is any new territory will be returned, and economic boosting from earlier will have to find other sources.
  6. Northern Cunetio Haru Embassy Newly appointed ambassador to the North Korninon Protectorate (NKP for future reference), Sengar d'isto (Noble rank, equivalent of Major) Fasri'Nu Hallas stood upon the balcony of the suite, and looked over the construction of a more permanent border wall and the city on both sides. The banners of the Imperium draped across the front of the building, and upon flag poles alongside that of the NKP fluttering in the wind. A slow exhale of a reddish smoke, slow lean against one arm as he settled against a banister for a moment. From his perch, he could see
  7. Chel'de Yorn Imperial Ward Council of the Nine Chambers A recent diplomatic message from their ally to the south, at the behest of the the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion, had come through. The message was displayed upon the central monitor, and several individuals were present. Head of the Seventh Circle (ECC - Imperium Security Services), Ria Mel'Ana Velven, Prince Ajax Hur Elemmiire, head of The First Circle (Ministry of Foreign Trade Affairs), Duke Sias Hu'yan of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), and lastly, Senior Councilor, Advo
  8. @Seylos Nothing overtly yet, but as the area of Bashan was mentioned, that is somewhat nearby to a Haru holding. As for the activities of the Anglian concerns, some of the Old Wurld might be more open to Cooperation/Collaboration with the power that is rising. Concerning Corinium, I'm fine with that being settled quickly, it is after all, running along the path we designed.
  9. It will be interesting to see where this goes. The area of the Amnelos Sea is somewhat concerning however.
  10. 2nd Grand Ranke Fleet 4th Echelon Taskforce Flagship Cay Kuttacc (Sea Goddess) Prata-Khan Yephira held a relaxed stance, yet her mind was upon the tactical display on the monitors. Her own vessel, the Taro class Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser Cay Kuttacc (Sea Goddess) was in the lead of her small taskforce, and had come into contact via communique with a Seylosi vessel. The message played, unencrypted, broadcasted on a wide range. As an officer, it was required to learn the Ahroman inspired tongue. A slight tilt of head, and then she nodded towards the senior communications
  11. Welcome, I look forward to reading about your nation and it's experiences.
  12. KCIN Runhad (Hornet) Class Corvettes Bega (Pike), and Caykimm (Seagull) on patrol with HIN Drnacran (Thresher) Class Frigate Drihtan (Thunder). Exercises are sign of increased cooperation among the colonial holding of Kaldana and that of the mainland that increasingly view the area to have a threat of piracy. The Imperial Navy says it has conducted a joint naval exercise with Kaldana's Colonial Imperial Navy, in the latest sign of increased cooperation, that increasingly view the area of the Amnelos Sea as a potential security threat. It said the exercise, which was led by HIN m
  13. Welcome to Eurth, how may I conque..I mean, hello and how are you!
  14. Dreadnought Duilr uv Vnucd (Touch of Frost) Command Ship of the 2nd Grand Ranke Fleet On Approach to Verlucio Harbor K2/03/10 (Time based on ingame arrival) Prata-Khan Lada slid to a stop before the somewhat imposing Vice-Admiral, if only that he seemed to be a hawk, always watching. " Sir, the Luhtun has sent communique that the reconnaissance aerocraft sent out, only one was successful." He offered the teletype and gestured towards the navigational screen. " Flight leader S119-5B after a fourth pass, spotted several vessels. He was able to take multiple images of the vessels
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