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  1. Welcome to Eurth, hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. Chel'de Yorn Citadel of Light Imperial Temple of Dra Crehehk Cuh (Goddess of Wisdom) The cool night's air tempered the many pillars that were arrayed on either side of a length range of stairs that led upwards towards the temple itself, half buried within what was left of Mount Lnescuh cduha (Literally means Crimson Stone, in relation to the Cinnabar ore found within the Chel'de Yorn city-state at the beginning of the industrial age. Copper bowls hung from these pillars, of which out wafted an incense amidst lights that created a haze while illuminating the stairs. A further light could be seen from the individual lights held by citizenry as the mass of observers stretched out at the base as if an ocean of people. Ascending the stairs slowly was that of Empress Kira'Karn, with right hand laying within that of her proclaimed partners, co-ruler of the Imperium vast, Autokráteira Ayn Gende Elemmiire. Upon either's head, they wore a steel band, inscribed with the runes and faith of the Haru of old, their attire was that of the gowns, the red hue that called back to the times of yore. As they progressed, beside each pillar was that of an Imperial Royal Guard, adorned in attire from the days of yore. The legionary of the feudal days wore a type of segmented plate lamellar armour over a cloth attire. Every other one held a pike, while those that did not, carried a kite shield and sword. Beside each legionnaire adorned as such, a member of the Eighth Order in clerical attire, held aloft another bowl, yet not of copper but of clay, with a spout attached. A smoke billowed forth and towards the pair, with the cleric speaking softly, a chant of sorts. Pmaccat ec dra Ran Tejehedo, tu fa uvvan drec bnyoan raymdr yht bnucbanedo. (Blessed is the Her Divinity, do we offer this prayer health and prosperity.) At the summit of these stairs, in a half moon presentation, stand the senior priests and clerics of the Eighth Order. Standing in-front of them, with arms spread wide, the most senior of all in the clergy of the Order, Thei'de Kantra Velven awaited. His tall frame, neither lanky nor proportionate to the frame presented offered a bow of head to the two rulers. Two acolytes approached and laid two soft mats upon the stone before stepping back. Thei bade the two to kneel and face towards an iron statue of Dra Crehehk Cuh, of which held a bowl at the top. Thei moved about and made a cut within his hand using a blade, and then an acolyte would step forth and offer a blade to both the Empress and her lover. Kira used the blade to cut her palm, and with a clenching of fist, dribbled her life into the waiting cup. Ayn did the same, and then both were held aloft for Thei. He took them, mixing blood, incense, and bones in the bowl. He leaned forward, inhaled the scent, and then returned to his full height once more, having accepted the melting pot of scents before turning about towards the massed crowd awaiting below. Hear me now, people of the Imperium! The gods have spoken, they acknowledge Kira'Karn and Ayn Gende Elemmiire as heralds! Let their shared blood be touched by the Goddess! A turn about to each forehead before him, and three pronged slide of fingers against each face, rows of the mixed blood being added to those faces. Each adorned, the soot of the incense giving it a more..feral look of sorts, slow ringing about eyes, and mouth, before stepping back. His voice crooned, rough hewn yet it was a lovely sound as it carried about the temple, the gathered, and those who had come to seek his blessing. Du Kuttacc uv Fectus tu E keja so funtc, tu E uvvan so juela. Du dra feht, du dra cih, du dra cgo, du dra cay, du dra ayndr, tu E keja so bmatka du dra Asbnacc yht ran muja, du cdyht po dra Asbena jycd. (To Goddess of Wisdom do I give my words, do I offer my voice. To the wind, to the sun, to the sky, to the sea, to the Eurth, do I give my pledge to the Empress and her love, to stand by the Empire vast.) He turned about with arms wide, the blood dripping down his arms, as he spoke to the crowd. We of the Eighth Order stand with the Empress, the Imperial Domain, may she rise and rule as great as Sa'Karn the wise!
  3. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry) Authorization: Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos, Advocate of the Empress, Head of the Zero Circle Subject: Imperial Court News of Recent Visit Prathen, SIMH., 2nd Year of Karn (2021), K2/08/21 Events that Occurred — By the hand that holds the pen to Empress Kira'Karn, who symbolizes the unity and continuity of the Haruspex nation, Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos, Advocate of the Empress, Head of the Zero Circle, has been authorized by the Divine Authority to make the following statement concerning the recent visit by our distant relatives and Her entourage, the Queen of the @Ateenian Kingdom, through the shared bloodline of our great and noble ancestor Jorling Kalinka. Her majesty was the guest of our Divinity Elect Kira'Karn and her wife Autokráteira Ayn Gende Elemmiire. Though the Queen made several public appearances, onlookers remained at a distance behind security barriers most of the time. On the final day of her visit, she greeted members of the public on a short walkabout on a street in Prathen. Earlier, she met with some members of the public. For the three nights of her visit, the Queen stayed within the royal quarter, as a guest of the Empress. Day 1 (August 21st) The Queen arrived in Prathen, SIMH, flying into Prathen International Aerodrome landing on schedule and with fighter escort having been deployed earlier around noon. Kaorin Vlos Advocate of the Empress, and Duke Sias Hu'yan, Minister for Foreign Affairs greeted the Ateenian Queen and her party when they got off the plane. Following her arrival, she was driven to the nearest Vjoldinist Temple was located, where she was welcomed by Thei'de Kantra Velven, Minister of Religious Affairs and Applications. The Queen signed the guestbook of the Temple. While there, she also inspected a guard of honour of the Eighth Circle Defence Forces accompanied by guard commander Prata Khan Elias Valis Zun (5th Infantry Legionary, 3rd Royal Imperial Guard Army). A 21-gun salute was fired in the background. After changing clothes, she travelled to the Garden of Remembrance where she was greeted by the Minister Ria Mel'Ana Velven for the Seventh Circle [ECC - Imperium Security Services], and Minister Aria Hallas Zun of the Fourth Circle [MTSM - Medical Technology Services Ministry]. She laid a wreath, and the Queen bowed to honour those who died for liberty of the Northern Territories and staving off the civil war that loomed of recent. She then retired for the day, settling in within the imperial ward for the evening. Day 2 (August 22nd) The Queen visited the National War Memorial Gardens, where she also laid a wreath, before having a private lunch with the Empress and the Autokráteira. Among those who were invited to attend the National War Memorial ceremony were several powerful individuals of the major houses, and those of rising bloodlines that currently exist. Joining the Empress and Autokráteira, the Ateenian Queen was greeted by a military parade of House aligned imperial legionary about to be deployed to Kaldana. Several thousand from splinter bloodlines were on display as they methodically goose-stepped past the viewing stand within the core wards of Prathen, so as to publicize it to the people. She then retired for the day, settling in within the imperial ward for the evening of festivities of a closed event within the royal ward. Day 3 (August 23rd) While in Orkhon Ward, the Queen visited the city's International Market on Main Street after which she made unscheduled walkabout along the Grand Bypass Hall, greeting members of the public in the street, before going to Svantha Technological Institute, a research centre which is part of the Imperial Military Research and Development complex. She left the country from Prathen International Aerodome in the late afternoon.
  4. Prathen — In our forces rapid takeover of the Zharrian Expanse thus far, the Imperial Throne sees an opportunity to step up its role as a regional power in what it sees as an extension of its own backyard. But it also faces a host of risks, prompting the country to pursue a dual approach: diplomacy with the powers that be and or may be affected by such and displays of strength. The Imperial Throne appears to be willing to engage with certain entities in order to secure its interests. Since the deployed columns were deployed into the Expanse, diplomatic officers have cautiously reached out for talks to secure the domain eventually, and to allow certain nation's access. This comes on the heels of an embassy for the principality that has emerged within the central ward of Prathen, home to a few diplomatic houses of friendly and or trading nations, and offers a key access point to the Imperial Court. While exploring diplomatic ways to interact with what's left of the Zharrian/Cabarrian military forces if any, and the Anglian forces beyond current area of deployment, the officers of the Zero Circle are sure to project force by holding joint military exercises in North Korinon and the Adlantic Ocean, with the latter aimed at demonstrating the determination and ability With the NKPN (North Korinon Principality Navy) and HIN (Haruspex Imperial Navy) are currently deploying a large number of sailors and seaborne legionnaires to a joint training session, along with a large number of naval vessels, aircraft, and armored landing vehicles. As part of the exercise, NK and Haru soldiers are rehearsing firing at enemy targets, sending a fighter jet squadron on a joint bombing mission and launching a ground assault against hostile positions from the sea. A statement issued by the North Korinon Ministry of Defense emphasized that the exercise demonstrated the determination and ability of NK and the Imperium to fight terrorism, and jointly protect peace and stability in the Adlantic Ocean against any threats that may destablize trade. The Imperial Legionary Command also announced this week that House aligned Imperial troops will take part in a monthlong exercise with North Korinon. Under a collective security treaty with the colonial and principality domains, Prathen has an obligation to deploy forces in case one or both of those states is under attack or the threat of.
  5. Vaska Township 12th Guard, 3rd Column As the lead vehicle chugged into Vaska near the reconnaissance groups radio truck, the third vehicle in the line, was the armored command vehicle of Prata Khan Viss. Clambering out of the Rihdan LMV, he took stock of the crumbling township and shouldered a weary sigh before waving his second in command, Siet Khan Varis towards him. The younger man festooned with combat gear, and with barrel of the service rifle pointed towards the ground while in chest sling, bounded over with an enthusiasm that was hard to match. As the Siet Khan neared, Viss spoke while looking at a terrain map on the land nav pad and once Varis was within earshot. Varis. Sir? Get the engineering and demo crews unpacked, have them get rid of any building that cant structuraly be a support element. Also have the clergy units deployed, these markers here. and here, and here are apparently mass grave areas. Gestured with his right index finger at map markers as denoted by the recon taskforce that had proceeded them. Yes of course. I'll see to it right away. Oh and get Ji Yalenko and Ji Karis over here. Yes Sir. Few minutes later, both Yalenko and Karis appeared. Yes Sir? They both chorused, nearly jinxing one another. He grumped and then looked to both of them, gods they were so young. And he wasn't that old himself! He'd just turned thirty-three! Alright you two, get your platoons to the center of the township. Survivors need medical, food, and housing. This'll be your platoon's job. Swivel of his head to the right spying Liet Yagaro. Yagaro! The woman jerked to a stop and looked over. Sir? Get to the center of the township with your unit and bring pre-fabs for survivors, and start surveying buildings for keep or removal. A salute and the woman jogged off. Well, what're you two waiting for? Dismissed! The two Ji's acted if shocked by a bolt of lightening, vanishing in an instant. Before to long, the rumble of trucks, mostly S-12 halftracks and H14 cargo trucks began to amble about, heading in various directions. The infantry legionnaires who had dismounted were next. As Viss strolled towards the gathering point, he encountered Varis and a few Kenyets. Varis turned and spoke. Sir, this is Kenyet's Alka and Toral. Alpine Legionary of the 8th Legion are here, voluntold to join us Sir. What shall they be doing? Viss already had the men and women he needed in the township doing the things they were trained for, but extra security would be nice. Especially with the other columns either bypassing Vaska or advancing to townships and villages near it. Kenyet Alka, you will deploy however many you see fit of your legion to the northern road and exterior of the township. Since our Eastern and Southern approaches are being covered from the other columns, the North will need securing. Understood Sir, duty earns victory, victory is life! The statement caught Viss off guard, he wasn't sure which house of the Tagnik Zun this legion was from though, it could only be a few however, the Zun didnt have as many as others. So he casually asked which. Of what house are you Alka? Varin Zun Sir. Ah. Understood, carry on. Varin Zun eh? Wonders never cease he supposed and carried one with the other Kenyet. Kenyet Toral. I've a mission for your half of the legion. You will accompany the taskforce that came here initially, they will be heading to the Zharrian military armory to the West of here. The survivors indicated gangs, para-military and or what was left of the military was focused there for a time. May still be. Reason with them if you can, but if not, you have clearance to engage as you see fit. Yes sir, I will approach the taskforce leader and confer orders before march. Center of the township is their location yes? Yes it is. Very good Sir. It will be done. He watched as they strode off to their duty, the way they signaled troops and the dispersal began. Varis spoke after a time. Varin Zun? Viss sighed a bit, slightly raising right arm over head in a bit of a stretch. I've heard they are a kin house to the main line, I believe the Lord is fourth cousin to Aria, head of the main house, they dont get out much, usually border guard duty with the @Tagmatium RulesTagmatine. Varis continued. Ah. I'd heard that the splinters were getting marching orders to prove their worth to the bloodlines that are. Viss spoke. Oh? Well makes sense, cant stay at home forever and claim the banner. Eventually you'll be sent to prove your worth. An almost mirthful, perhaps predatory smirk showed on Varis's face as he spoke to his superior. Keric is going to be just thrilled Sir. He laughed then, especially at Varis's comment. I'm sure she will. Oil and water those houses. Still they know what's at stake, petty rivalries can wait until we're back home.
  6. I don't intend to push past Kanamar, so it would become I suppose similar to NK at the moment. As to OCA forces is there will have to dialogue, as there has been none between the Imperium and Anglian interests.
  7. As I've a long term establishment via Kaldana in the northern most territory of Zharr, an expansion to colonize more of what was left after the war between two nations is an approach I've been working towards. Especially concerning with Anglian activity in the region. I am looking to eventually township and city hop until the area is occupied, eventually reaching and laying claim to the capitol Kanamar.
  8. Vaska Township 2nd Cohort, 3rd Kompanie, 1st Regiment, 3rd Column, Recon Taskforce The Twelve Hult'ah Pravik slogged through the outskirts of the township. What had happened near the gas station and four corner intersection, had seemingly expanded in all directions. They'd passed family homes and so forth, some in good condition, others had been turned into charcoal or overgrown with nature. Alongst the way they'd paused to test the rivers for radiation and so forth, and while it had shown a presence, it was relatively low, the fallout in this place had not been extensive. The real damage had come from human hands, the aftermath of a nation in the death throes. Plenty of the dead had been found, skeletons in half buried trenches, others in vehicles, or houses, some looked as if they'd just accepted it, others with the telltale frantic last moments or the bullet holes. Aseigan Kass glanced up from one of the impromptu graves. Sir, what do we do with these? Pravik looked over from his moment of prayer. Mark the graves, when the column gets here, they can give these folks a proper burial. For now, we'll continue on. At a road leading away from the township, they marked it with beacons and so forth, making sure the area was clear before continuing on. Aseigan Hazan paused, clutching the earpiece of the radio pack so worn and on Pravik's cue, radioed in to the mobile truck as to where the main road let out at and status of patrol. Once finished, the patrol began to move again, cutting across a weed infested field belonging to a school after clearing it. Whatever educational facility it had been, it had served as some sort of refugee center judging by the way it was cordoned off, the food packet waste, sandbags, and round casings, the after effect of having food and safety as the land eroded further east. All in all the patrol was fairly without instance, spying some rather healthy looking deer and a dairy cow ambling along in the low woods next to the area of their crossing. Returning up the main thoroughfare towards the communication truck, Pravil dispursed his platoon to static points, giving them time to rest and what not. Letting his mind wander a bit towards what the taskforce leader was up to. Keric's Advance While Pravik had only the wildlife and the dead, they had run into a different scenario. Still surviving people, lean, sunken eyes, dirty of skin, and ragged in appearance. Still they were alive and they were a priority. Encountered when heading to the last really stable concrete apartment building, most of the bottom floors stairs were blocked off except for one. This led to the introduction of a woman with a pitchfork and then a myriad of young and old faces alike. Keric and Hult'ah Gavi made up the advance team while the rest fanned out to provide cover. Gavi spoke colonial Zharrian, but it apparently was understood because the barrier to the steps was pulled aside and then a group of people ambled out. The old woman by name of Teska, leader of the survivors, had been a teacher at the school and did what she could to help the town after the terrible war that had come and shattered their lives. The rest were townspeople, assorted refugees from other places, and children. They'd been living off of what could be found and stores of canned goods that the military had in an armory not to far away, taken before the gangs and other groups began to fight for it. Keric got in touch with Pravik, and then to the communications team to radio the command element at the airbase of Kos'uke, and the township of Ya'ken that lay around it. A familiar voice of the head of the 3rd Column replied back as to her status. She began rather formerly, M'lord Sengar'd'isto Tharim, we have secured Vaska, and we have rescued survivors of the tragedy that has befallen this township. There are roughly twenty civilians. We require food, housing, and medical treatment more then my task-force can provide. A moment of pause before the voice replied. We copy Kenyet Kuric, expect the 12th guard of the 3rd Column to arrive in the next few hours. Vaska will become an outpost, you may do as needed for the survivors until then. Yes M'lord. Kuric turned towards Nika and gave her orders to secure the area, while Garos was given to Gavi as he set up a makeshift treatment area, to give each survivor a going over. Food was distributed but in low amounts, so as to not overwhelm those present, to avoid shock and other sorts of responses to an overage of nutrients to bodies who've been without for a long period of time.
  9. The weather agency warned of the risk of further flooding, swollen rivers and mudslides across wide areas of the Northern Territories as well as the Fatherland as heavy rain from last week continues unabated. The Imperial Meteorological Agency said more rain was forecast to hit areas from the west to the north of the country through Thursday as a stationary front was expected to move south. The agency said the front was forecast to reach Ulan-Ude on Wednesday night, after moving over the Ude'Ki mountain range. The front is expected to gradually weaken from around Sunday. Rain-related accidents have already resulted in the deaths of eight people in the northern territorial city-state of Ttoile, with several others unaccounted for, as rescue workers continue to search for those still missing. The Provisional Council of the city-state Ttoile said Wednesday a woman in her eighties who was found collapsed in a drain the previous day in the city of Ttoile had died as a result of the rain. Also early Wednesday, an earthquake with magnitude of 4.2 hit the township of Urs'Den, located near the aforementioned Ude'ki mountain range, and the agency warned that even a small amount of rain or another quake could trigger mudslides in areas where the ground may have been saturated with rain from the past week. In the twenty-four hours through Wednesday morning, up to 200 millimeters of rainfall was forecast in Asake, a city-state near the edges of the border area of north and southern territories, and up to 180 mm in the Perya city-state territory and up to 150 mm in the Horus city-state territory.
  10. Welcome to Eurth, hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. Concerning Cabarria, what makes the nation, will be kept. Flag might be updated to include Haru emblem within it, but for the most part, whatever of Cabarria survived, will become a provisional holding similar to Kaldana. Also, lovely work sir. Excellent job.
  12. Welcome to Eurth, if you have already, check out our Academy area!
  13. Vroom Vroom, enjoy your break! Enjoy your holiday!
  14. Heading to Veska 2nd Cohort Scouts 3rd Kompanie, 1st Regiment, 3rd Column The wind whipped by, rattling against the sides of the lead vehicle, a Vannad, knobby tires smashing against the cracked and overgrown with foliage two lane road that led towards the former Zharrian town of Veska. Within the lead vehicle sat recently promoted Kenyet Keric. She pictured her father receiving the news of promotion with a proud smile. For generations her family had served as a support line of the Valis Zun, a splinter house of the main Tagnik Zun bloodline. It was all really rather confusing at times and at the moment, not important. A glance at the field map and the digital readout of air quality, turning sideways to look into the backseat where her second also recently promoted, the newly minted Setg'in Nika had the sat headset, keeping the command element at the airbase of Ya-ken apprised of their advancement. A slow nod of head as this was going as planned, leaning back to turn around and let her third, a twenty-something beanpole named Gavi, a Hult'ah from a medical kompanie who'd been 'recruited' to the 2nd Cohort. Behind Gavi sat another Hult'ah, Pravik. He to had been 'recruited', from a specialist platoon that hadn't anything to do for the time being, and that he spoke Zharrian all the better. As they passed by a road marker, Keric plucked up the vehicle communique mic and spoke to the three other vehicles behind them. We're coming up on the outskirts of Veska, when we get there, lead will slow to allow vehicle #2 to advance, we will fan out out behind and provide over-watch as we dismount. She clicked the mic off as the remains of buildings began to appear. Housing units maybe, warehouses, ruined automobiles, and some that weren't. Overgrown with weeds just like the highway to get here, nature had taken over when people had vanished. A slight tap of Gavi's left shoulder, indicating he should pull over to the side to let the LAV-25 Jeban take the lead, the heaviest armored vehicle of the 2nd Cohort took up a position near the remains of a gas station and a four point cross intersection. Keric's own Vannad slid to the right just within reach of the IFV, while the somewhat armored S-12 halftrack troop carrier rumbled some ten meters to the left. The last vehicle to arrive was that of an H17 cargo truck with slats around the lower portion and an antenna with dish was being hoisted up from within it's cargo box. A tense moment as watching the air quality device beep slowly and then make an all clear sound before the doors of the transports were opened. Gingerly placing right foot out, Keric kept a watchful gaze on the surroundings, a firm grip upon the slung weapon, the scouts choice being that of the GAR-01TB Automatic Rifle, a service weapon that had been in most major conflicts pre-collapse and showed no signs of slowing down. There were thirty troops under her command, and from her spot, there was just rubble. It wasn't like atomic wreckage though, this area had seen probably fallout, and then combat as the government fell apart. Some buildings beyond his current purview however looked in good shape, good ol communist concrete construction and the like. A slight peer down the field optics trying to see more, but in the end she'd have to go further into the town. Drawing Nika, Pravik and Gavi to her, as well as communicating with the IFV Yeyinde Naris, she plotted their next action. Gavi was going to stay with the cargo box communique vehicle, and the S-12. Supporting would be the techs of the gear truck, four in total, and six legionnaires. Going with Pravik to check about the exterior of the town from about the east, to circle back towards the coms truck would be twelve legionnaires on foot. Coming with Keric and Nika, would be the remaining six legionnaires, and the IFV as they proceeded towards the town center and what looked like a good central observation post, a residential tower of moderate height, roughly ten stories tall. Keric gave a last look to Gavi, then a pat on the shoulder followed by a nod to Pravik. Of whom returned such and then whistled to the gathered group of twelve, who took to a slow walk, three meter spread between them, heading in the opposite direction. A rueful grin towards Nika as climbing once more into the Vannad, an Aseigan who she'd come to know as Tarn, slid behind the wheel of the all purpose military utility vehicle, with Nika getting in the second row, folding the seat so the others could crawl in and take up the rear portion. Four of them scrunched into the back, one in the mid next to Nika, Tarn the driver, Keric the nav-plotter, and another named Garos, up in the turret, ballistic plates attached. As the vehicle under Yeyinde Naris began to rumble forward, Keric gave a hand motion to Tarn, and they were off.
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