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  1. Greetings Citizenry of the Imperium, Cherished Allies, and the Wurld at large, I am Grath Ul'Oelk, on behalf of INN, this message is broadcast. Citizens of the great Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex, today, is a day of days. Celebration of Unification is upon us, steady your hearts for the anthem of the Imperium, and welcome in the new year of our continued existence, and an end to the fighting in the North as the NTC led traitor forces have been dealt with. Hail the Empress and the rise of our nation once more! This event comes after northern fighting amongst several of the re
  2. My points are from more of an IC perspective, cohabitating those of Tag's of a sort. MH-Land doesn't have any sort of interest in the New Wurld, it has to a degree already intervened in it's activities to the North, and any further expansion or attempts to land upon the Occidental or anywhere near MH-Land's interests will result some frowny face moments, never mind the new power in charge. Some things change, some don't. Attempting to bring New Wurld 'Civilization' to the Occidental will be met with, probably a frowny face and a bayonet. That being said, if the New Wurld na
  3. Empress Kira'Karn's forces have arrested seven non-commissioned officers and twenty-one enlisted NTC rebels on suspicion of committing war crimes during the country's devastating aftermath within the Northern Territories after the coup d'etat against former emperor Ji'Mar. The prosecutor's office said the suspects were members of the NTC rebel military "suspected of crimes against humanity in the Crethia and Kamor village areas". "Acting on the order of the prosecutor from the Special Department for Judgement, legionary of the 32nd Renor Elemmiire Motorized Rifles located, identified
  4. The Village of Kamor Much like it had towards the village of Crethia, the regiment of the 32nd Renor Elemmiire Motorized Rifles spread outwards in a phalanx formation. The feelings though, they overlapped and ran rampant, as if a form of miasma that one could feel or see as so much fog. What had been seen in Crethia, had frayed the nerves, and loosened a fire within, that could not be smote. Thousand yard stares peered forth through optics as the combined taskforce pushed forth through the snow. In many places, the hulks of wrecked armor, transports and civilian vehicles alike could
  5. Armed Forces Military Legions for The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex ----------- Doctrine ----------- Ground Based Terrain in The Sovereign Imperium is vast expanses of flatlands, though these are tempered by various environments consisting of semi-polar, arid desert and heavy wooded areas buffered by mountain ranges at the exterior. Urban combat is also expected as The Sovereign Imperium has vast city state's that dot the landscape and thus must be accounted in the territory of terrain of theoretical combat areas. General tactics involve a modern a
  6. Oimadeta The two best Oimadeta Syngadc (Yuletide markets) are on the long slope of Khatai Square. The markets' brightly decorated stalls sell wooden toys, Cussian crystal, handmade jewelry, classic Haru marionettes, and plenty of potential for tooth decay: honeyed gingerbread, Pnyetat Bycdno (a braided pastry studded with raisins), and kumtah hacdc' ("golden nests," nutty cookies heavy with rum). Wash it all down with mead and cfaadfeha simmat (a sweet mulled wine). Dinner consists of wine sausages and carp—you'll see barrels of the fish everywhere. Slip a carp scale into your walle
  7. Meals Because of the climate of the Imperium, a simple diet was maintained for much of its history, even before unification. It was only the raiding to foreign lands that new food would be introduced, and not until much later, would technological advancements and geothermal energy utilization provide the possibility of using freshly-grown, locally-sourced ingredients year-round. Even over the past decades, the nation’s cuisine has blossomed from its humble beginnings into a cosmopolitan affair. Restaurants around the country offer a wide variety of foreign inspired and traditional Ha
  8. The Youth The Haru Youth Services (Haru: Dra Ryni Ouidr Canjelac pronounced: "DE-raah RAaenee OHooee-de-ra KUahn-jaeeay-luah-ku"), often abbreviated as HYS, is the youth organization of the Imperium and its territories. Its origins date back to 1901 and it received the name Haru Youth Regiment in August 1906. From 1906 until 1932 (Of which it would then become 'The Haru Youth Services'), it is the sole official youth organization in the Imperium and its territories, and it is partially a paramilitary organization; it is composed of the HYS proper for youths aged 12 to 18. In 1898, th
  9. Region Regions: Instead of regions, the Imperium city-states take that term. Each Ward comprises ten districts, and generally a city state has ten wards. While the city thus looks whole it is actually split into individual sections with each adding to the flow with their own agencies all working as one for the appearance and function of one entity. (Districts are numbered after specific ward, so if one were to visit. Their family or friend would say, I live in Chel de'Yorn Ward Hattusa, District 9 and then a numbered address within.) So the most notable yet barely hea
  10. Transport Roads: When the collapse of outside involvement, and the seclusion of the Haru people from the world, there was still business and places to go. Many of the citizenry utilize a variety of vehicles to that end, everything from transporters to small economy sorts. With the city-states as large as they are, and the areas about having been forged into near endless highways, byways, and other sorts of roads to link all the city-states together, every citizen has access to Haru made vehicles. Foreign vehicles are however rare, though they can be found. Usually in the hands of a
  11. Funerals Most Haru are sent to the afterlife in one of two ways—cremation or burial by ship pyre. To honor the past, especially for noble patrons of the nation, particular houses etc, may earn the rite of a ship-born pyre funeral. As an ode to the days of yore when the many tribes of Haru were a savage and fierce race that sailed the seas in fearsome vessels. Cremation on the other hand is particularly common, and the most modern. Most Haru, especially the general citizenry have their loved ones collected in small tablet urns that can be stored alongst with their deceased. These
  12. On December 2nd, a car bomb exploded near a refugee medical zone within reach of the city-state Tver, killing a civilian staffed medical unit and injuring fourteen others. Aleksandar Keturo, Jian Frerl, Dai K'lur, and Yasmine Hallas were later identified as the members of the medical team killed in the bombing. The device used in the attack was filled with metal fragments. According to Aqdaneun-ECC, Department C/ EEC/C spokesman Ane Yakel, it contained around 10 kilograms (22 lb) of explosive. "For the future of Tver it could not be a more tragic incident," Sihelebym Bumela (Municipal Po
  13. By Dawn's Early Light The Village of Crethia The regiment splayed itself outwards, AFV's the front in a phalanx formation, IFV's the Tagmatine Observers behind them and half-tracks making up the third row. The Renor Elemmiire 32nd Motorized Rifle Regiment conducted itself in a fashion befitting a military order, and as such, once they were engaged with the task at hand, they'd left the Tagmatine to do whatever they wished, so long as they did not cross the frontal line of the AFV's. Sitting in the cupola of the command vehicle, cold weather parka gear upon his frame, beret neatly f
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