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  1. From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry), and The Offices of the Zero Circle (Haru Intelligence Security Services) Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle Authorization: Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos, Advocate of the Empress, Head of the Zero Circle Honored kin of the Ateenian people, I speak with authorization of the Empress, her divine authority, and command of the imperial throne of the Sovereign Imperium. As of current the Empress is within the territorial holding of North Korninon, however, she has expressed attending this festival with that of h
  2. Maybe something around 'Dragon', something like the Pendragon Kingdom or I dunno. Pendragon (Welsh origin) means 'Chief Dragon' or 'Head Dragon' representing both leadership and might.
  3. Kira'Karn Elemmiire Empress of the Haru-Dakat Territories Head of Government concerning Imperium Affairs Autokrator of Kaldana Matriarch of House Karn Elemmiire A brief Blurb The offspring of Sa'Karn Elemmiire and Saya Vek Elemmiire, Kira'Karn Elemmiire was borne in 1987. was first involved in student radicalism, dabbled in the fringe educational groups, and finally graduated to a unique perspective of the classist system within the Imperium. She was trained at an early age as a ballerina at an exclusive facility run by the Imperial Court. She is full of contradict
  4. North Korinon Cunetio City Royale Hotel There was a chiming sound, and a young man stepped within, wearing as per usual an Imperial Navy gaberwool uniform consisting of a double-breasted tunic with a round collar and matching trousers, a pair of black boots, a belt, and a kepi cap. A series of three red, and three blue pips as befitting the rank of Prata-Khan. The trousers were flared in the hips and thighs, narrowing at the cuffs so they could be more easily tucked into her boots, of which he wore a pair of black, steel-toed knee boots with turn-down topside cuffs. A sigh of ve
  5. Welcome to Eurth. I would hold off on deleting your nation, while it doesnt really reflect canon here, it could be useful.
  6. Temporary Imperial Legionary Command HQ Levee Colonial Legionary Frontier Base #2 House Tagnik Zun Deployment K2/06/06 General Yagarith Zun made her way into the temporary command post. She noted an ill suited to office life individual standing rather tensely, as if it were some sort of sentence of shame. Aria looked like she missed being on the front lines, down in the trenches with her legionary, and leading them into combat, rather than being here, within speaking distance of the political officers. She grinned a bit and settled with a lean of left hip to the edge of her desk, al
  7. Same, but welcome nonetheless.
  8. North Korinon's Protectorate Naval Command and Control (PNCC) Officer Delin Lo'ana says he and his counterparts from North Korinon and Kaldana agree to patrols across a sea lane where commercial vessels could pass with protection from the NKPN (North Korinon Protectorate Navy), KCIN, and the HIN in relative close proximity from one another. Verlucio, North Korinon – North Korinon, Kaldana, and the Sovereign Imperium, will launch joint patrols in potential piracy/conflict waters, Kaldana's own Colonial Imperial Naval Command (KCIN) representative said Thursday, after recent events within t
  9. Royale Hotel Kira glanced over at Fasri, his family as had others had joined during the gathering within the lobby of the hotel slash embassy. A bit of chit chat with his wife was entertaining before returning to the diplomatic staff and their leader for concerns. Even as her own wife leaned over to whisper softly and hold a teletype of communications from the House Lords, the Council of Nine and others of high status of the Imperium. I have reached a comprise with the Legionary High Command. The wall will stay in the portions beyond Cunetio, but the city itself shall be spared such.
  10. From: Haruspex International Armaments To: The Offices of Limited Access Security Code for Monetary Transfer: 33FC-{KGb-L2KU-xW{g Account: SSBT Account#: 231-N1A-67890-B2 Subject: Military Hardware Acquisition Products to be Purchased: [1] Order Of: 210 Dekan (Tiger) Class Frigate [1] Order Of: Cay Kut (Sea God) Class Multirole Amphibious Assault Ship [4] Orders Of: 205 Ymekydun (Alligator) Class Corvettes Total Cost: $2.4 Billion USD Your nation's finances are in order and your purchase has been reviewed by HIAPRC and has been Accepted. Shipment will tak
  11. What sort of nation do you have in mind?
  12. I would like the following cities-towns added to the Zharr expanse of mine. These have been mentioned in newsroom posts, as well as role-play and are essential to building role-play in future developments.
  13. In other news, the Naval High Command has issued orders to the 7th Ranke squadron, to deploy into the Amnalos Sea and that of the Adlantic. The largest deployment of Haru submarines since the end of the 2nd War with Cussia in the mid 2000's has set the alarm bells ringing in across the minds of many. According to media reports, quoting Haru National Intelligence Service, in late April, 10 Haru subs, all of which are nuclear-powered, left the port of Perya. Four of the boats have commenced defensive exercises, and weapon testing, in an area which includes the Thalassa ton Kataig
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