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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll be checking out the boards curiously..
  2. "This is my nation." The Reignor Nikolai Federow stood before the large window of his office, the highest floor of the skyscraper that served as the government building and the centre seat of power in the nation. The night had already come, and the many lights of the nightlife shone brightly. There was a small smirk on the man's face as he looked at the sight and reminiscented of what it had been. Gods, how long ago was it when he gained power? He couldn't say, for it was a debate that historians of his nation would go on about for years. He had controlled things from the background for y
  3. Greetings and well met. The Nation of Shaen has been making through a harsh path to emerge again after its near-fatal clash with another nation earlier upon another region's soil. So much for foreign aid the Nation has chosen to focus onto itself, and as its Reignor I am content in seeing what an amusing ground the Europa will be able to provide. Shaen strives to bring its taxation down to 0 per cent again, as far as income tax goes. It has been able to do this in the past but has had to increase taxes afterwards for purposes of war. While the nation I lead strives for independance
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