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  1. What? Me? Commit accidental mass genocide on my own imaginary people and turn a chunk of landmass into a perfectly circular bay? Nooooo, never... Still, good to see familiar faces around!
  2. Hey there! I doubt half the board has -any- idea who I am right now, but to those who recognize this login, how've you been? I realize I kinda fell off the face of the planet there, heh. But today, I was poking around online and realized the link was still in my browser, so I stopped in for a visit. Good to see things are still moving along here, and that Sevrun is still remembered, even if only as an ocean. I -might- try to get back into this again, but no promises. Either way, just thought I'd pop in and say hello. "For Greed and Glory!" -JT
  3. ((Bah, I'm sorry I've been holding this up. I'll try to post something soon but with a combination of illness and major housecleaning, I haven't had that much time lately.))
  4. The 'tourists' didn't have to wait long. Obviously the room had been under observation somehow, for not even 15 minutes after they had arrived, a knock came to the door. Three men in suits, all young, none could be older than 25, were on the other side, though the two of them standing on the sides seemed they would be more comfortable in body armor and fatigues. The one in the center extened his hand, "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I assume you're the visiting group from Akiiryu, correct? My name is Jacob Taren, and I believe we have matters to discuss..."
  5. Five hours after Sevarus's speach... 15 miles North of the Tagmatine Colonial Air Base Corwin kept his rifle close at hand, watching the scenery through the window as the technical made its way down the mountain road. Every here and there was a break in the trees, and often abandoned mining equipment in these gaps spoiled the view, remnants of the last phase of the rebellion. Sevrun as a nation was sitting on a lot of rich mineral deposits, especially many large clusters of uranium. In recent years, the mines had become practically the whole reason the colony existed. Robert sighed and checked over his gear. He had his AK-47, a few spare magazines and a small package of homemade explosives. A 'gift' for the artillery company on wargames they were about to visit. Every soldier had a simple explosive device and timer. Their order was simple. Slip in, cause some havok and plant the bombs. Alone the disruption would be easy to hide from the public, but combined with the four other raids going on across the area, it would be impossible to keep quiet. The vehicle came to rest a short distance away from the ridge the weapons were perched on, behind the guns as they fired towards the base's test range. The driver cut the engine, and he and the gunner would stay behind to cover their escape, just in case. The rest of the men unloaded, weapons ready, and began to sneak through the forests towards the artillery. -------- Meanwhile in Palen, a young member of the colonial government, a native born man, made his way home. Along the way he stopped at a hotel to make use of a payphone. Depositing the change, he picked up the reciever and dialed the number he'd been given. "Hello? Hello! Good to hear from you, the group vacationing from Akiiryu can meet with us this week, but any later and we might have to cancel... No, that's quite alright. Empire Arms Hotel, Palen, Suite 1035." With that, the man replaced the reciever and continued on his way home.
  6. ((Funny you mention that when you did, Tag, I finally got it looking decent enough to post, even if it's still butt ugly))
  7. James didn't have to wait much longer. Sevarus himself gathered the men of the base together to relay his next orders. The 'general' was in his late twenties, but no one knew his exact age. He claimed to be a descendent of Sevrun's former aristocracy, the leaders of the nation for many years before the Tagmatium colonization. In truth, there might have been merit to his claim, his face was somewhat hawkish, with pure black hair on his head, a spitting image of the last King, who stepped out of power sixty years before to hand control of his lands to another nation. Whether or not he was truly part of the bloodline was a moot point. The fact remained that he was a more than capable strategist, and the men rallied behind him. "My countrymen, my brothers, my friends," he began, "I am glad so many of you returned after what happened one year ago. I admit that I had never suspected such treachery would form in our ranks, always believed that every single one of us was wholy devoted to the cause. The price we paid so that the truth could be learned was immense... but we did not falter, it did not break our resolve. "We will continue to fight the just and glorious fight against the invaders. We will drive them from our homes, one way or another. We will take back what is rightfully ours and we will -never- allow another to hold such power over our land again. "But first, we much let the people know that we are back. We need them as much as they need us. We must show them that we are still alive, that we still have teeth. So this is my proposal..." James grinned as General Sevarus went into the details of his plan. When everything had been said, he raised his AK-47 into the air and cheered with the rest of the men, before heading out to meet up with his assigned squad and load up their technicals for battle.
  8. At about that moment, in a base camp thirty miles East of Lake Altera. June 4th, 1964 James Corwin had been wondering when things would be heating up again. The 17 year old rebel had joined Sevarus's cause the year before, just in time to miss the carnage that was the attempted raid on a nearby Air Base. 'Attempted' because someone had leaked the information to the Tagmatium occupation force and the guns had been waiting for them. Sevarus had gone into hiding, cutting himself off from most of his surviving officers and letting some of the men he trusted completely declare him dead, watching what happened from behind the scenes. Sure enough, one of his lieutenants had tried to take control a few months later, preaching an end to the fighting. He was dealt with, and now the 'general' of the rebellion was back in charge. They'd been rebuilding themselves since the massacre, and now, one year to the hour after their defeat, they were ready to begin the fighting again. All they were waiting for were orders from the man himself. ((I will be making an update to the first post soon, keep an eye out for it))
  9. Aboard His Divine Wrath, Admiral Folshe had been waiting for the salvage vessels to arrive at the coordinates he'd recieved. An unmanned submersible had been sent down to check on the site, and had found that the vessel being recovered was too large for a single ship to recover. In fact, it was nearly as large, if not larger, than the super-carrier Folshe used as a flagship. And this thing is supposed to be airborne? How the hell did they accomplish this? No wonder our engineers were poking around in it. he sighed, realizing his 'allies' were probably right. They had triggered something on accident trying to replicate the technology. And the city of Gripps had paid the price. He was shaken out of his thoughts by the arrival of the vessels. From what he could tell, they were ready to begin as soon as they found a proper location. Work would be able to begin within the hour. --------------------- Meanwhile, on the Righteous Fury, sister-ship to His Divine Wrath, Lieutenant JG Emerson was wondering what the hell was going on. Three figures in strange full body armor had arrived, and immediately presented orders from the Admiral himself to call one of the ship's full fighter squadrons to a private briefing. The Hawk Talons had been selected as the squadron. Not Emerson's own unit, but he was very curious about the whole thing. He saw where the meeting was, as two of the armored figures continued to guard the only door in. He'd have never gotten a look if some of his friends weren't familiar with the interior systems of the ship, and had snuck him into an air vent the next room over. The room was a simple breifing room, a large projector screen and a podium along one wall, with lines of seats and desks facing it. The squadron members had each taken a seat, and apparently been issued uniforms that matched that had a similar look to the body armor the figure giving the briefing was wearing. He was giving them technical information, but on no ship Emerson had ever heard of. Insane levels of speed and manuverability, weapons out of bad science fiction movie and armor that could shrug off hits that would cripple any fighter in production now. The men in the room seemed to find it funny as well, all chuckling amongst themselves over the information they'd been given. The figure wasn't visibly disturbed by this, and instead drew a simple device from his pocket. A flash of light filled the room, and Emerson was barely able to cover his eyes. The men in the room went from chatty and sarcastic to sitting their silently. The man began to say something in a strange, gratting language. Something that sounded to Emerson like a car alarm being dragged along a chalkboard. Oddly enough, the pilots seemed to understand, as when he was done they just nodded, and changed from their RSN uniforms to the armor they'd been provided with. Emerson decided he'd seen enough, he got the hell out of the vent and went back where he'd come from, visibly shaken by what he'd seen. He refused to tell anyone about it, and stumbled out onto the flight deck just intime to see the squadron of identically armored figures board an unmarked transport plane.
  10. Okay, when I said I'd get things started this weekend, I had completely forgotten what weekend it was. Seeing as how I live in the states and all, I've been busy with holiday stuff. I'll get things started soon, just give me a few more days.
  11. Alright, I think we've got enough to get started. Give me til this weekend to write something up to open everything. If anyone else wants to join in at any point in the RP, just let me know where to put you and you're welcome to play.
  12. Sevrun was getting really close to being 'postmodern tech' (small tactical walkers, orbital weaponry, etc.), but with everything that happened to it, when things finally get reorganized it'll probably be back down to somewhere in the +1 or modern region.
  13. Heh, I've had quite a few characters I've used in the RPs here. Most of which are dead now, a pity. I think the only surviving ones are: Foreign Affairs Minister Taren (in a coma) Field Agent Robert Corwin (missing in the chaos) Admiral Folshe Colonel Delport
  14. Admiral Folshe was not in a good mood, and his conversation wasn't improving it. He sat alone in his quarters on the His Divine Wrath, whispering into a radio and recieving a heavily encrypted, distorted reply. "Why are you contacting me now? Didn't I tell you things are unstable here right now? Thanks in no small part to you, I might add," he began. "You need to uphold your end of our arrangement." "I've already done that. As did everyone else who was involved. I've provided you with men and all the support I can spare." "And your men are reckless. Already three of them have been captured. If it wasn't for their conditioning, it is likely one would have talked by now." "Yes, well, even so. You still have questions to answer as well. Have you learned anything more about what happened at Gripps?" "We ran the scans, as you requested of us. We know what has caused the detonation, and in fact it is still there. We believe the cause to be the error of one of your engineers." "Blaming everything on the humans, are we?" "Of course. It is your fault, afterall. We told you not to tamper with the vessel, yet the first thing your scientists tried to do was reverse engineer it. It doesn't matter. They didn't do much damage, and the ship is still intact at the bottom of the crater." "So, what do you want us to do now?" "First, we require more pilots. In your terms, a squadron will do. Next, we need you to -discreetly- salvage the vessel from beneath the bay. Keep it hidden and wait for further instruction." "I don't mean to insult you, but I have manpower shortages of my own, I can't possibly spar-" "Do not misinterpret my instructions as requests, 'Admiral'... Do as you're told and our... cooperation can continue." With that, the line went dead. Admiral Folshe sighed, but knew better than to go against what he'd been told. He put out a request to his officers to prepare one fighter squadron for 'special duty' and put out a general request for one of the RSN's salvage vessels to report to the Bay. He'd go aboard himself with a hand-picked crew to ensure that no one else would know of what they were salvaging.
  15. I have no problem with RPing the colonials, I just think it would make more sense if someone else steps forward to take the posisiton, as this technically isn't a 'civil war', but rather a rebellion against another nation.
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