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  1. 🥂 Another another round for you, young man.

  2. 🎉 Many happy returns!

    Pies for the King (Phil's birthday).jpg

  3. Stalingrad was won before D-Day though if i'm not mistaken, and no more than 1/4 of the german forces were on the western front at any one time. The russians did by far the majority of the fighting. If the americans had stayed out we wouldnt all be speaking german, it would probobly be russian!
  4. well it's Nixon's own fault for pegging it to such a variable resource such as Oil... of course oil is going to fluctuate, you've enjoyed the economic benefits of it being friendly towards you, now you should live with the economic downside rather than invading countries who refuse to do what you want. I'm glad i know you M-S, it gives me so much more faith in the American system to know it actually has intelligent people in the military system who can see further than the next 'threat' to home security. I won't believe all these conspiricies about 9/11, no matter how screwed up the
  5. heh, well american history books are different to english ones then... everyone knows the russians won it, the americans just helped out and made it go much faster. if the US hadn't have joined it would probobly have lasted a couple of years longer, and left most of Europe in commmunist hands once the war was over... The americans were importent in winning it, for the simple fact that Britain would have gone bankrupt if it wasnt for the loans from america (which we only finally finished paying back last year by the way...), and the western front did take pressure off the beleguered
  6. *hands Validaire a pair of new socks* here you go, i stole them off that guy over there, oh look, i think he wants to come and talk to you... *runs off as a large 18st rugby player comes and punishes Validaire for his socks...* i wish my room didnt smell so much (thats alot of garlic...)
  7. It had been four days at sea now, and Commander Framp gazed out over the prow of his boat. They must have been about halfway there by now, it was good that they had been kept quiet so far, any interference from foreign powers would have caused much annoyance, especially in tis central crowded zone of Europa. But it was due to heat up soon, the other natiosn could not have missed his fleet in the central seas of Europa, and must be shifting in their seats, despite not having voiced their concerns already. They surely would after King Phil's proclemation today. The ten giant transport ships
  8. King Phil shifted in his chair, It was over a year now since his return to power. After the chaos left by the assassination of his father it had taken some sharp diplomacy and the power of his second in command, General Burns. when he had returned from his exile in the north he had not expected the country to be in such a bad way, he needed the generals power and resources to reclaim what was his. Now he had it, over a year later Philia was returning to the great power it had once been. Now, with a population of over 3 Billion, and much of the nation living in tiny cramped shanty hovels in the
  9. Right, after over a year of absence from the RP worl of Europa, i think it is about time to get back into the swing of things. from what i can gather, the RP world of Europa has come down to a series of Civil wars, invading countries for more space, and groups of countries who all have similer aims in keeping peace and being 'nice' to each other. now in the past Philia was renowned for being a peacekeepng nation, who wasnt that agressive (as far as i can remember, it was a while ago! lol) but now i want change that, just to shake things up a little. now, PHilia has been silent
  10. granted, you shall never tire again! unfortunately this does not protect you from that nuclear war you just started, especially the nuke heading directly for you right now... I wish i didnt feel so ill right now
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