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  1. 🎉 Congratulations! Enjoy this lovely birthday. 🙂 

  2. Howdy folks, After a long leave of absence I'm dropping in to say hello and wish a happy birthday to Europa. I got an e-mail update alerting me to the milestone and figured "What the heck?" Very cool to see this place still hopping after all this time, and very pleased to see my little nation of Cabarria still hanging out on the Europa map. I worked briefly as the cartographer so I know how much work goes into keeping up with all of that. I must apologize for kind of ghosting all of you - life sort of got busy and NS just fell off as a priority I'm afraid. I've gotten married, had two wonderful kids, gotten divorced, and tried to balance working as a microbiologist in a medical lab with spending time with my kids and playing in a rock cover band. So life is crazy and weird, but it's not too bad. It's actually nuts to think how long ago I messed around in here, and to see you all still having fun all this time later is honestly very cool. I'd love to tell you Cabarria will soon be roaring back on the Europan stage, but I don't know if I have the time to give you that you all deserve, seeing how much amazing effort you all put in around here. It was always fun, and a special thanks to Orioni, Tagmatium, Beautancus, Vocenae, Red Iberic Workers, Adaptus and Haruspex for RPing with me briefly all those years ago and being wonderful people. Happy Birthday Europa! And thank you for still being here and still being you. Blessings. -Jon Wells "Wellsy" Lord of Cabarria
  3. 🎁 Have a very happy birthday old friend.

  4. Great post, Red! I shall reply to it shortly, but before I do, I need to have some discussion, because I think Borthazen's answer could be key to the development of this RP. Frankly, this has been above and beyond anything I could have expected. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted, it's all been great and the story so far has been wildly entertaining to be a part of. I have the feeling that given the interest and the multitude of parties involved, this could continue for a while. I also have the feeling that we could be on the cusp of a possible endgame. And I don't want interest to peter off to where I have to come in four months from now and say, "Oh, I guess I should write some quick finishing post for this thing." Here's where I'm going - after starting this thread 2 and a half months ago, and seeing the Word document balloon to 70+ pages at single-spaced 10-pt font (all great material), I'm ready to begin the final act of this RP. Note that I say "final act." I don't mean, "Let's wrap this up in two or three posts cuz I want it done already." No, what I'd like is for the endgame to begin, for events to start moving toward their final culmination where we can all finally say, "OK, we're done, good story." However long that might take, be it 2 more pages or 20, so long as we begin to head in that direction. Where we go and how we get there is up for discussion (since this is ostensibly an expansion RP, I would expect in some manner Cabarria would end up with at least de facto or nominal control). Personally, I think I do a bit better when I have an idea of where things are headed. I found that to be true in the beginning of this RP when I knew the two sides would be obliterating each other. Note also I don't want to script out the ending - spontaneity is important as well, and it's always fun to throw a little surprise in one of your posts. I'm merely hoping we can agree on some direction to head before the final conclusion. Again, before I post in the RP thread again, I'd like your thoughts. I can always put something up if no one feels like discussing where we go, but your input is important to me since it's you all that have made it so great up till now.
  5. Yeah, I had noticed that the Combined Houses seem much more nobler and possibly less colder than the Empress and her loyalists.
  6. Nothing too deep about the origin of "Cabarria." Quite simply, it's the name of a fictional kingdom in a series of fantasy stories I've written. I had hoped the name would evoke a medieval Europa feeling, possibly Scandinavian or Germanic.
  7. Wellsy

    War in the West

    King Brandheld IV, sitting in his briefing room, stared with disbelief at the message from Admiral Hark?at of Machina Haruspex. ?So? the Haru were behind the bioattack on Ishakor.? ?This is an outrage!? Prime Minster Durhanion thundered. ?Our fears of outside interference were well-founded, it seems. Red Iberic Workers was somehow right to finger Haruspex as the virus culprit.? ?This may be some ploy as part of the civil war that has just begun,? Valerie Dussan responded. ?It is unusual for a nation to simply disclose they are so culpable. Admiral Hark?at sounds as if there are several factions at work within Haruspex, and this may have certain repercussions within Haruspex.? ?Well, we can?t allow Haruspex to remain unfettered within Zharr,? Gordon Blackwell replied. ?Not after this.? ?In any case, this may change things on the ground,? the King mused. ?The nations of Europa deserve to know this. This may help our case for the removal of instigating outside influences.?
  8. Your proposition is both timely and well-intentioned, and I'll take it under close advisement. (Translated: Let me see what the focus groups tell me before I do anything and then decide what will get me the most votes! )
  9. Thing is, it's such a nebulous concept, and a highly subjective one at that. What I might find beautiful could be blase or even disgusting to you. So it's nearly impossible to ask what does beauty mean without asking what it means to you, individually. You could say that the essence of beauty is unique to everyone who holds such a concept. I realize this is straight up Non Answer Central, but what can you do?
  10. Sounds good, Tal. MH and Beau, two great posts, thank you. It'll be a few days before I can post again, but Haruspex acknowledging it was the source of the bioweapon is huge.
  11. Wellsy

    War in the West

    Lord Arthorod squinted up into the afternoon sun as he stood in full dress uniform on the tarmac at Okanden Air Base just outside of Rok Klai. He had flown immediately to the field when he had been advised that the Cussian troops were at last setting down in-country. General Mutlu re'Benehket, his Cussian counterpart, was minutes away from arriving in the first major transport from the Dynamocracy. Arthorod hoped it was the beginning of a fruitful friendship. He?d had a day?s notice that the Cussians would be arriving at this appointed time, and had done his best to put together a suitable welcoming committee. Behind stretched two lines of Cabarrian Knights in full battle dress. All Orders were represented, the Rose, Orchid, and Iris Knights, and all stood rigidly at attention in their field armor and war gear. Flanking them were two companies of Zharr troops, still wearing their old uniforms but stripped of all former patches and insignia. Until he could come up with something better, Arthorod had issued them all Cabarrian military patches, and the Zharr soldiers stood proudly next to the Cabarrians in the warm sun. The Cussian airplane slowly drew into view and began its approach to the airstrip, one of the larger ones in Zharr. Colonel Mulgodhen, also in full Zharr battle dress, blew out a nervous sigh. He knew that Beautancus would be a potent force to be reckoned with, and knew that their presence would provide a stabilizing balance to this damaged land. With a screech, the massive transport plane touched down on the Zharr airstrip. It took a few minutes for the plane to taxi over to their location, but at last, it ground to a stop a hundred feet from them, and the massive rear hatch swung open. Out of the darkness strode General re?Benehket and the first Cussian soldiers to set foot in Zharr. Arthorod made a subtle motion, and a Cabarrian military band immediately struck into a Cussian war anthem. Support personnel scurried forward with platters of honeyed turkey and flaky sweetbread, along with pitchers of wine and cold water. Arthorod marched out to meet them, and bowed deeply as he neared the General. ?General Mutlu re?Benehket, commander of the 1st Pan-Occidental Expeditionary Force and great general of the Glorious Dynamocracy of Beatancus,? he boomed in a impressive baritone, ?I am Lord General Angus Arthorod, High Regent of the Knighthood of Cabarria. I welcome you and your men to Zharr. I hope this marks a new chapter in the warm relationship between our two blessed nations. Please, allow your men to dine with us as we extend what hospitality we can in this country of Zharr.?
  12. OK, I'll try to put something together then. I just threw up a post, so it'll have to be in the next day or so. Thanks!
  13. Wellsy

    War in the West

    The Captain, Johaal Duna, listened quietly to the Red Iberic representative Daniel speak. He knew that Daniel thought he was weak, and maybe he thought the same of the rest of his country. His eyes twinkled softly in the poor light as he answered the foreigner. ?Comrade, Ishakor is a proud land of proud people. The Priesthood has been in power for over a hundred years now. They replaced a crumbling bureaucracy that was more concerned with expanding itself than with serving the people. When the Priesthood came to power after a period of civil unrest, things changed. You might have called their philosophy light socialism, but in any case there was no real revolution in this country. Ishakor is wary of government, wary of bureaucrats and party hacks. The Priesthood has been good to Ishakor, and Borthazen is well-respected among many of our people. How many are left, who knows ?? Captain Duna shook his head. ?I am glad for your nation?s aid, Comrade Daniel. There are some here who take quite kindly to your particular ideology, but after so much carnage and destruction, you must understand that our will has been sapped. We are a weary people, Daniel. I don?t know what your nation?s long-term goals are, but I will tell you that the majority seem content to lick their wounds and attempt to rebuild a basic sense of existence.? He bowed. ?If you still desire to make contact with some other faction, however, I am sure it can be arranged.? Without another word, he turned and left Daniel to his thoughts. ---
  14. @ Tag: It's really up to you, I'm not going to keep anybody out that wants in. The more that people can bring to the table, the more interesting it becomes. As you mentioned, though, there are already 4 of us with "active" roles at the moment. Where might you be thinking of deploying? Zharr, Ishakor, or both? Oh, and regarding plot 134, I do believe, before I understood how expansion was supposed to work and I posted that in a news thread, I actually did invite your observers to satisfy themselves with the fairness of that election. It was no big exchange, though, so I'm certain you just overlooked it. @Beau: That sounds good, I envisioned the landing at the Zharr airbase near Rok Klai. I can have Lord Arthorod and Colonel Mulgodhen meet you with an entourage. Do you want me to start such a ceremony off, or did you want to do it?
  15. Wellsy

    War in the West

    King Brandheld IV sighed with barely disguised annoyance as he read the message from Tagmatium. ?This is quite a hostile message, especially for a supposedly civilized nation with which we have had no real quarrel in the past. Have they no idea what has transpired in the last months? Do they honestly think we are imperialists?? ?We cannot please everyone it seems,? Prime Minister Kyle Durhanion said as he shook his head. The two of them lounged in the Overking?s private chambers in the early morning. The king rubbed his temples. ?I don?t know what other hoops we can jump through to appease these nations that had nothing to do with the region until after all the dust has settled. This Tagmatine message is conspiracy theory nonsense! To think we would orchestrate such a war? And how irresponsible to make such baseless accusations without proof before the entire region! They?d truly side with a bully nation like Tal Shiar over ours?? ?They have misunderstood this situation, just as they misunderstood the situation in Plot 134. In neither case have they bothered to assess the truth for themselves.? Durhanion felt a massive headache coming on. ?This situation is quickly becoming ridiculous. There are only so many nations that can show up late to the party without them looking foolish.? ?In any event,? King Brandheld IV growled, ?we must present a reply to the Tagmatines.? ---
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