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  1. No work. No health. No home. No love. No money. God loves me.
  2. Haha, Iberic No, no; I'm talking about the original cats, the interstellar invaders. I'll make a story about it someday...
  3. The Cats are a danger! They have planned for milennia to overthrown our governments and seize the power in a World Empire. Trust me. I know hos is it felt when you comrades are dieing by your side under Catian fire.
  4. Democrat 100% Anarchism 100% Green 92% Socialist 75% Communism 50% Fascism 8% Republican 0% Nazi 0% Edited: And I actually declared myself as 'Republican' over everything :D Ah, and I scored as 'Anarchism'. Edited again: Economic Left/Right: -8.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.82 Gandhi and Mandela are nearer to Hitler than me
  5. Saurom Landerth ftl. Now just known as Saurom. The only band that beats 80's spanish heavy metal band Jupiter or 90's Piel de Serpiente. However, I recently knew about IOSYS, a JPop girls band... judge yourselves, but remember to tie your brain to your head first. http://forums.megatokyo.com/flash/iosys.swf I have to say in their discharge that, their record 'Phantasmagoria mystical expectation' includes some good rock songs, they resemble Dover.
  6. Mine, 'The Cathunters', is a conmemorative name of an antique subspacial mothership designed to exterminate the cat-like alien invaders. The Hortalezism you will always see in its name may be good for RPing purposes; although it's just a reminder... It all came when in a night shift me and some mates built a political party to seggregate our city district from Spain...
  7. http://www.bbspot.com/News/2004/10/extension_quiz.php Which file extension do you fit in? I am a .rpm file
  8. Highest Exchange Rates $1 = Miiros: $2.22 SDC: $2.12 Adaputs: $2.04 Beautancus: $2.03 Vocenae: $2.03 Haken Rider: $2.01 Cypriceos: $2.00 Akiiryu $1.90 Renposa: $1.79 Tagmatium: $1.55 Tanasos: $0.66 Cabarria: $0.65 Deltannia: $0.60 (is he still active?) PRo Red Iberic Workers: $0.29 The Cathunters: $0.05 Defense Spending Haken Rider: (24%): $18,140,459,520,395 Adaptus: (29%): $17,498,829,042,235 SDC: (29%): $16,829,983,964,756 (this kinda suprised me) Akiiryu: (47%) $12,578,257,977,407 Vocenae: (33%): $11,936,715,674,016 Beautancus: (30%): $9,024,564,536,765 Tagmatium: (12%): $5,932,396,741,022 Cypriceos: (32%): $5,392,758,811,149 Renposa: (31%): $5,312,332,956,119 Miiros (13%): $4,598,586,541,208 Cabarria (17%): $1,163,714,041,282 PRo Red Iberic Workers: (1%): $14,782,429,370 Tanasos: 0$ Deltannia: 0$ The Cathunters: 0$ Highest GDP per Capita Miiros: $45,661 SDC: $41,524 (soo close!!!) Beautancus: $38,215 Vocenae: $38,215 Haken Rider: $37,577 Cypriceos: $37,055 Akiiryu: $33,322 Tagmatium: $27,398 Renposa: $29,617 Tanasos: $12,893 Deltannia: $10,546 Cabarria: $8,015 RIW: $5,258 The Cathunters: 918$ Note that I am interested only in my Utopia...
  10. Yaound? http://maps.google.es/maps?f=q&hl=es&q=yao...449707&z=9&om=1
  11. Nakskov http://maps.google.es/?ie=UTF8&ll=55.05320...899414&z=8&om=1
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