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  1. First wire to be placed immediately and to follow on the 1st of every month.
  2. With advances in military training, we now have an elite corp of teenage Ninja Assassins who are the most feared in the region (according to NS profile of Huntsburg here: http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index....tion=huntsburg). They are available for hire to any allied nation. Details to be determined on a case by case basis.
  3. Do you still have a surplus for sale?? If so, we would be interested in purchasing an ongoing supply of 2000kg per month. We also will pay the $35 per kg price that was agreed upon between you and Byzantium Nova.
  4. "Kosmodrome 1, this is Saint Mary Space Center. You are cleared for landing. Your escort will be waiting to show you to your facilities. We welcome you."
  5. MESSAGE TO BYZANTIUM "Dear friends, We apologize for the delay, however we are now pleased to inform you that the hangers and living quarters you have requested are now available for your use. We look forward to your arrival. Sincerely, The United Socialist States of Huntsburg"
  6. OOC: Did anybody happen to notice: 2 days ago: The Holy Confederacy of Vanarambaion departed this region for The Rejected Realms 2 days ago: The Kingdom of Phil IV departed this region for Rejected Realms
  7. Huntsburg announced today that they have recalled their delegation to the Exiled Militants at their request. They are also halting all aid to the nation, though it is on standby in the event that it is requested. On another note, the government today acknowledged that they understand the reasons for the SSSS not removing the military bases on their islands and that, provided they are primarily for defensive purposes as we have been told, then Huntsburg wishes their allies the best and offers their services should they be needed.
  8. The United Socialist States of Huntsburg graciously accept Phil IV's invitation to participate diplomaticaly with the peacekeeping mission. A delegation left the southern Air Base this afternoon, headed for the exiled militants and is expected to arrive within 48 hours. The nation has also begun sending relief shipments of food, water, medicine, and clothing. When the situation becomes more stable, the Exiled Militants can expect several construction crews, engineers and building materials to help rebuild their nation.
  9. The Huntsburg Ambasador to the Byzantium Empire delivers a message signed by the President stating: "Dear friends, Of course the supply launches can be made from St Mary. We have several hangers available for your rental as well as being able to assist with those launches using our own equipment and astronauts. In addition, you are welcome to provide your own security in the area should you feel the need. Please advise us as to how many hangers and living quarters you will need, and whether or not you will be providing security as well. In Peace, Huntsburg"
  10. The People of the United Socialist States of Huntsburg hereby officially back the recomendations of this report. Initially, Huntsburg was not opposed to the building of the military installations on these islands, supposing that they were to be used for defense only. However, with the events escalating to where they have, and the fact that SSSS now has the aid of additional nations in the event that the islands become under invasion, including international support and the support of Huntsburg, in addition to the fact that SSSS is already the most powerful military nation in our region, we do not see the need for the military installations to remain on those islands. We emplore the SSSS to agree to the recomendations of this report, however we still pledge our support if they decide to keep the military bases intact. In the event that SSSS agrees to remove the bases, we emplore the Vanarambian to immediately cease all hostile actions and vacate the area as soon as possible. This is the position of Huntsburg.
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