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  1. Aloha! Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands! Mahalo! KBI
  2. Aloha! Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  3. Aloha! Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbrigde Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  4. Aloha, Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  5. Aloha, Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  6. Aloha! Welcome from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Island! Mahalo! KBI
  7. Hey, remember the last time she told us how long she left and some jackass tried to pull a fast one... Let's keep this info under wraps for those who need to know (not me).
  8. ?Come in?, a voice said from behind the finely finished mahogany door. Halo opened the door, and said, ?Hey Isaac, do you have a moment?? Upon looking up from the paperwork, Isaac smiled broadly, and said ?I always have a moment for you, Halo! What can I do for you?? ?Well, I have a favor to ask?? ?I have an inkling about what that favor is, and the answer is ?no??, said Isaac, shaking his head. ?I know she?s a real pain in the ass, but she has potential!?, said Halo. ?Potential is only as good as the work that goes into it. She has no discipline, and she acts like a simple party prostitute. Granted, one that shred a wave like a genius, but still, she isn?t serious about her gift. She?s going to be on the next flight I can arrange out of here?, said Isaac, as he leaned back in his chair. ?Let me change your mind??, began Halo. ?I can make you an offer that you?ve wanted for a long time, and to the benefit of both of us.? Isaac leaned forward, and said, ?OK, you have my attention. Sell your idea!? Isaac smiled, as he loved a challenged, especially one that had no downside ? as he saw it. ?You?ve been wanting me to more involved with the media??, started Halo. ?Go on?, said Isaac, raising an eyebrow. ?And I really hate it. But I also realize that I need to expand the depth of my expertise. After all, I can?t surf forever. At least, professionally. That?s something the SA is dreading.? ?What?s that??, asked Isaac. ?The day I leave professional surfing?, answered Halo. ?I need a prot?g?. That?s where Api comes in. I?ll train her as my student.? ?Did I hear you right? You want to train Api? The woman who spit in your face last year at the Waimea Open? You know the SA has a strict doping program??, said Isaac, feigning concern. ?Here?s the deal. I train Api, and I?ll do more interviews with the media or commentaries, or whatever. If she gets out of line, either from my training program or from her curfew, she?s gone. That simple. No down side for you. You?ve ?given? her a second chance, I get to teach what I know, and the SA potentially gets a replacement for me. How about it?? asked Halo. ?Its against my better judgement, but, since I like you? Yes. Deal. She steps out of line ? she?s gone. Period?, said Isaac. ?Good luck with your project!?, he added, chuckling under his breath. ?Isaac, thanks for the opportunity?, said Halo. ?I?ll talk to you in a week, and see if you?re still so optimistic.?
  9. Sorry I've been gone for a while, but a certain little nation in the news (RL) is making my job suck dramatically. This is just a pit stop for now - will post later. Hasta luego!
  10. Memetic Breakthrough at Drucker School of Business Aiea (ABJ) ? Ethical Calculus, a new socio-philosophical breakthrough, was successfully tested at the Aiea campus of the Drucker school of Business. This new theorem lays down mathematical principals uncovered by previous social scientists to address the question of ?how people live?, essentially providing mathematical calculations and functions that determine appropriate human behavior. ?We hope to use this theorem to usher in a new social philosophy in the Islands,?, said Dr. Johana Ka?a. ?By allowing proper care and education of our children to be the cornerstone of our national development, children will shape our future, which in many ways, will determine our present. Men and women will work harder knowing that their children are safe at hand, via the new network of Children?s Cr?ches that will be developed through the KBI.?
  11. Mark Loili (Aurendia) taking a bad roll at Captial City In the stairwell, Grand Capital Hotel, Vilita? Halo heard some sobbing as he was getting ice for his pack ? he won a good bruise after his last run when the tip of his board found his thigh. Black and blue, but at least it didn?t pierce the skin, just a 25 cm mark. He opened the door, and saw Api sitting down, crying. ?Api, you OK? Why you crying??, said Halo, surprised to see, of all people, Api showing emotion. She retorted, ?None of your business! Leave me alone!? ?Hey, you don? usually cry for anyone, so what happen? Why are you cryin???, asked Halo, as he placed his hand on her shoulder. ?I said ?leave me alone?!?, she said, sobbing even more. ?Listen,?, said Halo, ?I?m not going to leave until you tell me what?s happening?, sitting down beside her. ?I?m not going to tell you!? Halo said, ?Well, then I guess I?m going to be here for a while?, as he adjusted the ice pack on his leg. After a minute, she broke down. ?I?m kicked off the tour! I?m gone! It dosen?t matter that I?m the best woman, one of the best surfers, that I won Morata. I?m gone!?, she said crying, embracing Halo. ?Its not fair, its just not fair!? After a silent moment, Halo asked, ?What are you going to do?? ?I don?t know?, she mumbled. ?They won?t even pay for my ticket back. Nothing. I don?t even know where I?m going to be tomorrow. I just don?t know anything anymore?, as she started to cry again. Rom closed his eyes for a minute, and said, hesitantly, ?I have an idea. Problem is, you have to do exactly what I say, everything I say, and do everything I tell you to. If you do, I might be able to help you.? ?I?ll do it? ?You don?t know what?s involved??, said Halo. Api said, ?Look, I?m at the bottom. I need to get back up. If you can help me, I?ll do it. Just name it.? ?OK. Go back to your room and wait for me.?, said Halo, as he got up, limping, now that his leg was numb. Local artwork commemorating the NS Surf Tour
  12. Api looking for her board after her third run at Captial City At the Opal Sunset conference room, in the Grand Capital Hotel, Alikki-Corra, Vilita? ?What do you mean ?I?m off the tour?! You can?t do this to me! I took first at Morata Valley, and I?m in the top ten! You?d be a fool to drop me. Anyways, what are you going to do, replace me now?? ?Actually, yes?, said Isaac. ?You, for some reason, think you?re ?bullet proof?. The board is tired of you shenanigans. Some things, some times, sure. But too many of the things you do simply cross the line. So we wanted to see how you?d comport yourself in international competition. Frankly, you?re horrible.? ?How can you say that! I?m one of the best out there??, exclaimed Api. Isaac said retorted, ?Your performance is only part of the total sum. You?re a role model to thousands of girls back home, and?? ?I?m not a role model. That?s not my job?!?, said Api, angrily. ?Yes, you?re right, that?s not your job. Not anymore. I?ll be on a teleconference in about an hour, and we?ll finish the paperwork to have Dina Kalana be the second surfer here, instead of you. Her plane should land tomorrow.?, said Isaac. Api sat in stunned silence. She figured that in spite of her actions, she?d never be replaced. After all, she?s the best woman surfer in the KBI, period. But they?re going to replace her. ?Api, hellooo!?, said Isaac. ?You?re going to have to leave now, I have to take a call.? Api got up, and numbly walked to the door. As she started to open it, tears well up in her eyes, as she turned the doorknob. She started to turn around, but realizing that she had no recourse, walked through the door, her tournament over.
  13. Surfers at the Capital City Open KBI surfers stay competitive at the Capital City Open Alikki-Corra, Villita (AP) ? The KBI duo, Rom & Api, have kept pace in the competition, with the King taking second place in a challenging surf, as Api climbed past Skeeter Monroe of Casari, to ninth place. With their combined scores, the KBI has managed to take the top standing in the group competition, scraping hosts Vilita by half a point. In the overall standings, Rom holds the top spot, about four points over Al-Va from the Az-Cz, and seven points over Viiker Surf from Vilita. ?Both dose braddas are real tough, and remember, out here, all it takes is a few bad runs, and you?re sucking hind pipe.? Halo (King Romulus) also said, ?Api and I, we both have to keep our head in the game, and focus on waveriding. If you keep watching the boards, you just gonna watch yourself fall down the standings. I think if both of us concentrate, we?ll do OK.? Api was unavailable for comment, as she was in a conference meeting with the KBISA regarding internal issues. An announcement was due to follow afterwards.
  14. As I slide across the criteria for the third plot (1 billion + 500 posts), and following the island criteria... I wish to add (and will RP) the addition of the following territories - islands 0.18 & island 0.26. Mahalo!
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