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  1. Aloha! Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands! Mahalo! KBI
  2. Aloha! Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  3. Aloha! Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbrigde Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  4. Aloha, Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  5. Aloha, Welcome to Europa from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands. Mahalo! KBI
  6. Aloha! Welcome from the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Island! Mahalo! KBI
  7. Hey, remember the last time she told us how long she left and some jackass tried to pull a fast one... Let's keep this info under wraps for those who need to know (not me).
  8. ?Come in?, a voice said from behind the finely finished mahogany door. Halo opened the door, and said, ?Hey Isaac, do you have a moment?? Upon looking up from the paperwork, Isaac smiled broadly, and said ?I always have a moment for you, Halo! What can I do for you?? ?Well, I have a favor to ask?? ?I have an inkling about what that favor is, and the answer is ?no??, said Isaac, shaking his head. ?I know she?s a real pain in the ass, but she has potential!?, said Halo. ?Potential is only as good as the work that goes into it. She has no discipline, and she acts l
  9. Sorry I've been gone for a while, but a certain little nation in the news (RL) is making my job suck dramatically. This is just a pit stop for now - will post later. Hasta luego!
  10. Memetic Breakthrough at Drucker School of Business Aiea (ABJ) ? Ethical Calculus, a new socio-philosophical breakthrough, was successfully tested at the Aiea campus of the Drucker school of Business. This new theorem lays down mathematical principals uncovered by previous social scientists to address the question of ?how people live?, essentially providing mathematical calculations and functions that determine appropriate human behavior. ?We hope to use this theorem to usher in a new social philosophy in the Islands,?, said Dr. Johana Ka?a. ?By allowing proper care and education of
  11. Mark Loili (Aurendia) taking a bad roll at Captial City In the stairwell, Grand Capital Hotel, Vilita? Halo heard some sobbing as he was getting ice for his pack ? he won a good bruise after his last run when the tip of his board found his thigh. Black and blue, but at least it didn?t pierce the skin, just a 25 cm mark. He opened the door, and saw Api sitting down, crying. ?Api, you OK? Why you crying??, said Halo, surprised to see, of all people, Api showing emotion. She retorted, ?None of your business! Leave me alone!? ?Hey, you don? usually cry for anyone, so w
  12. Api looking for her board after her third run at Captial City At the Opal Sunset conference room, in the Grand Capital Hotel, Alikki-Corra, Vilita? ?What do you mean ?I?m off the tour?! You can?t do this to me! I took first at Morata Valley, and I?m in the top ten! You?d be a fool to drop me. Anyways, what are you going to do, replace me now?? ?Actually, yes?, said Isaac. ?You, for some reason, think you?re ?bullet proof?. The board is tired of you shenanigans. Some things, some times, sure. But too many of the things you do simply cross the line. So we wanted to see ho
  13. Surfers at the Capital City Open KBI surfers stay competitive at the Capital City Open Alikki-Corra, Villita (AP) ? The KBI duo, Rom & Api, have kept pace in the competition, with the King taking second place in a challenging surf, as Api climbed past Skeeter Monroe of Casari, to ninth place. With their combined scores, the KBI has managed to take the top standing in the group competition, scraping hosts Vilita by half a point. In the overall standings, Rom holds the top spot, about four points over Al-Va from the Az-Cz, and seven points over Viiker Surf from Vilita. ?Both do
  14. As I slide across the criteria for the third plot (1 billion + 500 posts), and following the island criteria... I wish to add (and will RP) the addition of the following territories - islands 0.18 & island 0.26. Mahalo!
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