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  1. Italgria

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    Well I am over to CN now and active as Senator in the alliance created by Tamurin. Orioni is also online there.
  2. OOC: I live in Buenos Aires for five years and have familiars there. I feel really connected to Argentina and therefore see it as my second nationality although I am fully italian.
  3. I think im still in EOS right? In that case: Italgria has no objections to this...
  4. "Mr. President, the strange alien virus which was going through Europa has not hit us yet and apparently on the "black internet" rumours are going around that a cure for the virus has long been found and that it is no treat to any human anymore. The powerfull computer virus has already been disabled. I think its time to reopen our borders" "Okay, give the order to all military units to partially reopen the borders and call Sabrina to my office. We need to send a official statement to the rest of Europa" TO: ALL NATIONS OF EUROPA FROM: ITALGRIA Dear Allies and friends of Europa, Today we have reopened our borders. We appologize that we abruptly closed our borders and had no contact over these years. We unlucky were not up to date of the new situation in Europa and therefore could not have known that everyting had stabilized again. We would like to invite all Nations to send representants to Bellaria, to celebrate the opening of the borders and to inform us on the new Europa! Best regards, Ambrosio Leandri OOC: Since I have not logged on for a while I lost my nation. However when I try to create a new nation with the same name it says that my name is reserved for a former nation which would be me Therefore I will be withouth nation until I find out if there is a way to recover the nation or atleast the name. If someone knows Id appreciate it!
  5. Italgria

    Activity Check

    Guess whos back, back again! Italgria is back! Tell your friends!
  6. TO: Tamurin FROM: Pharma Industry of Italgria (Owned by the state) We have heared about your testings in orbit to kill the virus. In case your scientists need some help we can send a team which can help you figuring out the data. If a cure is found we volunteer to produce the cure for free. However this will only be for EOS nations and allies of EOS due to the high cost of producing cures.
  7. To: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium From: the Social Democratic Party of Italgria We appreciate your offer of aid and would be delighted to receive aid from a third party for our television and newspaper campaing. Please contact Jessica D'Angelo to sort out the details. --- INN Newstime The National democratic partie of Italgria is one of the less funded which is participating in this years elections. However due to the increased youth Crime in Italgria in the last months it is no wonder that the NPI automatically registered a new high last Monday. Many teenagers are just left alone by the government with barely or no support. They live in the slums of Italgria with no money and are angry at the actual government. The increased number of Teenagers in the slums can be tracked down to the many conflicts around Italgria. Many people are seeking Italgria as a second home, to escape the bad conditions they live in. Due to the assylum laws nearly anybody willing to take a low-payed job is allowed to stay in Italgria. Also everyone which has a permit to work and to live in Italgria automatically has all the priviliges an Italgrian would have. This means that even the foreigners have a vote in this years elections!
  8. Does every nation agree on the plans brought up by Tamurin before? See attached the proposal: 1.) Finance Each member should divert money from the defense budget to a joint EOS ABM fond. With this fond a joint EOS-ABM corporation shall develope and build the ABM shield. 2.) System There are several systems possible and many are discussed. However, these are the ones we believe are realistic: - Anti-Missile Missile System (without warhead, target destroyed by impact) - Anti-Missile Missile System (with warhead, target destroyed by explosion) - SHELS (Strategic High-Energy Laser System) - Ground-, Air-, Space-based laser guns. (OOC: See this and thisfor more info; I'm thinking about a larger version of this; that would be Tech +1 in my opinion) 3.) Establishment We should proceed with this project like this: Phase 1: Set-up, planning, deciding Phase 2: Development of prototypes Phase 3: Testing of prototypes Phase 4: Review, if necessary improvement of prototypes (back to Phase 2) Phase 5: Final decision Phase 6: Production & Deployment Phase 7: Review if operational status is achieved; take-over by EOS ABM organization 4.) In charge We propose the creation of an EOS ABM organization that will oversee the development of the system and after that will takeover command. We could call it "EOS ABM organization" or "EOS ABM Command" or something like that. As the central we propose the EOS Island or the nation of Orioni. As the most powerful and most stable nation it would be the best place to start.
  9. OOC: I would join even if I am an EOS member But you most know that you should not forget about the computer virus and the alien virus going around in Europa. It affects many other RPs since they stay in relation. For example if in one RP I say Tierra del Vasto is affected by the virus I would not be able to host a conference in Tierra del Vasto in a different RP
  10. The situation had calmed down. The first phase of the virus had been succesfully held back from Italgrias doors and no cases of the alien virus had been spotted yet. TO: ALL AMBASSADORS IN ITALGRIA FROM: PRESIDENT OF ITALGRIA We are glad to say that we will be holding the conferences about what to do in New Normandy in two days from now (Monday in RL). We will be setting up transport for all ambassadors. TO: ALL NATIONS OF EUROPA FROM: PRESIDENT OF ITALGRIA The conference will be starting on Monday. Any nations which have not shown their position on this issue yet and want to sent an ambassadr to the conferences, can join any moment.
  11. TO: Mendesie FROM: Italgria We are happy to see another country leaving isolationism. We are glad to send an ambassador to your country if you wish so. OOC: Are you Italian?
  12. "It is time to close our borders sir..." A womens voice said from the background. "... we have been able to track down the few Tamurinians that came into our country since the meteor impact. Our friendly nations Tamurin and Miiros have been infected and it is only a matter of time of the virus getting into Italgria if we do not close down our borders soon." The president was in deep thought looking at his monitor, which was showing the probabilty of how fast the virus would spread out. "First this internet virus now this alien virus. Do you believe in God Andrea?" "No Sir, I do not." ... They got involved in a small talk about the end of the world when suddenly the president had noticed the time. "Ok, lets close down our borders." ------- GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT Today 1:24 PM our government has officially closed down its borders to all nations. Citizens and tourists are allowed to fly out of the country but not to come back until this crisis has been passed. The presidential elections will be put on hold for a while and the talks about New Normandy will be suspended until further notice. Italgria is not going to get into full isolationism. We will still be providing medical and military assistance to any nation which requests this. Our businesses will still be delivering services to other nations. Naval Forces have been sent out to patrol the coast of Italgria and to prevent illegal imigration into Italgria and guarantee the virus not to come into this country. Also the ground and air forces have been called out to patrol the land borders. Individuals might be allowed to come into the country with special approval by the president of Italgria.
  13. TO: Tamurin FROM: Italgria We are shocked by the recent developments. I have talked with the president of Italgria and as close allies he offers you a team of specialists in viruses. This will not only help you but entire Europa. Further you can use our special forces stationed in Tamurin in tracking down as many people as possible. --- TO: Italgria National news FROM: Public Relations Office Due to the recent developments in Tamurin we have cancelled all international flights from the east. We have sent out troops to patrol the borders and nobody from the east will be able to fly in. Although in the east it is all EOS members we need to take this step or soon the virus will be in our country. As our economy does not rely on tourims we also closed down the ports. Every import from another country will be stopped five kilometers infront of our borders to undergoe strict testings. The west will still be open to tourism alsong as no cases are found there and people wishing to leave Italgria are allowed to do so but to not come back until a cure is found. We have offered Tamurin help in form of specialzied scientists which shall help there if Tamurin accepts our offer. We will not have complete isolationism. We will not put on hold the talks we are having about New Normandy and any representats from any country, affected country or not, will still be able to come into the country after having had a check-up by their local government doctor in the plane.
  14. "Is this true?" Jack Nickelson Minister of Defence asked his collegues. "As far as we can say yes." "This will be a hard piece for all of us. Inform our entire economy it must be protected at any cost! We cannot let a economic crisis arise. Put me in contact with the CEO of Syman immediately." His collegues all rushed out of the room when the phone started ringing and the secretary advised to Jack that it was the CEO of Syman. "Sir, here is the CEO of Syman what is the matter?" "We have received information from Deltannia about a highly dangeours virus called the 'Tanker Virus'. We need your entire firm to create an "anti-virus" for it. Most important is our military! It cannot be allowed to get into our systems! You will have to create protections for all national firms. The international ones are big enough to sort out the problems by themselves unless they ask us for help it is not really our problem. And lastly. Create an update for every single computer user in Italgria and distribute it for free! the population must be saved from this virus! We will pay for every extra cost created." "Ok, Sir I understand. I will immediately call an emergency reunion and we will tackle this problem immediately. Thanks for the trust you put in us." The Minister put down the phone and send a note to the Public Relations Office. --- TO: Italgria National News FROM: Public Relations Office Official Statement We have received a message from Deltannia early this morning stating that a virus called the 'Tanker Virus' is spreading around really fastly and could be attacking Italgrias systems soon. We have talked with Syman and they are already working on a solution of how to save our computer networks. You do not need to worry about the costs of this. The government will pay the full amount that this work costs for Syman. If you need any help we arranged a hotline at ****-**** and our official email adress is: virusattack@italgria.gov --- *SECURE LINE TO DELTANNIA* We are very busy right now in trying to keep our computers clean. However, Italgria is keen to send a elite group of our central intelligence burreau to assist your police in finding and capturing this "terrorists".
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