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  1. 🎉 A very happy birthday to you Mr R. 🍾

  2. The representative from Miiros was consumed by thoughts and various fantasies of debauchery. They cleared their throat, took a sip of water, and leaned forward to the microphone. "The Orient has long been the guardian of liberty and democracy in the modern world. It is the position of the Consortium that the inclusion of this provision is right and just. Miiros seconds the motion and offers its full support." With their left index finger, they flicked the off-switch of the microphone and leaned back into their chair again.
  3. 🎉 Happy 31st birthday Mr Miiros! 🍾

  4. I intend to use Shohreh Aghdashloo as the executive of Miiros, Suffete Elissa Denos.
  5. Adelina had been taking notes as the other envoys had been speaking. Reading the room, she was at a loss on the best way to proceed. It was clear that the majority of nations were quickly moving to block the Antargic from any commercial speculation in perpetuity. She knew this would not play well when reporting back to State. If she were not careful, she knew that Myriandrus would walk away from the treaty. It had been challenging enough to achieve ratification of the EOS agreement on Antargis. She would need to be cautious, or else she would lose the other delegation's willingness to hear her concerns. Representative Valyrissi rose to address the conference, clearing her throat. "I would first like to take the opportunity to thank, once again, Representative Hackney and her government from the Beautiful @Orioni Empire for calling all of us together for this conference. Listening to you all, it is clear that we have much common ground upon which we can build as we work toward achieving a realistic and achievable framework for the exploration and protection of the Antargic continent. We have a unique chance to move forward together in this most noble of endeavors." "It warms my heart that those assembled here today all share the Consortium's believe that militarization of Antargica would be detrimental to the continued well-being and prosperity of the world. Military personnel should only be deployed to the Antarctic in a support and security role for the scientific expeditions operating on the continent. Military resources should only be used for their unique logistical capabilities and to protect scientists as they travel to and from the continent." "I could not agree more with Prime Minister Mauve that it is of the utmost importance that the environment of the Antargic be preserved. It would be calamitous if our activities there were detrimental. That said, I believe that we simply do not understand enough about the Antarctic to truly know at this time how much human activities will impact the region. Until we have a more complete picture, we must be careful with how quickly we proceed. A moratorium on commercial activity would be wise as we conduct our initial research, but this issue should be revisited once we have a greater understanding of the ecology of the Antargic and how human progress and environmental stewardship might best coexist." "We also must clarify how the provisions of any agreement we reach here today will be enforced. It is all well and good that we agree, but how will the actions of non-signatories be handled? However unlikely due to the remoteness of the continent, we must also consider actions undertaken by non-state actors. There is currently no international authority that currently exists that would be able to arbitrate these disputes. Any non-signatory could do whatsoever they wish to the Antargic. This is what we must seek to prevent." "Finally, I agree with my colleague from Orioni that zones of control might be the best way forward in solving the question of enforcement. If any situation arises where the nation responsible for that zone feels they need the support of others, other signatories can become involved as has been outlines in the proposal from @Fleur de Lys." "It is my greatest hope that we can address these solutions together, and progress together in greater understanding of this most unique region. Thank you." With that, Adelina took her seat.
  6. I have to say, I thought it was a refreshing change when the old plot system was phased out as it allowed for greater customization and seemed more organic and creative. I would hope we could resolve this dispute without instituting a rigid framework that re-instates the cookie cutter look the plot system created. That said, I am highly sympathetic to @Fleur de Lys's perspective on this. Expansion should be the product of RP. We have virtually limitless options here, and I believe we're all here to tell stories. There should be no issue with RP'ing expansion, and I don't mean a two paragraph blurb in one newspost. Have some fun with it. It's a great way to expand on your nation's story and make it something others can collaborate in. I think it's good that FdL reacted IC to the map expansions and that creates an opportunity for further RP. I feel like the nature of @Derthalen will make it easy for him to expand, and think the board needs some black hats roaming around. The holy empire wants to pursue its Manifest Destiny? Boom. RP scenario created. In the same sense, if we are all expected to retcon the expansion into existing canon, we lose the opportunity to object or react IC. Everything becomes the result of OOC discussion. I am also sensitive to the other side, there is plenty of room to grow on the map and I would hate for people to feel discouraged and like they cannot realize their goals for their country. The joy should be in the journey though and not the destination. Maybe we could create a narrative-based benchmark to be cleared for an expansion to be recognized. We also have separate rules against god-modding, so if we feel any nations are expanding with unrealistic ease (ex: annexed every neighboring land in largely bloodless battles that cost them nothing; every singe neighbor was a long-lost cousin that could not wait to rejoin the glorious fatherland and nobody had an issue with it; Xlandia saved the neighboring land from a dictatorship and now they're seamlessly part of Xlandia without any difficulty) then these can be addressed directly as such. TL;DR - Expansion should be RP'ed. Plots are ugly and arbitrary and make me sad. Unleash the limitless powers of your creativity and have fun damn it. In the end, I will defer to @Orioni because he does the hard work of maintaining our beautiful map.
  7. One vote per nation will quickly establish an international consensus and help to define our pariah states. If we put in a security council, we'd have to hash out who gets to be on it, and that will probably create a lot of OOC bad blood. Plus, if every nation has an equal voice, it will encourage more cooperation of like-minded regimes who might otherwise shun outsiders.
  8. It's a conservative request. Don't have an issue with it ic or ooc.
  9. Kalamazoo Thanks for showing Michigan some love, @The Eurofuhrer.
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