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  1. Round Two Aldonville vs Santiago 4:6 Santiago advances into the Championship Game against Paris while Aldonville eliminated in the second round of the tournament. Santiago will play against Paris in the final game while Aldonville will play Konstantinopoli for the third place title. Konstantinopoli vs Paris 1:4 Paris advances into the Championship Game against Paris while Konstantinopoli eliminated in the second round of the tournament. Paris will play against Santiago in the final game while Konstantinopoli will play Aldonville for the third place title. Compensation Games Punta Ballena vs PhilenGrad 2:3 Thule vs Fokaia 5:2 Upcoming Games Santiago vs Paris Aldonville vs Konstantinopoli Punta Ballena vs Thule PhilenGrad vs Fokaia
  2. Thanks for the new team, I will be sure to add it to the next season, as well as my new team, seen below. Anyways, I am sorry for my lack of activity and I'll be sure to continue with the championships. Team Name: Valencia Senators Location: Valencia, Castillanos Team Colors: White and Red Home Field: Estadio de Valencia Team Coach: Vicente Rodr?guez Team Roster GK: Santiago Ca?izares SW: Daniel Aranzubia DF: Juanito Guti?rrez DF: C?sar Mart?n DF: Carlos Marchena MF: David Albelda MF: Joaqu?n S?nchez MF: Rub?n Baraja FW: Fernando Torres FW: Ra?l Gonz?lez FW: Albert Luque Reserves Juan Carlos Valer?n Xavi Hern?ndez Carles Puyol Iker Casillas Ra?l Bravo
  3. The Castillanian Goverment can assure the nations of Europa that it's intentions to acquiring the Northern Region of Area Thirty-Five is only to ensure the safety of the people in the colonies and trading posts in the area. The people have longed been wanting for funding and protection, but as it is not yet a Province of Castillanos Senate has never passed approval of funding. Also, the Castillanian Army will only enter this area to establish a fort and to tell the people of Punta del Este, Santo Domingo, and Le?n that they now live in a province of Castillanos. So if granted access to claim the area, Castillanos will only help the people of this area and keep it safe from dangers.
  4. I would like to add the city of Valencia between Punta Ballena and Santiago, and the colony of Punta del Este at the tip of thirty-five and a dotted line from Punta del Este and Punta Ballena, which will represent a fairy. *Punta del Este will be inside a tiny piece of land at the tip of thirty-five will be Castillanos, it will be somewhat like how Ceuta (or Gibraltar...) is on the tip of Morocco*
  5. Round One Paris vs Fokaia 3:1 Paris advances into next round while Fokaia eliminated in first round of tournament. Paris will play Konstantinopoli in next round and Fokaia will play Thule in next game. Santiago vs Thule 3:2 Santiago advances into next round while Thule eliminated in first round of tournament. Santiago will play Aldonville in next round and Thule will play Fokaia in next game. Punta Ballena vs Aldonville 1:2 Aldonville advances into next round while Punta Ballena eliminated in first round of tournament. Aldonville will play Santiago in next round and Punta Ballena will play PhilenGrad in next game. Konstantinopoli vs PhilenGrad 3:1 Konstantinopoli advances into next round while PhilenGrad is eliminated in first round of tournament. Konstantinopoli will play against Paris in next round while PhilenGrad will play Punta Ballena in next game. Round Two Aldonville vs Santiago Konstantinopoli vs Paris Compensation Games Punta Ballena vs PhilenGrad Thule vs Fokaia IEFL Season Two News Flash The Castillanian Sports Department has announced two new teams to be added to the league, to be based in Villa Real and Valencia. The new teams, the Villa Real Falcons and the Valencia Senators, have already begun training and the official information will be published soon.
  6. Area 35 The trading posts of Punta del Este, Santo Domingo, and Le?n have long been established in the area of thrity-five in southern Europa. This area, directly south of Castillanos, has long been claimed by the Castillanian Monarchy but never by the Goveners of Europa. Punta del Este, found at the tip of area thirty-five, was established in 1788 as a port for the Castillanian Navy, but emerged as a trading post, generating thousands of dollars for the government with sales in lumber, metal, and tropical fruits. The land was explored more with the establishment of Santo Domingo, located on the Eastern Coast of the land and Le?n, located on the Western Coast. Since the mid-1800s, thousands of immigrants have flocked to these cities and they have emerged succesfull. The official population of all three cities has come to 950,000 and soon the numbers are looking to increase. In conclusion, Castillanos will know officially announce it's ownership of this land, known as the east of area thirty-five, as territory of Castillanos.
  7. Day Four Results Punta Ballena at Fokaia 4:1 Aldonville at PhilenGrad 8:6 Thule at Paris 2:3 Santiago at Konstantinopoli 2:1 Final League Rankings West 1. Paris: 4/3/1/0/14/9/10 2. Santiago: 4/2/2/0/14/8/8 3. Punta Ballena: 2/2/0/0/9/5/6 4. PhilenGrad: 4/1/0/3/19/20/3 East 1. Konstantinopoli: 4/2/0/2/12/9/6 2. Aldonville: 3/1/0/2/14/16/3 3. Thule: 4/1/0/3/12/16/3 4. Fokaia: 4/0/1/2/9/14/1 Final Standings 1. Paris 2. Santiago 3. Punta Ballena 4. Konstantinopoli 5. PhilenGrad 6. Aldonville 7. Thule 8. Fokaia IEFL Championships The Inaugural Season of the IEFL has come to an end, and it is now time for the championships, to be played in Valencia, Castillanos, a city between Santiago and Punta Ballena. Round One Paris vs Fokaia Santiago vs Thule Punta Ballena vs Aldonville Kontstantinopoli vs PhilenGrad IEFL Season Two Information Yes, I know the first season was short, but I barely had time for it so I hope you all enjoyed it. To sign up a team for season two, just fill out a sign up sheet found at the beginning of the thread and send it to Castillanos via PM or Telegram, oh, and putting the team roster is know optional. The next season will be better, and hopefully bigger with the expansion of more teams. More news on the new season, to start after the IEFL Championships, will be posted here.
  8. Day Three Aldonville at Thule 4:6 Punta Ballena at PhilenGrad 5:4 Paris at Konstantinopoli 5:3 Fokaia at Santiago 4:4 Day 3 League Standings West 1. Paris: 3/2/1/0/11/7/7 2. Santiago: 3/1/2/0/12/7/5 3. Punta Ballena: 1/1/0/0/5/4/3 4. PhilenGrad: 3/1/0/2/11/14/3 East 1. Konstantinopoli: 3/2/0/1/12/8/6 2. Thule: 3/1/0/2/10/13/3 3. Fokaia: 1/0/1/1/8/10/1 4. Aldonville: 2/0/0/2/6/10/0 Total League Standings 1. Paris 2. Konstantinopoli 3. Santiago 4. Punta Ballena 5. PhilenGrad 6. Thule 7. Fokaia 8. Aldonville Day Four Schedule Punta Ballena at Fokaia Aldonville at PhilenGrad Thule at Paris Santiago at Konstantinopoli
  9. Day 2 Santiago at Paris 2:2 Konstantinopoli at Fokaia 6:4 Thule at PhilenGrad 3:6 Day 1 League Standings West 1. Santiago: 2/1/1/0/8/3/4 2. Paris: 2/1/1/0/6/4/4 3. PhilenGrad: 2/1/0/1/7/9/3 East 1. Konstantinopoli: 2/2/0/0/9/5/6 2. Aldonville: 1/0/0/1/2/4/0 3. Fokaia: 1/0/0/1/4/6/0 4. Thule: 2/0/0/2/4/9/0 Commentary: In the West, Santiago and Paris lead with four points each while PhilenGrad steadily increases its points, staying at number three. In the East, Konstantinopoli dominates with a whopping six points, while Aldonville, Fokaia, and Thule fight for a win to make second place in there division. In the entire league, Konstantinopili is number one, while Santiago and Paris tie for number two, and PhilenGrad is at number three. The top goal scorers are Reynaldo Gianecchini of Santiago with 4 goals, followed by Len Gweoh of Thule with three points, and Rueal of Paris with two goals. In the next game day, the addition of the Punta Ballena Islanders will be added to the West Division. Day Three Aldonville at Thule Punta Ballena at PhilenGrad Paris at Konstantinopoli Fokaia at Santiago ------------------------------------- Team Name: Punta Ballena Islanders Location: Punta Ballena, Castillanos Team Colors: Blue & Green Home Fielod: Estadio del Punta Team Coach: Raul Santos Team Roster: GK: Victor Catiel SW: Ali Meyor DF: Pedro Leyva DF: Simon Fernandez DF: Jos? Artiga MF: Gabriel Barba MF: Benjamin Veloz MF: Rivaldo Estefan FW: Mateo Alonzo FW: Andres Roman FW: Manuel Santos Substitutes Travis Martin Raul Sonora Julio De La Cruz Henri Monteih Pablo Sanchez
  10. Excellent! Both Teams have been added to the league, also, here are the results for the Pre-Season Matches: Santiago vs Konstantinopli 2:1 Fokaia vs Aldonville 4:1 Also, the Season has officially started, and the first days match ups and scores are: Day 1 Santiago at PhilenGrad 6:1 Konstantinopoli at Thule 3:1 Paris at Aldonville 4:2 Day 1 League Standings West 1. Santiago: 1/1/0/0/6/1/3 2. Paris: 1/1/0/0/4/2/3 3. PhilenGrad: 1/0/0/1/1/6/0 East 1. Konstantinopoli: 1/1/0/0/3/1/3 2. Aldonville: 1/0/0/1/2/4/0 3. Thule: 1/0/0/1/1/3/0 4. Fokaia: 0/0/0/0/0/0/0 *Games Played/Games Won/Games Tied/Games Lost/Goals For/Goals Against/Total Points* Day 2 Santiago at Paris Konstantinopoli at Fokaia Thule at PhilenGrad
  11. Before you are entered into the league, what are the Quakers Home Town?
  12. Excellent! Both of your teams have been accepted to the league under the East Division. The Pre-Season will begin soon, and the 1st Season will start once we have 12 Teams. Pre-Season Matches Santiago Heat vs The Blues (To be played at the Estadio Nacional de Santiago) The Greens vs the Aldonville Rangers (To be played at The New Hippodrom Sports Center)
  13. One of Castillanos's close ally, New Zambuda, was recently attacked by Terror of the World. Our government soon declared that these scumbags step down because of there attacks on the innocent people of ViZion, Jarridia, and now New Zambuda, and if they didn't they could face a possible war threat from us, as Sdaeriji, as they too declared them to step down. So if Castillanos does go to war or Terror of the World attacks us, we were wondering if any fellow Europa Nations would be willing to help us. Thank you for listening, Prime Minister Andr?a Cavalcanti P.S: The attack on New Zambuda can be viewed here: http://forums2.jolt.co.uk/showthread.php?t=351581 MOD-edit: moved it to the Role-Play Department
  14. Excellent! You have been accepted to the league under the East Division. Since no one else has joined, our two teams can have scrimmages until the league gains more intrest.
  15. OOC: I guess I'll post my team below... Team Name: Santiago Heat Location: Santiago, Castillanos Team Colors: Red & Black Home Field:Estadio Nacional de Santiago Team Coach: Fl?vio Salvino Team Roster: GK: Victor Catiel SW: Samuel Mendes DF: Jos? Mayer DF: Lucas Margutti DF: Leonardo Villar MF: Claudio Baricelli MF: Giovanni Casceres MF: Tony Ramos FW: Paulo Figueiredo FW: Luis Perez FW: Reynaldo Gianecchini Substitutes Juan Carlos Batres Leonel Campos Paulo Monteiro Oliver Gabriel Jose Ruiz
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