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  1. 🌿 I'd love to wish you a very happy 31st birthday Mr E.

  2. TO: Greater Holy Empire of @Tagmatium Rules FROM: @Suverina Esteemed friends, The Great Queendom of Suverina would like to reach out to our benevolent neighbour, the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium, and offer a gift of friendship and good will that Her Majesty's government hopes shall cement and improve cordial relations between our two great nations, thus Suverina would like to gift two aurochs to the government of His Imperial Majesty. Aurochs, as most are aware, is the national animal of the Suverin nation and these creatures that once roamed over vast territories across the continent nearly went extinct and, though still rare, exists in Suverina due to conservation efforts started in the early 19th century. By bestowing you with this gift, our national symbol in the flesh, we wish to see that in Tagmatium there shall be a small part that is forever Suverina. May the friendship of our two peoples bloom as the edelweiss in the mountains, but unlike the edelweiss, may it never wither. I avail myself of this opportunity to extend to Your Excellency the assurance of my highest consideration, Ana Codrianu Her Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs
  3. 🎉 Grattis på födelsedagen!

  4. Since there aren't common markets there is no need, as far as I can tell, for us to have any kind of common currency. Sure, people can create currency unions, there have been several in RL history. But no nation is so dominant in the world economy that other nations would need to adapt to any nations currency. But Miiros, Suverina, Tagmatium, Orioni and Adaptus makes up the economic output majority so our currencies are probably dominant in the regional economy. Guess it becomes so due to the sheer size of our economies compared to the rest of the region. I don't know of any nations in our region that use the gold standard. Suverina doesn't. Nor does Suverina play fair when adjusting the value of her currency. (Unlike most nations in RL today)
  5. Adaptus' suggestion is great and indeed pleases me greatly. I have suggestions for finetuning the borders should we want to move on to that.
  6. I have had something similar in mind for my own nation for a long time. First of all, if you read my factbook you will know how I feel about sharing the Raga sea more than I currently do. Hard no. I really like Tag, swell guy, but for roleplay reasons I will violently oppose it. Second, I don't want Suverina to be too bulky, I want a more martime nation style that has stretched out across the shores of the Raga sea. My plan was to suggest a similar expansion of Suverina, which I intend to roleplay. I really want to do a historical roleplay (which people could join should the want to, but I can do it alone as well), which would span over a long period and entail both Suverina's expansion around the Raga sea as well as making expeditions to the new world. This would be a period where Suverina is a strong maritime trading nation, inspired by IRL merchant republics (like Venice and Genoa) and the like. That and some modern day diplomatic roleplay is what I'm planning for my "comeback". And in while claiming less land in the old world I was hoping to carve out a small piece of the new world in the west for myself. edit: I would also roleplay the demise of Van. And about Burlington, I'd like us to one day have a small border.
  7. I will come with a lengthy response, probably on Wednesday since Today and Tomorrow I am busy 14 hours per day at least. I can share my map conceptw in the upcoming days. Although I did have some nice new ideas, but I have to be at home to edit the maps, I'll probably get home on the 26th. Will still post my current map concepts today or tomorrow or so. One thing I will demand is more islands. I love islands and they are awesome for like iolonies/bases and stuff like that. And they have proved quite popular with many nations in the past have wanted and/or had them.I love 'em! More islands almost everywhere, Regardless of what happens I also would like more land in the Arctic area. Smaller land/islands and maybe one big like chunk of land like RL Greenland. I'd also like to add, when I toyed around with my concepts I felt as if I created something that wouldn't wreck the old dynamics of our region. So I think my concerns about interaction and isolation can be solved through a good design. Having a continent placed like the Americas is in RL in relation to Europa we run the RL risk of isolating eachother and interacting less, like historically RL. We could end up with two groups playing basically separately from eachother - classic parallel play scenario. Such a set up I feel even incentives me from basically making a Monroe doctrine for old continent Europa. But now I am trying to work with you, regardless of how I feel. If people want something I'm all for makings sure we look at all alternatives and go through our options thoroughly before settling on something. Also y'know, when I came we still had the old map. The thought of staking my new claim among you ginormous oldies didn't feel scary at all. When claiming an empty plot you aren't bound by the history of the plot. I may have fought a war on province Y and that will be a part of my history, but when the plot owner is gone and the kingdom of grasslands claims plot Y s/he creates his/her story. Necessary abstractions. A new continent won't be new for that long. It's a matter of time before some people have settled there and it won't be a blank slate in any regard. In 6-12 months settling on the new continent will feel just like settling on the old continent. Also keep in mind that after our dark ages Europa is a blank slate in many waysuppliers, diplomacy, cooperation and whatever rp interactions are quite open. Now this is not an argument that says we shouldn't add new continents, but if we do it should be for good reasons. A new open shiny new continent will rather soon just be another continent comparable to the old continents. I think new players would benefit more from us creating a system to guide new members and helping the establish stuff. Getting to now a couple of older members really helped me adjust, and I was fully new to nationstates. But while experiences may differ it's quite overwhelming to come to a new place like this, it'seems hard as it's like semi-sandbox but still has a lot of rules and stuff you need to know. It seems as lately we have been focusing on making additions, which while maybe great may add to the complexity further, we must also focus on improving on what we already have. Btw, I am very much for Europa being on it's own planet and not part of something abstract unknown world. It been as if Europa was located on a flat planet and that hasn't felt very logical. So this became more than intended, but it's not in-depth as I'm on a train and that'she not a very good environment for me to do something thoroughly.
  8. So, now I finally have a chance to take a look at this. My first thought is that maybe we don't need to put ourselves on a globe, we have survived well without having a clear reference to a globe. We should settle the scale of the map though. But we would survive with just climate zones, like we did before. But of course if we add a new continent we need to be on a globe so you can move from Eastern Europa to Western Whatever. Hm... Don't know, I feel like Europa needs to be bigger, but the meridians screws everything u?- Secondly, about the equator and arctic circle, this puts Suverina far much more south Than I'd like, ideally I'd like south Suverina to be at ~40?N But if we have a globe and must have equator, we can have the southern hemisphere mostly just made up of water. I'm thinking this because it feels weird adding pieces south and having original Europa just in the North. Regarding continents I don't fully grasp why exactly we need all that space. Europa in its heyday wasn't even nearly full. I don't mean to offend anyone, but it seems a bit megalomanic. Optimism is good, but realism is good to? If we are to add new contintents I have two suggestions, both include the southern hemisphere being mostly water: 1: We add two. Both contintents roughly 40% the size of Europa and also adding some islands around Europa and between Europa and new contintents. (islands belonging directly to new contintents should count to their 40% share of size) 2: I think my first suggestion adds too much new land. So my second suggestion is adding one new contintent 50% of Europa and then some new islands around Europa and between new contintent and Europa. (Islands adjacent to new continent count for their 50% size of Europa) The second suggestion is my favourite. I really, really, don't see why we need that much land. If you really feel like you need a new continent, fine, I can go along with that, but adding something so massive means we'll have a sh*t tonne of space being just empty. Also, I feel as if the new continent(s) need to be closer to Europa, otherwise we will just seperate us too much, I love the closeness the one contintent created, nobody could do anything without anyone being too far away to react to it. Ii was my though that the idea behind one continent was closeness and that multipile continents and spreading out of the earlier map resulted in less interaction. Also, make sure there are at least one panama/suez canal place on new continent. I vehemently disagree with these new ultra huge continent and distance between it and original Europa. I think we're adding lots of land we don't need and I also think we're messing up the concept of our region which made so much sense in regards to interacting and not separating nations too much. If I got to decide, I would only add minor new territory, like some large, medium and small islands around the old continent. Maybe 2-3 islands big enough to contain two nations and then some medium and small ones. I really love islands. If I could, I would veto the current ideas brought forth. Sorry, but I don't like it and can't see the point really. But yeah, you can still make it happen of course.
  9. I misinterpreted this and just spent 15 minutes thoroughly comparing the new map to an old one to find that new one+ island, upon not discovering any new land I re-read your post. I'm like Pedro ?lvares Cabral, "discovering" Brazil (for the Europeans), finding nothing new (since at least Vespucci had already been there). My failure did however inspire me to try to make my first ever polandball:
  10. You mean when writing diplomatic messages? Using such a rather informal (compared to RL) style makes RPing a bit easier. We basically use an email format, and icons related to that (email) wouldn't fit well, or so I imagine. Do you have anything special in mind? Or describe slightly more detailed what exactly it is you would want? The classy move would be to make one's own letterhead for correspondence and include that picture when one's writing such messages.
  11. Republicans hold house and Senate, as long as Trump acts in the interest of the republican party, why would they want to remove him?
  12. I just wrote to O about what a nice and odd coincidence this is as a few days ago I had an idea that a European socialist international would be a cool and nice flavour for RP and that maybe Suverina, who is a socialist nation, could perhaps host a conference for it. FYI Suverina will gladly fund and support a lot of socialist organisations across the region, by both lawful and sometimes even unlawful means. So if you ever want to feature your socialist organisations in an rp and you feel that any level of Suverina involvement would flavour or depth you can always contact me and ask about if it'd be something I'm up for. But that's just a side note.
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