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  1. No, no, sorry. Its nothing personal. I am simply tired of the Liberalism of the Europa regino. Its not your fault. I apologise old friend. I will not be responding to any posts anymore.
  2. So then only people have guns illegally, so that hte Armed robber buys it from big geno on the corner, and robs Me, and I cannot defend myself. Just because the gov't says guns are illegal, doesn't mean there won't be guns. Look at drugs. Pot is illegal her, and so is meth. We have meth labs blow up all the time where I live. Live a few years, and get some real world experience. I am still learning myself.
  3. Wow, one year in USa. Try living it, in Cincinatti for 16 Years bub.
  4. Please live in America, in Cincinatti, where I hear it from the man on the street. Its the black culture.
  5. Because I now have a general distaste for Euorpe atm, and I really think Aki and I would explode. Just disregard my other forum post, and I apologise for my outbursts. I'll be on my way.
  6. Sorry, btw, if I upset the "Reality Bastard". Well, I'm a "Realist Bastard". I see things how they are brother.
  7. Also, those of you who would like to continue to Role Play with me, please do so at the forums, listed as .sen in my signitaure.
  8. Okay, I didn't read the rules to be honest. I generally accept people to understand who I am. Okay, then I will take my RP's elsewhere. Edit: Western Democracies allow free speech. You guys in Europe are straying less and less towards democracy. You ban the Nazi Flag, you arrest people for putting make up on at an intersection in england, and you don't allow concealed carry? Look at canada, thier Violent crime rate has gone through the Roof thanks to banning guns. America is the Last vestige of true, Democratic and Conservative freedom, where you can say N1gg3r without being called a rascist. If Black People call themselves that, it must not be that bad.
  9. And no thank you, I listen to Rush and G. gordon Liddy, and Hannity. thanks for asking though! And there is a difference between hating the Black CULTURE, and the black person. I hate the culture, not the person. I don't judge people on what thier skin colour is. I judge via actions, and from What I see, Alot of blacks, but no a majority, are influencing my country, in a horrible way. 1/16th of the country, is turning our morals inside out with Gang violence, Sex, Drugs and Alchohol. Its the same reason why Idon't like Country Music.
  10. I'm sorry to have to do this, but I cannot stand some of the intolerances seen, ( and is common throughout Europe ). If I am not allowed to speak my mind, than frankly, I might as well leave. My comment was directed at the inner city black culture, and frankly, is 100% Ture. I would like some of you to tell me why if I am wrong about Black Culture, than why do Black women speak out against how it degrades women? All I hear is some new 50 Cent song called "Baby get on your knees and suck me Off." No lie, actual Song. To tell me, people who don't even live in my country, and say I don't have a right to speak about it, is damn ignorant. And Frankly, I doin't have to put up with Aki's mindless censorship. I appreciate the goodwill of just about everyone on this forum, except for him. Its not whats happened in the past, no that is not it at all. I respected him, totally and moved on, until now. This in breach of basic civil rights, and Frankly to hell with it, and to hell with you Aki. you can take my Comment and shove it. to everyone else, I bid you good journey and a prosperous life.
  11. Get out, get a f*cking job, and don't have 3 kids at 19 and live off taxpayers like me.
  12. Okay then. I quit. See y'all later. Part of being in a democracy people, is putting up with opinions. Not just the ones you want to hear. As a human being, I retain the right, however I see fit, unless its totally cursing out an individual, to speak my opinions and mind. If this forum will not recognise it, I will go to one that does. Good day.
  13. To: Nan Gorgwaith From: US We would like to establish a Trade Treaty, and an Embassy with your nation. We feel that your entrance onto the Europan Scene is cause for celebration, as all nations start out small, including this one. there is no reason why you sohuld be left out.
  14. Elections Take Place for Senate - Conservatives Maintain Majority NX Nuke Artillery Decommissioned Federal Capitol - The Senate took office today, amidst the news that the Senate Armed Services Appropriations Committee had scrapped all funding for the NX 01 Class of Nuclear Howitzers. The Program's existing 3 Units will be scrapped, and the money will be diverted to Tax Cut Programs. The number of Seats held are as Follows: Neo-Conservative Party - 327 Seats People's Workers Party - 121 Seats Social Democratic Party - 26 Seats Christian Alliance Party - 26 Seats
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