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  1. I am glad to come to all today as the victorious owner of Europa. After contacting the appropriate authorities at the European Union I have seized control of this website in order to make sure that the true Europa can flourish. After careful consideration I've decided to ban all members who existed before... oh I don't know 2017. Especially the like of @Orioni, @Tagmatium Rules, and @Haruspex. These deplorable people destroyed me and led me to reclaim the true Europan region on Nationstates in order to ensure that our real legacy carried on. Suffice to say the current administra
  2. Just sticking my head in to offer a couple of thoughts after seeing this. First, might be a bit late for this, but why not name it "General Assembly of Island Nations"? That sounds a bit more official and formal than just 'group'. Also GAIN sounds cooler. Also since it's the 70's, if there's any military conflict that happens I expect there to be old school F-4 Phantom dogfights. And I'm not just saying that because I've been on a massive jet fighter kick since Ace Combat 7 came out.
  3. I am reminded of the last time Europa had an pandemic event. Was decently good times.
  4. Tossing my hat into this, but I would completely be against using dead Europan nations, as that is a violation of IP right. Sure, they're gone, but that does not give anyone the right to swoop in and use someone else's content without permission. Especially given that there's only four and occasionally five 'old guard' players left that actually know how those nations acted and were played, well, leaving them in the hands of players who didn't know those nations seems like a ill-thought out plan. And again, I'm entirely against the use of other player's content, no matter if they're gone
  5. I did have some thoughts about doing something a little more low-key and less SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER. Was thinking maybe take a page out of Alien Vs Predator, mix it with a little Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, a little from the film Sphere and have something high tech be buried under one of the Arctic areas. Maybe some form of international rush to get to it, or a conflict of some sort. But other than that, I didn't really have many ideas and The Radiant is already going, so. I was largely just tossing some helpful links and resources in because I know that going into Future Tech territ
  6. I'd also like to step in and say that I run a FT (Future Tech) story thread over on the main NS forums, called The Compendium. There's also a vibrant FT community with many helpful threads filled with advice on how to pull off good FT RP, as well as resources for say, ship building, finding images for planets, etc and so forth. There's also a Discord server with a couple of channels, one for general discussion and another one for RP and Worldbuilding. The Future Tech ADvice & Assistance Thread: https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=17432652#p17432652 NSFT Discord: https:
  7. 🎂 A very happy 31st birthday to you Mr Vocenae.

  8. This is the second time posting this. Abusing your moderation powers is not how you run a community, guys. You have a responsibility, regardless of how you feel about individual players, to uphold the rules without bias. ___________ Just for clarification regarding my nation in response to the above post (bolded emphasis mine):
  9. OOC: This is the second time posting this. As a result I have taken the liberty of taking a screenshot of this post as a deterrent against biased moderation. This is not the way you run a community, guys. _____________ As there is no official OOC thread in which to lodge this, this post is an official request to remove all content referring to my nation beyond the following paragraph. No permission was given to use my nation or it's assets beyond the above singular use. Please remove or change the offending content so that it no longer makes use of or mentions my nation
  10. The IC topic is located here. As I did not give authorization to Andalla to use my nation beyond a singular reference, I am officially requesting that all content concerning my nation beyond the following paragraph be removed from this thread in accordance to the Community and Roleplaying Rules. Thank you.
  11. To which I will direct you to the Berne Convention. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berne_Convention Specifically, And Rowling could go after those fanfiction writers, if she wanted. George R. R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire universe (the books upon which Games of Thrones is based) does. To be clear I am NOT threatening legal action. All I'm asking for here is that we abide by both our community rules, which clearly state And our Roleplaying rules:
  12. Posting this so that we're all brought up to speed, here (including myself). Intellectual property rights ARE a thing. They are not some nebulous construct pulled from the aether, regardless of how much worth or 'difference' that one user may find that the do or do not have. It is something that exists within real world law. Infringing on it is violating that law, again regardless of an individual's personal belief of the value and worth of said IP. There is no 'weight' being thrown around, it is simply me protecting my property, which it is. Continued usage of my nation without my expressed c
  13. I'm pressed for time and data on my phone, so I've just skimmed the posts and for now you get a TLDR response. It doesn't matter if I'm here or not, given that it's my stuff. It shouldn't be used without my permission. It's metagaming, and more importantly, IP theft otherwise. Now, had I given permission and said "Sure Andalla, do whatever you want", then there would be no problem. But I did not give him permission. He received permission to mention my nation, not create political situations or named and unnamed characters that are corrupt. That is creating history in MY nation without m
  14. OOC: Only gone in the sense that I don't park my nation here anymore. I visit the forum and RMB quite frequently. After all, I didn't put years of keeping the lights on just to entirely walk away. And just in case anyone was wondering, my nation uses soft Cs, not hard. As such, you pronounce the full name as: vOH Sin Nay, and the capital city as: vOH See Ah. Otherwise, on Discord or as the name I go by most everywhere else "Voc", that's a hard sound, like saying the word "Voke". Anyway, I'd rather do this in a OOC thread, but as there is none, well, gonna do it here. Sorry. For the
  15. Just as an aside, using FaceApp in conjunction with another editing tool is a free and quick way to create decent looking new people from pretty much...anyone, including yourself, should you choose to do so. I was messing around with it the other night and I was suddenly hit with the realization of how useful it could be for players that use actual photos.
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