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  1. 🎉 A very happy birthday to you old friend!

  2. A very happy birthday @Emakera ! :D

  3. Hi Emakera. I'm not completely sure I understand your question. Can you rephrase? If we want to have 1 team per nation, the odds of winning are even. If on the other hand you increase your amount of team, there is also a higher chance if winning. It's certainly going to be an international affair. Myself, I've taken a driver from good old Pirilao. And I see Adaputus went for a 2nd driver from Tamurin. If you want to change, that's perfectly possible. We are only starting this race in March, when the office F1 kicks off as well. Great of you to already set a date. That makes things even easier. Just make sure you're going to be around in June. But I don't think that would be too much of a problem, seeing you're interest in the subject. Everyone is free to take this as far as they want. Just list your team? Fair enough. Come up with an entire track and team history? EVen better. From a sportive point of view though, it should not influence the final racing results. What I meant is that I thought the drivers we created would be drafted by the different teams. I had no intentions of creating a national team with national drivers only. But I definitely can work with that, and I can already see how the relationship between my two drivers will work out. To have a young, unexperienced driver as the team's number one and an older, jaded journeyman as his backup could be interesting. I personally like journeymen a lot more than young upstarts.
  4. Definitely. I'm currently nursing a minor foot injury and I'm finally done with school. So I have plenty of time.
  5. Wait. Are the two pilots supposed to be my team? I thought it was going to be a more international thing, like a big draft pool of drivers. I'm fine with that, though.
  6. I loved it as a kid, although seeing Ayrton Senna splatter his brains at 400 km/h was a real downer for me as a kid. I used to have a blue hat just like his. He was the greatest. I'm completely out of the loop about F1, though. Now for the data: Emakera can host a race in the Autódromo de Araraquara, in the coastal city of Bisler. Street races might be arranged elsewhere, depending on the schedule. I am open for any date, but I'd enjoy having the last race of the season. Either for a thrilling conclusion to a fierce rivalry, or for a nearly pointless event to test test pilots and to determine the third place in the constructor's tournament. The young pilot Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen, the black sheep of a family of yatch champions, and the journeyman Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos, are the Emakeran representatives for the competition. The young Gustav eagerly carries the Emakeran flag for every race, dreaming of a first place finish. Cadu stopped bothering with that long ago, choosing to focus instead on a helper role for whichever team he is signed to. Emakera's own escuderia is the team Biruleiby. Founded by father and son Leonardo and Leandro Brás-Cubas, the Biruleiby Scuderia started at local racing events. The late Leonardo, an unsucessful pilot with a keen eye for the mechanical side of the sport, left his business to his son, a businessman who lost most of his passion for racing after a brief, unsuccessful career in the sport, but who seeks to follow his father's footsteps and lead his team and legacy.
  7. Creedence is just a player with a particularly dumb name. His dad was a big fan of the band and all. I think he's retired. The rain just won't stop, even when it's sunny. It's been a month since my post and it still holds true.
  8. I wanna know: have you ever seen the rain falling down on a sunny day? The guys of CCR would be proud at how the weather's been lately. They probably know about my area already, as we briefly had Mr. Creedence Clearwater Couto as our centerforward for the local soccer team. So yeah. It's been a while.
  9. Maybe I should get my sh*t together in the forum before anything... I have to ressurect my nation as a regional player.
  10. Emakera, the beautiful. Nice to see it's still there. Am I able to get another plot?
  11. Obladi Oblada is the worst Beatles song ever.
  12. I forgot how did we use to do this...
  13. The true winners are those who don't play videogames. Also, I downloaded NBA Jam 2010 but have no dual layer DVDs to burn it on... shame.
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