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  1. 🎉 A very happy birthday to you old friend. 🥂 Right now we're actually exactly the same age. 🍾

  2. What comes to philosophy I?ve taken a course of it?s history. Interesting stuff.
  3. Never read the books myself, although I?ve read couple of them as a comic books (Like the one where Rincewind falls over the edge of the world). I liked ?em.
  4. Hey! No Changing Konstantinopoli Sea! Konstantinopoli is at its coast and I feel it?s just fine that BN is bordered by Byzantine-themed seas. Of course if you are going to edit it anyway, could you make that gulf in the western part of BN the Konstantinopoli Gulf. And Byzantine sea is fine like that. MINE. My preciousss. Gollum, gollum.
  5. Very good. I?m happy at your work. I?ll begin RPing as soon as I got the time
  6. Heh, I use it for inspiration now and then when I?m writing my fanfics
  7. Still ouch. Didn?t feel too good I wager.
  8. Second warm winter in a row here in Finland. The temperature has barely touched -20 degrees Celsius.
  9. I am myself rereading the entirety of Tolkien?s production. I am writing fanfiction and properly written Tolkien fanfiction is very enjoyable so I figured that I should try to write some myself. So now I am reading LOTR and others for reference.
  10. Hmm, dunno. Reading sounds good though. Or paint, write or do something else creative. It helps me at least.
  11. And I?m waiting. No sense RPing before I am on the map.
  12. Rebuild of Evangelion. There?s something I am waiting to see. I saw Evangelion couple of years ago and I totally loved it.
  13. Yeah, you?re right Tag. Can?t remember where I read that thing about them having a chance but logically thinking they were out of hope at that point. Well, I can whip up something about the collapse of the old Empire and the reason why there?s the Nova at the end of the name of the empire.
  14. Hehe. You got it right. I?ve been reading somewhere though that Byzantines still had a chance to recover in the beginning of 1400?s, although a very small one. (and I?ve managed to do just that in EU2 and EU3 )
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