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  1. Good question, I don't know...the Caldari Communists want to annoy Tag... Jk.
  2. "The Chairman loves the idea of exchanging cultures as it is one of the goals of our Five-Year Plan which includes the development of a harmonious society and civilization and with the infusion of new ideas and cultures, will that be achieved," Tzu repiled as he began eating.
  3. Vice Chairman Tzu shakes hands with his counterpart, Sunry Ytturb at the Rottburg airport. "Very nice, very nice place Rottburg is, reminds me of my home provience back in the State," he spoke. Ytturb smiled at Li as he entered the limo and sped off towards Ulanbaatar to begin discussions.
  4. From: The Politburo of the Negative Utopia To: Sunry Ytturb, Chairman, the General Council of the Allied Tribes Excellent. Vice Chairman Li Tzu is currently at Rottburg's airport and will await his pick up by your excellency. We have experenced such changes throughout our long history so this is nothing of a convience. Signed, Chairman Zhu Qi
  5. Unfortually, we will have to think of this hard and long since the Caldari State does not like an organization which as the capaibility of altering its own foreign affairs.
  6. *once again, sorry for the side comment: Tag, don't forget us communists to the west of you...you never know when something could happen...
  7. Granted, you now have more hot than cold. I wish for snow since there has been none since the beginning of the season...
  8. Now you will have to fear the Communist Caldari to the West. Don't worry, we at least will build a wall between the two of us... *sorry for the side comment and ierevlence to the main topic of discussion.
  9. Sorry... I jumped the gun. It must be Chirstmas that is making me all hyper...or school which has exhusted me of any form of energy...
  10. @Tag: Van's nation is back. I'm quite sure.
  11. Hi All, I would like to formally like to make a map plot switch of Bhalman's to New Caldari's (yes, I have decided to change gears...again...) I do not mean to cause any confusion (much like what happened when I first joined this forum about a year ago). If that is possible, can you tell so I submit the correct plots for NC.
  12. Didn't you have all those plots on the big island north of Aki and east of Tag?
  13. Hi everyone, I guess after several regions and bloodbaths later, I have moved on from the past and I have now the time to be here more...of course also notice the fact that Bhalman is gone...don't hurt me NC
  14. Granted except the number 6 no longer exsist, it never did I wish that zero was the absolute number.
  15. Anyone can be someone else. So I guess I'll just continue, M-S?
  16. Granted, except that penny you just got in your wish is mine so I take it back. I wish for many pennies and quarters.
  17. Granted except everyone boycotts you. I wish that I had more wishes
  18. Granted, except the shoehorn with teeth bite you in the bum and you run around screams to get it off you. I wish for some horns.
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