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  1. I thought you had left... Yet people repeated your stance on your return.
  2. Mods, don’t have the power to deal with it, and the admins just don’t care. I agree with you @Seylos, and my sentiments are exactly the same. If this is what it takes to bring that to people’s attention then so be it.
  3. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you all planned an entire RP which totally ignored the fact I had a huge fleet surrounding Derthalen and just thought it was ok to bypass all of that. Godmodding - meet logic. And since my petitions for improvement around here is continually ignored, I’ll just approach this in the same manner as everyone else. Adapton forces have been in the area for months, planned for an invasion of GS, with the foresight for an invasion of Derthalen. My previous months of RP have been quite obviously building up to either one of these possibilities. There is
  4. A good 48 hours had passed at this point, and serious analysis of the unknown vessel was starting to be returned. It had been determined that the heavy oxidisation seemed to be stagnant. As in, the oxidisation process had stopped, and not continued beyond a specific point in time. More interestingly, was a carbon dated samples from the ship, seemed to indicate the vessel was many thousands of years old. Investigators had, as such, declared the findings as inconclusive. Similar investigations around the captured prisoner were also yielding interesting results. An increased level of aggres
  5. I feel like if we are going for such a far future setting, then FTL will be a given. Probably likely having been a staple for thousands of years. I think we need to establish a core reason as to why we are exploring, to make it worth while. Questions like: Is there a common enemy? What is the gain? What is the threat? Why band together? What's at stake? As for the D&D elements. We're going to have to approach the RP in a similar sense was you would a D&D campaign, albeit, with no GM. So I we will have to have a consensus OOC.
  6. I'm in. I think the outlines above work well. I have a good understand of where Adaptus would be at this point. Or at least, its successor would be. What we do need to establish, is technology. We need to understand the limitations, and paradigms of the technology of this time. Otherwise, we end up with chaos around what is viable and what isn't. This setting is in the realms of things such as Foundations, Dune, and Warhammer 40K in regards of where it sits in terms of "far future". So I'd suggest we can use such works to roughly gauge a viable technological level. Now this isn't to say
  7. VPS Updated Catalogue for 2018/2019. It's been a long time coming, but finally, we have collated our updated catalogue. Below you will find the current lineup of VPS products available for purchase. Todays update will focus on small arms. AR-36 Family. AR-36x. The AR-36 family of assault weapons, developed by Vicarus subsidiary Adapton Rifles, started with the original AR-36a at the beginning of the century. This instantly became the frontline rifle of the Adapton armed forces, as well as several others across the region. The platform was further developed as time wen
  8. Some time had passed since the confrontation of the unknown vessel. Whilst both the Fulgistani and Adapton marines were still present investigating the ship, the captive had been retrieved, and was now in a holding cell aboard the Salamis. Several of the on board medicus (medics or doctors) however, had acquired quite the curiosity about their new addition. Upon initial medical inspection, several peculiarities were noted, as a result, the captive was placed under a closer watch. Despite still being unconscious. The lead physician onboard has noted the very pale skin of the man, which see
  9. Clambering footsteps against the marble floors of the High City was all that filled the large corridors between rooms in the main chamber, as the Principals ended their latest round of discussions. As the mass of one hundred or so elite of Adapton society adjourned for the day, an angelic figure approached an older silhouette in the procession. This older woman was lead down a separate corridor by the heavenly figure, which seemed to glide across the marble floor rather than walk. The two rounded several corners before descending what seemed like several flights of stairs, however in the High
  10. Country: The Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus. Driver, Age, Gender: Khloe Tymichae, 16, Female. Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Dylanos Tymichae, 48, Male. Car Make, Model and Year. Hondii Civicus FK8 Ludo (Honda Civic FK8 Type R Touring Car with slight modifications.) Khloe and Dylanos are a father daughter team of accomplished rally drivers from Adaptus. They have been competing for several years and have reached the top tier of the Adapton Rally circuit, despite Khloe not even being of legal driving age. The car, is provided by Hondii, and will be provided by the Hondi
  11. The Adapton Fireteam had rendezvoused at the pre-determined section of the ship where they expected the Fulgistani troops to meet them, however the Madrianos were not to be seen. The now three marines, held their position, and checked their communication systems for updates. The fourth marines, who had stayed back with the captured sailor was making his way back to the gangway by the bridge for extraction with said captive over his shoulder. But the transport helicopter wouldn't be back on scene for another 8 minutes. Suddenly, a series of explosions and gunshots rang out. The three fire
  12. Enter the world of high quality arms, aerospace, and defence! My name is Darius Hiero, Senior Vice President, and Technical Sales Director of, Vicarus Praesidium Sapientia. Formerly Vickers Weapon Systems! Welcome to the arms race! Recently, my company, has decided a fresh change was needed. Out with the old and in with the new. We've changed our name, and with that, our product lineup. But have we changed our methods and what had made us famous? Absolutely f*cking not! We've been in this business longer then anyone can be damned to care about anymore, and we've been churning o
  13. The Adapton helicopter has levelled itself above the unknown ship's bridge. The two remaining drone craft circling and covering it's hover. As it steadied itself The three aircraft in tandem fired off a barrage of flares and lit the entire night sky as if it was day. The unknown vessel had fallen silent. Eerily silent. Four lines dropped down from the transport aircraft. And the first four of the Adapton marines repelled down onto the bridge. With the final two following shortly after. The three helicopters instantly retreated back to the safety of the Salamis. The Adapton team of six mo
  14. No maybe. I'm definitely smashing Derth's metaphorical anus.
  15. Faustia received the communications from the Fulgistani ship, and captain Fagiole. She initiated a reply communication. "Solidarity, this is Captain Faustia of the Salamis. We're already preparing a boarding group via air. I am relaying our intelligence and radio communications to your ship for collaboration with your boarding teams. Our 6 strength team is looking to board the bridge from above. If you can spare the manpower to secure the fore and aft we can rendezvous teams at the centre deck before clearing the lower decks together. I will prepare some AA suppression if we can coordina
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