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  1. Congratulations all, on a huge milestone. It’s amazing to so how far things have come and how much of an amazing community has been built and fostered here over those 20 years. I wish everyone another happy 20 years ahead! Wishing you all my kindest regards, Adaptus.
  2. 🥂A happy 32nd birthday to you, Mr A.

  3. I thought you had left... Yet people repeated your stance on your return.
  4. Mods, don’t have the power to deal with it, and the admins just don’t care. I agree with you @Seylos, and my sentiments are exactly the same. If this is what it takes to bring that to people’s attention then so be it.
  5. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you all planned an entire RP which totally ignored the fact I had a huge fleet surrounding Derthalen and just thought it was ok to bypass all of that. Godmodding - meet logic. And since my petitions for improvement around here is continually ignored, I’ll just approach this in the same manner as everyone else. Adapton forces have been in the area for months, planned for an invasion of GS, with the foresight for an invasion of Derthalen. My previous months of RP have been quite obviously building up to either one of these possibilities. There is a very heavy Adapton naval and air contingent in the area and as my previous RPs have stated there has been a gradual increase in land forces. Small insertion teams, with the purpose of destroying key infrastructure and strategic positions I admit would never stand up to a full counter attack by Derthalen forces. But I’d imagine, based in Derths Air Force, and anti-Air and their age/focus, the initial air war would at the very least see Adapton superiority, if not air supremacy. Which would make a full scale Derthalen counter attack ineffective. At least long enough for the Adapton assault to hit its mark and withdraw. This first assault should in essence slow down Derths ability to regain those areas since his military relies heavily on a world war 1 style mobilisation network. Which would give Adapton, and in theory allied forces, enough time to mount a more total invasion.
  6. A good 48 hours had passed at this point, and serious analysis of the unknown vessel was starting to be returned. It had been determined that the heavy oxidisation seemed to be stagnant. As in, the oxidisation process had stopped, and not continued beyond a specific point in time. More interestingly, was a carbon dated samples from the ship, seemed to indicate the vessel was many thousands of years old. Investigators had, as such, declared the findings as inconclusive. Similar investigations around the captured prisoner were also yielding interesting results. An increased level of aggression was noted by the captive, as time gone on. Provisions offered to the captive were all ignored, with the exception of water. In which the prisoner seemed to have a fervour for. Eventually, the medical crew on board the Salamis were forced to sedate the captive, due to the highhanded aggression. Faustia sat alone at her desk in her quarters. Only one dim light gave the room a sense of life, that and the muted tones of conversation. "...In summary, the situation seems peculiar. I'd like permission to investigate further. I haven't disclosed the findings to Agamanon yet, I thought best to directly report to the High City." Faustia's voice was heavy with seriousness. An unmistakable tone returned from the dim light. "You were right to inform Aedesia. We've pulled you from Agamanon's operations, and given you cover. He is unaware. I've authorised a contingent of Apostles to rendezvous with you in the next few days. Two agents will arrive. They will be directly under the command of Aedesia, but you have the right to utilise them as you see fit. I'd like you to maintain control of the Seylosians, and Fulgistanis. They know of this, make sure, they keep it quiet. I've ordered the Informationes Officium Bellica to begin off-info operations to limit the spread of this incident. You're the sole responsibility of this operation now Faustia. Because of the nature of this, we're limited in the scope of support we can offer, that being said. You have our full backing. Use the measures you have to hand in anyway possible. We will support you." "Thank you Augustus." The light dissipated. And Faustia was now alone in the lifeless room again. Contemplating the scenario she was in.
  7. I feel like if we are going for such a far future setting, then FTL will be a given. Probably likely having been a staple for thousands of years. I think we need to establish a core reason as to why we are exploring, to make it worth while. Questions like: Is there a common enemy? What is the gain? What is the threat? Why band together? What's at stake? As for the D&D elements. We're going to have to approach the RP in a similar sense was you would a D&D campaign, albeit, with no GM. So I we will have to have a consensus OOC.
  8. I'm in. I think the outlines above work well. I have a good understand of where Adaptus would be at this point. Or at least, its successor would be. What we do need to establish, is technology. We need to understand the limitations, and paradigms of the technology of this time. Otherwise, we end up with chaos around what is viable and what isn't. This setting is in the realms of things such as Foundations, Dune, and Warhammer 40K in regards of where it sits in terms of "far future". So I'd suggest we can use such works to roughly gauge a viable technological level. Now this isn't to say technology is a constant. It's likely there are varying levels of this. But this absolutely needs to be established before we continue. Secondly, we need a rough plot. At least a starting plot. From what SSI is saying, we're looking at an almost D&D style experience. Small in scale, focusing on a handful of characters, with empires, and nations playing secondary, and scene setting roles. Might be worth discussing this via Discord to establish a goo baseline, and return here would an overview.
  9. VPS Updated Catalogue for 2018/2019. It's been a long time coming, but finally, we have collated our updated catalogue. Below you will find the current lineup of VPS products available for purchase. Todays update will focus on small arms. AR-36 Family. AR-36x. The AR-36 family of assault weapons, developed by Vicarus subsidiary Adapton Rifles, started with the original AR-36a at the beginning of the century. This instantly became the frontline rifle of the Adapton armed forces, as well as several others across the region. The platform was further developed as time went on, eventually ending the main arch of development with the AR-36x shown above. The X model refined, and mitigated many of the initial drawbacks of the original weapon and launched the platform into a corner stone of the VPS development process. The AR-36x was also pivotal to the development of the MR-C1, which we will discuss later. The platform does continue today in the form of the AR-38 rifle, which is a forked development of the AR-36 and is currently in service with the Adapton military. Shown below: AR-38m. The AR-36 and derivative platforms are, with the exception of the original AR-36a and AR-36b are all modular, gas-operated, rifles. Standard caliber is the 5.56 ARC round, with the modular versions being able to chambered for 6.2 ARX, 6.8 ARG and 7.62 ARH arounds. Once again, all modular variants come as standard with modular rail systems. Models currently available are as follows: AR-36a - Original Rifle. AR-36b - A secondary derivative of the original rifle developed in parallel with a focus on the 6.2 ARX round. AR-36x - End of Development Rifle. AR-36xl - A dedicated long barrel version of the AR-36x. AR-38m - Modular rifle based on the AR-36 platform, but a fork of the development. Vicarus x4 Series. VR-x4 Rifle. The x4 series is a unique concept developed by Vicarus, in that it tried to address the issue of having multiple platforms across multiple roles of firearm, and attempted to bundle those together. Three weapons were produced from this development, the VR-x4 Assault rifle, CR-x4 a pistol caliber rifle/sub-machine gun, and the VP-x4, a dedicated pistol side arm. The project yielded successful results, and achieved its goal of drastically reducing production costs, and therefore the overall cost of the firearm to the end user. This was achieved by unifying the receiver, rear furniture, and stock, and pistol grip, across the entire platform. Producing identical units saved production costs, as well as time-to-market costs, allowing us to pass those savings onto the customer. The weapons themselves preformed well in tests, with the pistol being adopted unanimously by the Adapton military, and the VC and VR variants seeing limited use throughout their large arsenal of arms. The x4 Series are all gas operated, weapons. The VC and VP variants utilise 9mm Vic Pistol caliber, while the VR can be chambered for both 5.56 ARC and 6.2 ARX rounds. Models currently available: VR-x4 - Standard Modular Rifle. VC-x4 - Pistol caliber rifle/SMG. VP-x4 - Dedicated pistol caliber side arm. Modular Rifle - Caseless Series. MR-C 1. The famous Modular Rifle - Caseless weapon series, if the poster rifle for Vicarus. Developed by Adapton Rifles, as far back as the year 2000. The rifle entered service with the Adapton military once it became available in 2007. The main design brief came from the Adapton military, with the goal being to design a modern, highly modular weapon, able to deliver high accuracy, and high penetration to suit the Adapton shift in military philosophy. In addition to this, a low detection, and discreetness were also additional bonus goals of the project. Fortunately this was entirely achieved thanks to the innovative design, and production. The MR-C series today comprises of the MR-C 1.0, 1.5 and the soon to be released 2.0. The weapon platform has direct integration with the Vicarus IWS (Integrated Weapon System), which allows the wielder to sync the weapons on board FCU (Fire Control Unit) to the wearers information systems, to actively monitor the weapons performance, current ammunition, and health status. Additionally, the platform used refine plastics, carbon, and lighter metals in its construction to make it a lighter, but stronger platform, in turn making the rifle series an incredibly durable firearm. The innovations continue with of course, the now famous 6.8 ARGc round. A proprietary baseless version of the 6.8ARG round. These rounds are stored in a 40 round magazine, which is laterally mounted in the rear of the bullpup design. The rounds being righted inside the furniture of the weapon upon entering the chamber of the weapon. A system perfected in the AR-11 files of the 1980s. To help facilitate this loading process, the rounds are of course, caseless. This means the outer casing usually surrounding the round does not exist. Instead, each round is encased in a block of ignitable composite propellant, which burns once ignited. Unfortunately, the details of this process are highly classified. However this allows the rounds to be compacted into a much tighter space allowing for more rounds to be carried. The main downside is the build up of residue from the propellant. However this is cleverly cleared out utilising the gas systems which is cycled at a higher pressure than normal. However it is important that regular maintenance is carried out to prevent blockages. Additionally to circumvent this, the block, and barrels are completely modular. Which reduces the buildup over a long period of time. Allowing each breach to maintain optimal performance for at least 300 hours, while additional breaches are cleaned. Models available MR-C 1.0 - First edition of the rifle. MR-C 1.5 - A slightly improved varian of the rifle, improving the breach self-clean system. MR-C 2.0 (Due 2019).
  10. Some time had passed since the confrontation of the unknown vessel. Whilst both the Fulgistani and Adapton marines were still present investigating the ship, the captive had been retrieved, and was now in a holding cell aboard the Salamis. Several of the on board medicus (medics or doctors) however, had acquired quite the curiosity about their new addition. Upon initial medical inspection, several peculiarities were noted, as a result, the captive was placed under a closer watch. Despite still being unconscious. The lead physician onboard has noted the very pale skin of the man, which seemed to shift to a blue, or green hue, depending on which way the light shone. In addition to this, it seemed as they his skin was covered in a sort of constant perspiration, making it appear oily, or even scaly in some light. It was also noted, that the man was almost completely hairless, save for some blonde hairs on the ridges of his brow. Although the examiners were still unclear whether this was actual blonde, or whether the man was in-fact albino. That analysis would have to wait. Meanwhile, the unknown ship was yielding interesting data. The composition of the ships hull was bizarre to say the least. Appearing metal, but heavily oxidised, almost as if the ship was made of bronze. Which was of course, seemed unfathomable. The outer coating, which was first noticed by the drone footage was, as yet, undetermined. But was providing a bit of a hinderance to properly investigating the ship, since the coating seemed to obstruct the boarding teams the further down into the hull they ventured. One thing, which had been noted, was the absolute lack of any form of munitions onboard the vessel. Faustia had ordered a full intel team to make their way to the ship, to throughly investigate, which the current finders were sent to the allied vessels in the area.
  11. Clambering footsteps against the marble floors of the High City was all that filled the large corridors between rooms in the main chamber, as the Principals ended their latest round of discussions. As the mass of one hundred or so elite of Adapton society adjourned for the day, an angelic figure approached an older silhouette in the procession. This older woman was lead down a separate corridor by the heavenly figure, which seemed to glide across the marble floor rather than walk. The two rounded several corners before descending what seemed like several flights of stairs, however in the High City, it was impossible to have a true orientation of where one was going. Eventually, they approached a darker room, one slightly uncharacteristic of the usual aesthetic usually followed by this citadel. In this room stood several clad in military attire, while others donned traditional Principal togas. There were around a dozen others in the room. The older woman could see quite clearly that these were the foremost Principals from the Imperium. All of which, now had their eyes on her. Finally, after an arduous pause, the silence was broken. "Helen, welcome." Came a voice. "Greetings all. This is somewhat odd." Helen replied. Just then, the form of a man came forth from a shadowed corner of the room, and approached a large marble and gold table which stood in the centre of the room. Donning robes of pure gold, lined with a crimson beading, the figure startled Helen. "Augustus! I thought you were abroad?!" Helen quizzed with awe. "Aye that I was. However I am required to attend to other, more pressing matters. I feel the West is in good hands between Agamanon, and Taxiles. I'm sure they can carve out a fine presence for us." Augustus somewhat rambled, however, no one here would stop him. "As Principalis Epistula, I have a request of you." "Of course Augustus." Helen replied with intrigue. "I have a message I'd like you to send, It should be forwarded to you soon. Please make sure it reaches its recipient in good time. Once this delivered, I have several communications I'd like you to relay to the following people..." Augustus continued to prate into the night. __________________________________________________________ **Encrypted Communique** TO: His Holy Imperial Majesty, Kommodos III, of the Greater Holy Ahromanoi, @Tagmatium Rules FROM: High Ethereal Caesar Augustus III, of the Grand Alexandrian Realm, Adaptus. Greetings Kommodos. I hope you are well, and time is treating you with the care and respect such a Holy father deserves. I am in no doubt, you and your Ahromanoi are aware of the state of affairs we find ourselves in today. Many of our former allies, neighbours, and friends, have succumbed to time. Stability within our continent on this Eurth is eroding, and our small subcontinent appears to be alone. Our joint efforts have gone well to secure our homelands, and our Aroman realms, but I think we both understand that times are changing, and not necessarily along the old lines, and narratives. Power is slowly ebbing away from Europa, and is ever growing in the West. We both have had our own agendas in the West recently, and only rightly so. But, I feel, and I no doubt you too recognise this, that there are limitation to our endeavours as single actors. Whilst both our respected sovereigns wield significant dynamisms in our own rights. It's apparent that emerging entities in the West threaten to push our initiatives to the brink of their capabilities. I appreciate the Aroman bond we share, and that our histories, and ancestries are bound forever. And that our roots are intertwined. Our closeness and unity has, forever, been the core of the Occident. But it seems, our legacy, however solid, is in jeopardy. I would like to request that we both convene, as it seems the time is right for us to do so. Perhaps it may be appropriate to rendezvous at the site of the great city itself. As I believe the time has come, for those bonds to be asserted once again. Sincerely, your Frater Aromanus, Augustus.
  12. Country: The Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus. Driver, Age, Gender: Khloe Tymichae, 16, Female. Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Dylanos Tymichae, 48, Male. Car Make, Model and Year. Hondii Civicus FK8 Ludo (Honda Civic FK8 Type R Touring Car with slight modifications.) Khloe and Dylanos are a father daughter team of accomplished rally drivers from Adaptus. They have been competing for several years and have reached the top tier of the Adapton Rally circuit, despite Khloe not even being of legal driving age. The car, is provided by Hondii, and will be provided by the Hondii Ludo (Sport) Arm of the company. It is a modified version of the Touring Car used in the ATCC. Equipped with a prototype AWD system being developed and tested by Hondii for future vehicles. The car is slightly heavier than the touring car version, however has had an increase in power to help with the added weight.
  13. The Adapton Fireteam had rendezvoused at the pre-determined section of the ship where they expected the Fulgistani troops to meet them, however the Madrianos were not to be seen. The now three marines, held their position, and checked their communication systems for updates. The fourth marines, who had stayed back with the captured sailor was making his way back to the gangway by the bridge for extraction with said captive over his shoulder. But the transport helicopter wouldn't be back on scene for another 8 minutes. Suddenly, a series of explosions and gunshots rang out. The three fireteam members looked at one another with readied weapons. A ping on their monocle systems notified them from the circling drones, that the explosions and shots were from the Fulgistani team. The Adapton marines lowered their readies weapons. The lead marine turned back to his other team members. "Stand fast. According to the drones, they're closing in." The marine radioed back to the Salamis. "Any chance you could either radio link us to these amateurs, or ping them and tell them to wrap their fire before they accidentally fire off in our local!" Just as the marine finished radioing back, a large metal clank could be heard, followed by another explosion. This time the explosion seemed to be very close by. The marine immediately screamed out in Common. "STOP F*CKING THROWING GRENADES! WE'RE RIGHT HERE!" Quickly, as if reading his mind, the Fulgistani phrase for stop sprung across his monocle system. "F*CKING, TING-ZEE!" He bellowed in the worst broken Fulgistani one could fathom given the circumstances.
  14. Enter the world of high quality arms, aerospace, and defence! My name is Darius Hiero, Senior Vice President, and Technical Sales Director of, Vicarus Praesidium Sapientia. Formerly Vickers Weapon Systems! Welcome to the arms race! Recently, my company, has decided a fresh change was needed. Out with the old and in with the new. We've changed our name, and with that, our product lineup. But have we changed our methods and what had made us famous? Absolutely f*cking not! We've been in this business longer then anyone can be damned to care about anymore, and we've been churning out the best arms, weapons, and all manner of murderous sh*t the whole time. We're the best at what we do, and what we do isn't very nice! But it's necessary. You might wonder what keeps us going. Apart from all the hookers and cocaine of course! But we here have a passion to provide you with the best, the brightest, and the most efficient ways of killing each other you can imagine. We want you to out gun, out smart, and out manoeuvre your enemy better then ever before. Being part of the now renamed Vicarus-Castrum Group, we have the added bonus of working along side all of the VC groups subsidiary companies to bring you the absolute pinnacle of weapons design and manufacturing. And that lineage has made us a company our clients can believe in, a company our clients can trust! With us at your side, you can know, you have finally found an arms dealer in Europa you can trust. Sound fair enough? You see, bigger weapons don't just give you a better life, better food, better cars, better pussy. It also makes you a better person. You'll be ferocious, you'll be relentless, you'll be vilified kings of kings! Now lets buy some f*cking guns! Our full updated product list will be available soon. In the meantime, lets blow the roof off this mothers*cker! get in touch, and we can show you the best Europa has to offer!
  15. The Adapton helicopter has levelled itself above the unknown ship's bridge. The two remaining drone craft circling and covering it's hover. As it steadied itself The three aircraft in tandem fired off a barrage of flares and lit the entire night sky as if it was day. The unknown vessel had fallen silent. Eerily silent. Four lines dropped down from the transport aircraft. And the first four of the Adapton marines repelled down onto the bridge. With the final two following shortly after. The three helicopters instantly retreated back to the safety of the Salamis. The Adapton team of six moved in silence, which made the boarding action seem even more eerie. Clad in black, with black case-less rifles, there was no trace of the presence of the Adaptons aboard the ship. They noticed almost immediately upon boarding how old the ship seemed to be. No technology of a modern vintage appeared present at all. After gaining entry to the bridge by somewhat old fashioned methods, by Adapton standards, they made their way through the command tower of the ship. The bridge itself was vacant, with no sign anyone had even been on the bridge during the confrontation. Eventually, the team moved off the bridge and into the lower part of the tower silently but quickly. They split into two sections of three each. Moving with grace and precision. Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of one of the case-less rifles firing off twice, the famous double tap of the Adapton military. The section leader called out across the cross-com system. "Status?" "One X down, room clear. Investigating then proceeding." As the shooter approached the corpse of the now neutralised attacker, it seemed to have vanished. None of the team members seemed to notice, just one minute a body was there, the next, it wasn't. As they rounded the next corner, expecting an injured assailant to be there, they were assailed by another. This time the lead team member parried away a bare handed attack from an almost wild looking assailant. As the savage attacker reared for another assault, the men suddenly noticed, there was something wrong here. An almost feral expression was across the mans face. As he lunged forward, a swift counter-move from the lead marine side stepped the attacker. Followed by a quick swipe to the legs, and as the attacker tumbled a sharp thud to the back of the head saw him fall to the floor unconscious. "One secured." Came across the comm system. "Tag and retrieve." Came the reply. The team continued on their boarder action, en route to rendezvous with the Fulgistani teams.
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