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  1. To: Adaptus From: TCN We are dissapionted that this transaction will not take place. I thank you for your time. END
  2. OOC: I understand your situation, but I feel that Europa cannot progress undeer current circumstances of distrust. After this order I will re-consider future orders from VWS, for security reasons. I hope that you will reconsider. IC: To: SPA CC: The Nations of Europa TCN has been invaded before, and feels that major leasons wer elearned from this event. One of these leasons was beef up security on our coasts, and this order is to this effect only. We are not planning to attack, how could we win? SPA, Ide Jima and relavent allies would stand against us, and we have no hope of victory; an attack would be detremental to TCN. END
  3. OOC: I'm not going to fire them unless I really need to. But it's always good to have a safety net just in case!
  4. ***Heavily Encoded Contact*** DO NOT MAKE COPIES OF THIS MESSAGE AND DESTROY AFTER USE. THIS MESSAGE IS CLASSIFIED XXXXX, AND IF YOU BREAK THE ABOVE TERMS YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED FOR TREASON AND/OR TERRORISM To: Adaptus From:TCN TCN is interested in purchasing Anti-Ship weaponry, land, water, and air based. Could you please inform us on what weaponry you have availble for this role. The weapons will be payed for immediatly upon purchase. END
  5. OOC: For being blockaded, I'm not paying weregeld!
  6. OOC: Then how about tellin me what you DO want to discuss, hmm?
  7. You mean like the invasion of TCN which will happen, I am sure. The refusal to let TCN expand, which is already going on. The refusal of trade with TCN by many nations. The mass blockade of TCN, the stalling of talks???
  8. OOC: What do you expect me to RP. SPA won't comment on the discussion points which you so craved for. Tag is condoning the blockade. Van isn't here, or at least replying. BN refuses to remove it's blockade!!! What do you want me to RP, The Emperor blowing his nose?
  9. OOC: I would also like to point out that nobody has ANY proof that TCN directed the air attacks of forces in Bhalman!!!!!!!
  10. OOC: You, or any other nation, does not have the right to prevent expansion of TCN, or indeed any other nation, when the nation concerned has the required population.
  11. OOC: I would like to point out that TCN is only exercising it's right to exdpand.
  12. OOC: Please not that the compensation is an open thing, and a 2 way thing. Also the questions that you have raised are better suited to the actual talks. Also Xheng declined, and Adaptus was rejected by Ide Jima: Bhalman was the only remaining party wishing to mediate the talks. I will IC respond at a later date, when I have more tim eon my hands, for now I am in a rush.
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