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  1. The appropriate soviet of the Karpathian government have recieved this offer and will send a response back as soon as possible.
  2. Well, Good luck in RL friend
  3. They had a problem with Apache, what ever that is...
  4. Yea, just look at me . I changed the link to show only my town.
  5. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=ocean+twp&hl=en
  6. <center><a href="http://home.att.net/~slugbutter/evil/" target="new"><img src="http://home.att.net/~slugbutter/evil/evil.jpg" border=0></a><br><a href="http://home.att.net/~slugbutter/evil/" target="new">How evil are <i>you</i>?</a></center>
  7. In the USA i'm in New Jersey. For the other half of the year I'm in Greece.
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