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  1. 🎉 A very happy 34th birthday to you old friend. 🍾

  2. Happy birthday old man!

  3. Yes, I saw some angry posting going on there. Simmer down now.
  4. Hey! Who's old? I'm certainly not. Looks like I died again. In the meantime, law school happened, so you'll have to forgive me. I'll be back for a while, at least. Good to see the gang's coming back around.
  5. That's because it's full. Try somewhere else and when we lowly plebs get our invites, we'll join you there.
  6. Hi all. "2 days ago: The Research Center of San Ba ceased to exist." I guess the regulars really are all dying off...
  7. Hullo ladies. I found a map, don't know if it's the most updated version or not, but now that I'm back for good, and I don't have a military to whip into shape (though I may have to whip Tag back into shape since it's been too long since our last pissing contest ), I'd like to re-claim plots 182 and 183, and claim plots 27, 180, and 98. I have 4.973 billion people, and over 1000 posts. I think that should cover it. If I've missed a post where someone claimed one of those territories, lemme know. I'll RP the re-constitution of Vanarambaion. Look for a planning post. It'll be particularly interesting to Tag, Aki, Adaptus, and Tal Shiar, since it'll be happening on their doorsteps.
  8. I'm not really a fan of this idea. It would throw off everyone's world view, to have another nation/region suddenly show up. As it is, there's a dynamic balance of world power, I see no reason not to keep it in-house. Plus, I'm not a fan of having anyone moderate such a nation. Nearly unlimited power? It IS a powergamer's dream, and that's what scares me.
  9. OOC: Sorry, RL jumped up and bit me after the new year. I'm back now though. IC: The Vanarambaion delegation sent to welcome the arriving SPA dignitaries was far from strictly dressed. Collars were loosened to let the a breeze flow under the sweltering wool dress uniforms, and hats were in hand. However, this was also far from being a sloppy meeting, as the Vanarambaion government knew very well where it's friends were, and that they should be shown every comfort and convenience. After the customary greetings were exchanged, the Akiiryan delegation was ushered to their waiting vehicles, and on their way to Thule --several hours later-- The doors to the various cars were held by attendants as the Tagmatine ambassadors and delegation were ushered into one of the huge Roman-style buildings labeled. Notably absent from the welcoming committee was the Patriarch himself. Whether a carefully crafted reaction to the visiting dignitaries, or a gut response from an angry church official was unclear, but there was significance in it nonetheless. However, as the delegations moved through the building toward a room set aside for the negotiations, an elderly count broke the ice with the head Tagmatine Ambassador, Mr. Bucket. Jabbering on about this and that, he at least served as a distraction until the doors to the improvised chambers were opened, again by military attendants. Everything around them was resplendant in marble with gold trappings and gemstones tastefully mounted in various places.
  10. That's much more reasonable than the original statement. I don't care whether people say the media leans left or right, but let's not go overboard.
  11. And let's talk about this - is there the possibility that Saddam would not have been killed? No, the US and Iraqi governments wouldnt' have allowed him to be tried in a court where he couldn't face the death penalty. Too much pride was at stake. Saddam had no real chance of defending himself in any other court, so the decision was a foregone conclusion. The Sunnis, would be pissed at that anyway. There's no way for either government to let Saddam live, so this whole thing was a necessary evil, and the Sunnis are either going to have to put up, or shut up, since fighting a 60% Sunni majority is not an option any sane people would take (I'm assuming a lot here, perhaps). I think the greater question here is, why are we standing in the middle of two (or three) rabid groups who want nothing better than a chunk of the other group? THAT is the losing situation, not killing some half-retarded psychotic dictator.
  12. Saddam was given the trial he deserved, plain and simple. How many sham trials did he put his own people through? How many never had a trial? No, I think the only sham would have been if he'd been removed from the Iraqi court system. The new government got a chance to repay Saddam's treatment of them, and I'm glad they did. If they hadn't, they'd be looking for someone to blame this on, and the US is all too tempting a target. As I said, the only thing I regret is I think he got off with too little pain. As to the possibility of explaining itself to the Hague, the US wouldn't have to explain anything it couldn't handle, given the international hostility to Iran recently. No, Saddam got exactly what he deserved - a poetic taste of his own medicine.
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