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  1. I am currently struggling with my RL. Sorry for my absence. I don't know if I will continue later or resign as head of head of state and leave Blue Oceania forever. Anyway... I had a good time here. Thank you.
  2. I hope you are ok and it's nothing serious. RL is more important than RP. Take your time!! I've been absent for some time now, too.
  3. Tallanor should never forget the first gulp of this mysterious purple liquid. He wasn't as clever to just sip and taste before drinking, and immediately turned to a dragon, ready to burst fire on the creamy inventory of the bar - was it cream-coloured? - suddenly it seemed to turn from a fine violet into dark cyan and glooming orange, before his vision became blurred by tears. Gasping for breath he tried to keep a rest of control not to make himself a fool within the first five minutes since he entered the bar. Too late. Are you allright? he heard the ladies voice from the other table. It's a Psoraby?ra, it's kind of Culendes national drink, and it's hot. Especially when you are not used to it. Be careful. she added with a smile, before she paid attention again to her friend (Tallanor still didn't figure out where he saw that man before, but due to his fine robe and the fact that he was also enjoying this Culendean national drink he guessed it might even be a member of the High Council himself). Tallanor managed a nod and turned red due to the sudden heat evolving from his stomach as well as to the embarassement he felt that moment, which increased when the man from Culende turned his head round as well, and Tallanor realized that it was really a member of the High Council. Luckily... in this moment the door of the bar opened again and Prime Minister Max Ximus entered. Tallanor wiped the rest of the tears out of his eyes and jumped on his feet for a deep bow. Prime Minister Ximus, I am very fond of your coming and wish you a pleasant evening. he respectfully added when their eyes met. Tallanor had seen Max during a meeting that day, and good relations between Blue Oceania and the Europa Empire had a long tradition. However... he didn't expect the Prime Minister to remember him as a member of Blue Oceania's staff and he felt rather nervous when he realized that he seemed to be the "only" representative of Blue Oceania that evening, among some of the most important politicians and rulers within the borders of the growing Europa region.
  4. To the Europa Empire Administrator: Could we make the "Europa Union Bar" an extra category within "General" instead of a mere "topic"? It's really fun.
  5. Tallanor Alman, a counsellor within the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Blue Oceania, steps into the bar, stops, looks around with a shy and unsure glance in his eyes. One hand still holding his member ID card in his pocket which appeared to him like an VIP pass to all the long forbidden places in the Europa Union organisation, the other hand unconciously controlling his necktie. He was still new in this "high society" of head of states and ministers from all around Europe, and still trying to figure out his own place in this complicated network of affairs and liasons and policies. After all... he just had a minor position following the Minister on his conferences and so he finally chose a table in corner of the room, with a good view on the rest of the tables, and carefully sat down on the expensive looking cream coloured seat. No red wine today, couldn't pay the cleaning of such a seat he murmured to himself uncomfortably. He had met quite a lot of important people today when following his Minister, and he couldn't forget the cute lady from the Empire of Orioni he had lunch together with. If she would come here tonight, too? Looking at the variety of possible cocktails and drinks he finally decided to leave this decision to the good taste of his neighbours. To the barman: Would you give me the same slightly purple drink that couple enjoys over there. He neither realized the amusement in the eyes of the barman nor the warning glance in the eyes of the lady.
  6. I am sorry about that developement. Yes, after all, I think it shouldn't be taken as seriously and there was way too much discussion about a minor topic. I never forgot that it's just a game, and Pepsi Texaco did nothing against the rules. I just stated that me personally I found it too pushy and that I consider "endorsements" as kind of democratic vote which I do not simply give to everyone who asks and I was a bit bothered by PT's repeated requests. But I never meant to insult Pepsi Texaco, if I did I am very sorry. Actually I was hoping for some new competition and interesting discussions with such a compassionate member of Europa. Can't tell what quarrels you had with other members, don't know your conversations nor do I know other members well. As for me I am sad that you left, Pepsi Texaco, for such a matter. Sorry. Didn't have any problems with you personally. Hope we can use our energy on more creative and enjoyable topics again.
  7. I am not sure... we continuosly post the URL and the invitation message on the board but with not much response. Maybe... we should wire a telegram to each nation once? But... maybe before that we should take the chance and create some basic structure for a "Europa" community, at least in starting a poll with various choices, and also starting some new controversial topics to make the forum more attractive to those who come and just have a look before they decide to join. In my own experience, new users only join into forums which are rather active. I'm rather busy in these weeks, but I will see if I can be more creative in the weeks to come.
  8. I LOVE STATISTICS!! That's great. Actually... I'm too lazy to collect the informations. But I enjoy studying the outcome. Welcome to Europa.
  9. ups... last reply was from me, not "guest".
  10. hmm.... a nice appetizer... epic story evolving... *curious*
  11. The Government of Blue Oceania is concerned that the war in Brawandi could sweep over the borders into neighboring countries. However... we make clear that we won't offer any military support in any way. Civil aid (food, water, medicaments, etc.) is being prepared and will be on the way as soon as the situation in Brawandi is more stable again. The neighbors of Brawandi will be supported in building camps for the growing number of refugees. We are still negotiating about that and further actions. It's important that a solution to the conflict is found on the basis and with the support of all members of Europa.
  12. Dear Ivan, Lord of Enutrof, you can be assured that I enjoy this discussion just the way you do, and without a little aggressive/idealistic arguments it would become boring I believe. Don't worry. However... give me some time with the reply, my English skill is at its limit already, I can read English economic literature, but writing my own essays is quite troublesome still due to a lack of adequate vocabulary. You raised a lot of interesting discussion starters again... The Holy Republic of Blue Oceania
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