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  1. I gladly piss on it! You're a bunch of dictators! We'll be back to throw all non Europeans out of Europa! And Orioni... Don't lick their stinking heels!
  2. <BIG GRIN> They won't put in the canal! I asked for the same. It seems to give too much military and economic advantage. Look at Vanaram.. They have implemented the same idea. **DELETED** *Modedit, absolutly no flaming of any kind on my boards!*
  3. Our radar stations traced a small airplane, flying from Vanaram heading a course of 100 degrees. To the east. Because we don't accept air traffic over our territory without our approval, actions were taken. The plane was asked to identify, but did not answer the call. Klopstokian fighter planes were sent to identify the object, but it then turned back to Vanaramboing. According to the speed, it must have been a small bussiness jet.
  4. Hmm... You're in the same bus as Vanaram, aren't you? Selling all kinds of disgusting stuff. We will probably buy all of it, to keep it in a safe place, that nobody gets hurt. What will the whole deal cost? Of course we want a fair price. Not the ridiculous high price you show here!
  5. Well, it is an old wisdom.. Who uses the sword, will be killed by the sword. sh*t happens, so stop whining Vana. It was a staged coup d'etat. That happens all the time in banana republics with too much self esteem, and a lot of guns on the run.. Take care of Vana! Good day Sir!
  6. Well.. It looks great! You can add the railroad lines between Orionopolis, Keltburg and Berlin. Keltburg-Frankburg is a monorail line. On the west side of Keltburg there is a broad canal, you can depict that as a river. In the east there is a bridge to Helderburg. The small island, that is our traditional naval base. It is a military restricted area.
  7. Classified as confidential. The founder of Europa has been behaving like the real dictator he is! Join the Freedom Fighters! You know where to find them! Aquatia
  8. Well... You have drawn the map very fine. Klopstokia on number 18. Our capital is in the northern tip. Frankburg. The other big harbor is in the south. Keltburg.
  9. Hmm You drew a map of Europa very nicely! Klopstokia is situated in the north. A country on the sea border, with a river through it. We have large harbors and airports. In the east we have hills and some mountains. The east also hast vast forests. In the west we have vineyards and fruit farms.
  10. Is it just me, or has anyone else got the same problem? The provider is maniging some capacity problems. It will be solved in a few hours time I guess. The web-log gimmick from The Netherlands is growing too fast it seems
  11. Klopstokia Source... The Free Tribune / Voice of Klopstokia The revolutionary council of old diehards has spoken on the subject of the elections in Klopstokia. The parliament has been a growing pain in the neck for some years. The "council of the elders" now has given the advise to have some major changes in the constitution for our free and brave nation. 1) The votes in parliament will be secret. This will deal with those parties using the whip to keep representatives in their line. 2) Elections will be held in a regional district election system. Klopstokia has 150 seats in the Parliament. These are from now on devided in the regions of Klopstokia, proportional to the number of inhabitants. These are the future number of seats: South Woolland 30 North Woolland 25 Bracbant 25 Gelre 20 Utrek 15 Limboland 5 Sealand 5 Islia 5 Daranthia 5 Frisisk 5 Grun 5 Fluvia 5 And of course, candidates have to be registrated at least 4 years in a certain region, to be granted the right to represent that region in parliament! No funny tricks any more! All law proposals that pass the parliament will also be checked by the council of justice, together with the council of the elders. This is called.. "The council of the wise". This council only has the right for a unanimous veto on a law, unanimous means that 66% of the representatives is against a law. The law is then returned to the parliament. We from the revolutionary council hope, that this way of democracy will be an example to the world. In fact, we have decided to do away with the stupid party system. It only brought us corruption and a lot of monkey bussines. In Klopstokia, there is only one party from now on, the free people of Klopstokia!
  12. We from Klopstokia decided to join Europa for obvious reasons. We live in Europa. That's why. And the Union makes us strong. Glory, glory... We gladly accepted the euro, as we love to see all the nice symbols on the euro. Except fot the Dutch and Belgian coins, because they are pretty dull. That's why we have shaken off the old opressors, and named our country after a Belgian comic book. TinTin or something in French. Kuifje in Dutch. For the rest, the people loves weird humor. Our all time favorite program is Monty Python's Flying Circus. Our favorite sport is shooting with bow and arrow. We shoot the arrow of course, not the bow!! Goodbye for now.
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