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  1. This game tends to cause forums to die...Just a warning
  2. Spare me your amateur psychology, you have not got a clue.
  3. Quite frankly Tag, I could not give a sh*t what you think.
  4. Having been on the ASE forums I can see that everyone knows everyone elses first name. This has lead me to conclude that we are a little uptight and maybe unfriendly. So whats your First/Christian name? Mine is Justin
  5. I'm thinking more the summer time than right now
  6. Has anyone been to the Levant? I would really like to go there one day to see the Crusader Forts and all the religious sites. Anyway O, I'm a History Maverick, I can sence the History in the air
  7. Aachen was Charlagmagne's imperial city
  8. Given that there are a lot of Europeans on the forum I thought I would ask their opinion I've been to Prague, and Belgium before. Amsterdam is a little to seedy for my liking. Paris is also I dive. Has anyone been to Vienna, Aachen, Bordeaux or Toulouse?
  9. Could anyone recommend a nice city to visit, for say 4 days it must... Be in Europe I must not have been there before Not be hot, so Spain, Portugal and Italy are right out Be historic Not be in the British Isles THX
  10. Scipii

    Hidaya Miliki

    Ok god speed my friend
  11. Bugger I must have just missed out again
  12. Scipii

    Hidaya Miliki

    I started nothing, thank you very much War was declared on me; not visa-versa
  13. Scipii

    Hidaya Miliki

    OCC: Now that Xheng is no longer in Europa and the map is about to be re-done is there any real point in continuing this war? I was in favor however, now I see any no real need to carry on.
  14. Mmmm I'm liking that. Keep up the good work people.
  15. Hang on was that actually a question and an answer?
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