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  1. e) no economic exploitation and no militarization.
  2. Akiiryu

    It Begins

    OOC: Enjoy. "Enough T'Nith, enough!" The Princeps P'Neonaric looked tired. The last few years weighed heavily on his shoulders. Friends dead, great clans brought to their knees. All because of a small group of traitors who, in the typical cowardly and dishonourable fashion of those who did not follow the Great Stag, had chosen the route of assassination and terrorism, rather than outright war. Akiiryu had suffered, and suffered greatly; but after ten years it was almost over. The traitors were on the run, and Akiiryuan authorities had learnt, painfully, how to beat the dishonourable at their own game. Yes, the 'war' was almost won, but at what cost? Akiiryu had changed, and P'Neonaric was not sure it was for the better. "Where are they T'Nith?" T'Nith, the First Minister of the Akiiryan Baronic Council, straightened his jacket, looked directly into the Princeps's eyes and gestured to the map of Western Europa on the table before him. "Across the sea my lord; they've fled the unclaimed lands of the lost clans." P'Neonaric looked at where his First Minister was pointing and nodded slowly. "T'Ka?" "My lord." "Do you have a solution?" "Yes, my lord." "I trust Baron N'Thanitha is in agreement." "He is, my lord. He has already begun fleet preparations." The Princeps raised an eyebrow slightly. T'Ka's expression did not change. P'Neonaric shook his head inwardly. They wanted even revenge more than he did?to the extent they were prepared to skate along the fine line of treason. "Ramifications?" "Militarily? "Yes." "Very little." P'Neonaric turned back to T'Nith. "Politically?" T'Nith gave the smallest of shrugs. "It is doubtful other countries will come to the defence of a group of terrorists. This is, after all an internal matter. Moreover, the lands of the lost clans are, historically and culturally, Akiiryuan. The Princeps gave the smallest of smiles, both wolflike and sad at once. "Then, let us deal with these traitors once and for all. Too many great clans have suffered ignominy at their hands. You have my approval, Baron T'Ka, to put your solution into play. T'Ka, Grand War Marshal of Akiiryu, nodded, bowed slightly, and left the room. "T'Nith." "My lord." "Be prepared for meddling." "Of course, my lord." P'Neonaric smiled as he realised that First Minister probably had more extensive preparations in place than his Grand War Marshal. OOC: Comments welcome here. http://www.europans.com/topic/4360-ooc-the-giant-awakens/
  3. Okay, ik tocht. Ups en downs. Hast myn Ph.D., skreau in pear boeken. No hawwe trije bern.
  4. May have to do with my proposed southward expansion, or getting involved in the scramble of Antargis.
  5. So, it been a (long) while. After some years of turning inward, Akiiryu is returning to the world stage. As some of the older hands know, this means interesting times for Europa are ahead. To call Akiiryians prickly and honour obsessed is an understatement. You've all been warned. LOL. IC topic: http://www.europans.com/topic/4362-it-begins/
  6. Hi all. It has been a long time. I note some of my old territory has been taken by others. This is fine (I have been gone a LONG time). But would like some opportunity to expand - Big O, what plots are available for me to move into?
  7. Akiiryu will stake some kind of claim, and likely be smugly belligerent about it.
  8. Ha, should try filling out a research funding form sometime - 30 pages of torture.
  9. Handed in the dissetation draft today, so I thought I stop by and see what I'll be able to do when I am free.
  10. Young daughter and dissertation are eating me alive
  11. Guys I'll really busy with the PhD at the moment please bare with me.
  12. T?Nith nodded. The Grand-Dukes response was well to the Akiiryan?s liking. ?Quite, and the Beast?s maw is ever open to the unwary,? he responded in English. ?Now come, honoured guest let us move to a place more convivial to discussion. Those seeking honest friendship were always welcome to set by the fire in our ancestors gers?, and little has changed today.? T?Nith motioned towards waiting vehicles. ?I believe the Baron T?Ka has a little demonstration for you and your delegation, before we head into Nimarci. Behind T?Nith N?Jorth watched the Cussian captain intently. The flush of his cheeks at the mention of the Haru had not been missed. "Eh-ya, that one holds a strong hatred," The knight thought to himself before turning to following the Baron T'Rothric.
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