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  1. ?What an excellent idea Keo? Tri replied not giving away her amusement at the Culendean?s mispronunciation of her name. ?Perhaps it would be a good idea for everyone here to have a meal together and give us all the opportunity to get to know each other and perhaps sample titbits from our respective nations?? looking round at the respective representatives from Europa. ?For myself and to indulge Keo?s request, would like to suggest Geromion pate, on a wild Krioker salad with a touch of lemon zest and brilirac vinegar." ?It?s a good all round starter? she stated with obvious pride. ?Any other takers for a choice of cuisine and if Keo don?t mind since his nation seem to produce rather interesting beverages perhaps something for us all to drink??
  2. ?Thank you and please, feel free to have the Psoraby?ra.? she replied, looking for the barman that served her the drink. ?I must apologise, it is the first time I?ve tried this beverage and I must admit the barman was right. I?m quite awake now? she said smiling at Keo. ?To answer your earlier question, I?m from The Colony of Nonmiom, we are constitutional territory of of The Kingdom of Telidia. I wrote a short introduction and background to the colony on joining, should you want to review it.? she stated. ?As for myself, I?ve only just been elected to the Office of Minister for Foreign Affairs and all this is quite new to me. Especially the beverages? she laughed not afraid to mock herself a little. Looking round Tri noticed that two other delegates have entered the bar and asked Keo ?I?ve noticed some more of our colleagues have arrived, shall we mingle?? trying not cough at the last part of the sentence, still feeling the effects of the Psorabyera and thankful the effects have begun to subside. ?Hello, my name is Tri?lial Gerior, Foreign Minister for The Colony of Nonmiom and this is Keo Psanastume from The High Council of Culende. How do you do?? she asked the gentlemen from Blue Oceania and noticing the same purple liquid in his glass. ?Unless you have tried that before, I suggest you be very careful. Isn?t that right Keo? I may call you Keo?? smiling broadly at both delegates.
  3. Tri was was trying her best to find her breath and look civil to the Culendean, having just taken a sip of what she now understood to be, Culendean Psorabyera. She could feel her eyes filling with tears and not wanting to appear rude grabbed a handkerchief, pretending to have a cold. Unfortunately this was not as easy as she had initially thought due to a burning sensation that now began to rush from her stomach to her head like a volcano about to erupt. ?I?m going to have words with that barman!? she thought to herself realising that no amount of pretence was going to help her out of this predicament, her mind in complete overdrive hoping to find a solution which would leave her with some modicum of dignity. ?Water please!? she finally asks her newly met colleague, deciding that throwing one self on the mercy of others was by far preferable, than looking like a bull before a bull fight.
  4. OOC: Friends I feel since we all have the unthankful task of running a country and taking part in endless international conferences it would be a good idea to have place where the region's leaders and diplomats could come and relax. The UN has a similar place called the United Nations Strangers Bar and I thought we would call ours the Europa Union Bar. If someone can think of a better name we can always change the thread name. I imagine it to be a funky and stylish place with cream seating areas, mirrors on the walls and modern art paintings of various artists from around the region, serving drinks from all the region's nations. It would also be nice to have a character that visits the bar, perhaps a Foreign Affairs Minister or anyone you wish to represent your nation, but that is completely your choice. In addition to hopefully being a fun place it would also encourage members to the board being a convenient place for them to get to know nations. I hope everyone thinks is good idea and will join me in the fun. IC: Tri?lial Gerior entered the bar full of expectation. She was quite taken aback by the wealth of art around the place and promptly sought a work called ?In darkness is light? by one of her favourite artists. Looking at the painting her mind started wonder, ?How did I manage it?? she asked herself. Tri was appointed to the position of Foreign Affairs Minister only a few days ago. She never imagined she would even be elected, let alone become a Minister. Tired after the long flight Tri decided to order a drink and looking at the vast array on display enquired ?Hi, erm, what do you recommend?? from the barman. ?Ma?am it all depends on your mood, but it seems to me you need a little ?pick me up?? and poured a slightly purple liquid in her glass. Tri viewed the liquid with suspicion and wondered which one of the regions nations it came from, hoping she will still be conscious when someone explains. Looking around she decided to find herself a seat with a good view to the door. Partly because she wanted to meet the other delegates, but mostly to make a run for it, should she feel the need to.
  5. The Colony of Nonmiom is a constitutional colony of The Kingdom Telidia who was previously asked to join Europa. Unfortunately the government of Telidia was unable to move to Europa since its diplomatic ties with The West Pacific are of great importance to both Telidia and Nonmiom. Telidia requested Nonmiom to move on its behalf to serve as a representative for both nations. The politics of the two nations are quite complicated but Nonmiom became a colony of Telidia after Emporer Ginia, its present ruler married the King of Telidia King Valik II. At the time of the marriage Nonmiom was ruled by an absolute monarchy headed by the Tykliar family. After the marriage, King Valik II ordered the elected government of Telidia to begin reforms to turn Nonmiom in to a constitutional monarchy and allow a democratic government to be formed. The first of these governments have only recently been formed after the Democratic Socialist party won an election and thus the office of Minister in Chief is held by Greg?ri Tillians who serve as the head of the elected government. The Governor of Nonmiom serves as a representative of the Telidian crown and is appointed by the Telidian sovereign and Governor Mary Rinnel currently holds the post. UN affairs are dealt with through the government of Telidia since Nonmiom is not permitted to hold a UN membership being a subsistent nation of a member. However, the elected government of Nonmiom is constitutionally bound to ratify UN resolutions in to its domestic policy as much as possible, unless both houses of its government votes against such a move. The colony consists largely of a group of some 40 islands of various sizes and thus the country has very strong naval traditions. At one time each of the islands had individual governments, but over time feudal wars and social policy saw greater co-operation and soon pockets of island group governments emerged. This process continued over many years and ultimately all the islands of The Nonmiom Sea joined under one banner, which became known as the Empire of Nonmiom. The Empire was ruled harshly by many of its previous monarchs and although peace existed between the islands at last, conditions were very harsh for its people with little or no civil liberty. International relations were almost completely unheard of since the Empire followed a policy of almost complete xenophobia with successive Emperors fearing that providing knowledge of outside governmental systems, the ruling family would see and end to their rule. After the death of Emperor Lilleam III, Emporer Ginia came to thrown and wanting peace and enlightened for her people sought a relationship with their continental neighbour The Kingdom of Telidia and plans made to reform Nonmiom. The marriage between the two monarchs joined the two nations together and allowed Telidia to help guide Nonmiom towards a free society and provide economic assistance being the larger of the two nations.
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