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  1. Hello there Jeloth. Could you tell me which your actual NS nation is?

    Your application mentioned https://www.nationstates.net/nation=jelotoh which does not exist.

    In your profile you also mentioned the NS nation https://www.nationstates.net/page=boneyard?nation=Aleskia which ceased to exist last January.

    1. Jelotoh


      Sorry for the confusion, my nationstate's name is https://www.nationstates.net/nation=aleskya but my Eurth nation will be Jeletoh

  2. @Prymont Unless you already planned something, I will post our match report on Friday or during the weekend. Is that alright? Would you like to include something else besides a brief description and game report? Meanwhile I spent so time updating my players and their teams. It’s not fully finished yet but the dryer is available here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Orioni_Orcas @All: Still searching for a coach. I’d never body shows up I’m tempted to borrow Ted Lasso’s coaching clone Ed Salvo. Edit: I gladly accept @Rhava's offer as coach.
  3. @Southern Mala Sure, that's certainly possible. I can also just rename this account to the new name you prefer. It will preserve all your previous posts and you'll still be able to edit them. Which name did you have in mind?
  4. Orioni


    Ciao @Tiela and welcome to Eurth. I look forward to writing with you. Can you share some more information on your nation's leader, Seara Akie?
  5. @Southern MalaAn admin can help you with this. Which unwanted account would you like to delete? Know that there also exists the option to merge two accounts into one.
  6. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Increased student interest in STEM jobs O'POLIS -- The number of women in Orioni who have opted for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as a field of study has increased by 5,3% in the last year, Education Councillor Mihaeli Timos said earlier this week. "Changes in demand and technology require that our youth obtain sophisticated skills and support in these areas," she added, "And this is one of the many positive consequences of the Ascend Orient grants." This grants programme were introduced to help foreign scientists relocate to Orioni, in an effort to boost domestic research and development. As a side-effect, this spotlight has also increased student interest in STEM subjects and careers. The provincial governments established local initiatives to match students with local professionals. In each province, between 25-50 representatives of local businesses and employers have participated in the outreach programme. These STEM professionals were encouraged to interact with students, to answer questions about their work, and to tell students about their potential future career opportunities. Based on the current prognosis of changes in the future workforce, the government considers it necessary that more students become professionals in areas that are essential to the nation's competitiveness in the global marketplace. The Idigeti Subcouncil predicts a 25% growth in career opportunities in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) between 2020 and 2030. This trend requires that the country's young people gain particular skills and are given opportunities to learn. Thorough preparation for the changes in workforce skill requirements will positively impact women and minorities’ chances to compete for employment, wages, and leadership in every professional field. Five years ago, the government found that student interest in science and mathematics was lacking. Girls, in particular, showed declining interest while a greater number of boys completed courses in physics. As a solution, the STEM grants were introduced in 2018 by Trade councillor Elisabeth of Hakushaku. Initially aimed at Europan researchers, the research grants were expanded to all Eurth nations, according to organizers. Some Orinese researchers have complained that Mrs Hakushaku showered money on foreign STEM specialists at a time when they have been pleading for more support for domestic higher education. Not much later a similar programme was also announced by the Logothesion of Education in @Tagmatium Rules. -- OOC: A simple follow-up to a programme that was mentioned twice. And a wink at Tag. May the best science win. Obviously not mine.
  7. Well when I posted that message you had moved to Europeia and interacting with their community. Meanwhile I can see that you moved back to Eurth. So this is probably what led to our shared confusion. 19/07/2021, 14:35:25 CEST: Southern Mala relocated from Europeia to Eurth.
  8. Thanks for explaining it to me over Discord. Your setup looks interesting and I'm going to give it a try for all my next pages. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Category:Templates_linking_to_Europans
  9. Hello @Southern Mala, welcome to Eurth. I enjoyed reading your dispatches. They are very interesting. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1570309 Could you maybe tell me a little bit more about the Krosarian Union? Edit: Aha, I'm a little late in realising you already moved on to another region.
  10. 🇫🇷 Have fun in France. I will also be there in August.

    1. San Castellino

      San Castellino

      Oh cool ! Would it be intrusive to ask in which place ?

  11. @Prymont — I've setup a match report from a previous friendly match against my nearest neighbour. It was a good practice. This also makes it clear which players I want to keep or replace. @All — One question that remains open is who I'll have as a coach. I'm open to having another foreigner train the team. If you have a fictional coach you'd like to volunteer for this role, feel free to reply with a brief 3-sentence bio. Thanks.
  12. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Classic football derby ends with Tamurine defeat against Orioni ALAGHON, Tamurin -- Neighbours @Tamurin and Orioni played out a 1-3 game in Alaghon which is a positive sign for the Orinese sign as it prepares for a series of international friendlies. On July 15 at the Elecoms Stadium in Alaghon with 64790 in attendance. Once the 26th edition of this derby fixture was underway, it was Orioni whose players encountered an early setback with Davud Moreno (O-5) sent off early with a red card after injuring Tamurine captain Marius Steimle (T-2). This forced Tamurin coach Daniel Siwiri into an early reshuffle when Steimle hobbled away from the action. Despite now being one player short, ongoing fitness woes for the Tamurine side didn't tilt the game in their favour. Orioni's forward line struggled to create clear-cut chances until Caoimhe Laing (O-11) scored a header after a corner kick from Gusti Luca (O-6). Ten minutes later captain Romeo Acosta (O-10) outfoxed goalie Michael Ulaska (T-1) with his superb lob. Orioni's defence struggled with quick Tamurine counters and Bagus Palmeiro (O-3) pulled down Tim Kielholz (T-9) in the penalty area, leaving the referee no choice but to point to the spot. Kilian Brahms (T-8) emphatically dispatched a 23rd-minute penalty on home turf. The visitors were close to having a penalty kick of their own as the end of the first half approached, with Peter Hermann (T-4) scything down Ratnam Jain (O-7) on the left-hand edge of the area. In the 43rd-minute Hugo Weisz (T-7) almost gave the home crowd something to cheer about when his 30-yard screamer looked destined for the top-left corner, but Tristão Paredes (O-1) was rescued by the crossbar. The second half only proved to be even more one-sided, with Orioni seeing a flurry of chances kept out by Tamurine goalkeeper Mihkel Ulaska. The Orcas' patience paid off in the 59th minute, as Laing (O-11) tapped in his second goal from close range, beating the impressive Ulaska for a third time. The last part of the game saw a parade of walking wounded as (T-5) suffered a hamstring strain and Palmeiro (O-3) was carried off the pitch after a neck crunching collision with Ulaska (T-1). The Orinese have gone from strength to strength since the trauma of their first-round defeat in 2018. After the game, Orioni coach $PersonName said he felt his squad will strive to continue their run. "We are just happy and proud of what football means to the world." The next match will be another international friendly game against @Prymont in the New National Stadium in O'polis. Match Statistics Tamurin Team Orioni 1 Goals 3 4 Shots On Goal 7 9 Shots 13 26 Fouls 23 5 Corners 3 2 Free Kicks 0 1 Offsides 1 0 Own Goals 0 0 Yellow Cards 2 0 Red Cards 1 Match Events (Time: Event) First half 5: Orioni is shown a Red Card. The player has been sent off! 8: Tamurin takes a shot. That's off target. 10: Orioni scores! The scorer was Caoimhe Laing (11) 18: Orioni takes a shot. That's off target. 20: Orioni scores! The scorer was Romeo Acosta (10) 23: Tamurin scores! The scorer was Kilian Brahms (8) 24: Orioni takes a shot. That's off target. 25: Orioni takes a shot. That's off target. 29: Orioni takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 36: Tamurin takes a shot. That's off target. 37: Orioni is shown a Yellow Card. 40: Tamurin takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 43: Tamurin takes a shot. That's off target. Second half 46: Tamurin takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 51: Orioni takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 58: Orioni takes a shot. That's off target. 59: Orioni scores! The scorer was Caoimhe Laing (11) 64: Orioni takes a shot. That's off target. 70: Tamurin takes a shot. That's off target. 72: Orioni takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 81: Orioni takes a shot. It's on target, but saved. 89: Orioni is shown a Yellow Card. 92: Tamurin takes a shot. That's off target. 94: Orioni takes a shot. That's off target. 95: Tamurin takes a shot. It's on target, but saved.
  13. OOC: It has been nearly a month since the start of this architecture competition. The three current proposals really blew me away. I really hadn't expected this deep level of deadline. Everyone is really impressive. Originally I had foreseen 3 months of contest until September 30th. But if no proposal appears in July, I might already end the contest on July 31st.
  14. Hah. Those strongly-worded letters of protest will fit in nicely with the standard modus operandi of the EOS.
  15. Welcome back @Yeosan.
  16. I love that you're taking the lead on this. My only reservation is being absent in August when the tournament starts. These are the regional qualification games, yes? And the actual world cup will take place next year in 2022?
  17. There are 7 semi-active members and a a couple more observers requesting membership status. I'm not sure if @Cristina would employ FDL and Magnaeus. Can't speak for @Sunset Sea Islands either but I'm sure the Junta would defend itself as his last post said. The other members who've gone inactive of course can't actively participate since that's puppeting and godmodding and against our RP rules. https://www.europans.com/wiki/roleplay-rules/ While I don't expect you to use Anglia in that way, I also know my direct response will have to wait until the final Boss Battle. So everything in between is just posturing. If Anglia were to attack EOS while it wasn't allowed to respond, that'd be powergaming.
  18. FROM: Ayubi and Damak Var TO: EOS Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Foreign ministers of Ayubi and Damak Var met today. This was the second ministerial meeting, after the one last June in Avantine. We confirmed our shared opinion on the Anglian aggression and continue to monitor the developing conflict. In May, the Entente of Oriental States opened its security umbrella to all partners and observers. Its purpose is a simple, but essential, one: to grant continued security to its people. For many decades, such simple freedoms were not available. And now these freedoms are again under threat. Among the West Meteorolan nations, there is a significant interest in the EOS. The more we acknowledge this interest, the more we discover that previous misconceptions and misunderstandings disappear. There is instead a growing understanding of our common interest and common heritage. We too have to learn about our partners with an open mind. Our mutual openness strengthens our ability and our commitment to work together. We are ready to take a significant step forward and look forward to meeting in person in Deseti. Together we aim to make a real contribution to cooperative security in the Euro-Oriental area. It is our wish that this application can be fulfilled speedily and completely so that our partnership can continue to grow and prosper. Signed, Foreign minister Adnaan el-Noori of Ayubi Foreign executor Robert Exantus of Damak Var ⁂ (OOC : The Anglian conflict has been going on for +2 months. It would be realistic that these countries feel threatened by what's going on in Azania and request protection against this aggressor from the next best nearby alternative. It's what happend in RL conflicts of similar scale. As discussed in the relevant OOC topic, these NPC's can only join the defensive alliance while the conflict lasts. See my posts from last month and last week. With all the applicants awaiting a reply and @Esonice's private reminder, I think we can turn this topic into a poll for all EOS members to vote in. I'll ping every active member @Cristina, @Esonice, @Ide Jima , @Miiros, @Sunset Sea Islands and send you all a PM as well.)
  19. Thank you @Prymont for continuing this. I also want to wrap up this storyline. OOC I have no issue with redrawing the zones. In the spirit of the original discussion, I would advise against having individual players stake a claim. This can be solved by adding Variota, Girkmand and Eurofuhrer, Salvia and Seylos to the TCSI-ISTC. I do think the Aurelian League should be involved since it's a relevant group of nearby nations. This could make 3 equally sized zones. 1-4: Aurelian League 5-8: TCSI-ISTC 9-12: CAOS I wrote about building icebreakers first to be able to get there. The next step would be a port somewhere. And then a polar base inland.
  20. Is anyone interested in helping out with the IIWiki page for this conflict? The events from June are still missing. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/2021_Anglian_War @Seylos — What do you think of these "Unaligned States of Azania" (USA)? Not really, no. I don't see the EOS turning into something like the UN. The opposite, perhaps. During the 3rd Antargic Conference it was pointed out again the it's a military alliance, albeit a defensive one. To form a UN you'd need something more civilian and political, in contrast to generals and guns. There are a lot of observers since it's based on a geographic location. But only a handful of actual members. It's only the full members who'd get involved with a military conflict. In most of the affairs, the other members act like silent partners. But in this context, if Anglia were to venture into the Oriental Ocean, that would be a provocation. Claiming Jilderen is already a major issue. With its war in Dragonryders, Anglia is cutting already off the regular commercial shipping routes to Tagmatium.
  21. Hello Chris. Glad to see you could make it, even with all the registration errors. Nice to see a long-time player explore new regions and locations.
  22. Changed my mind. Since Dragonryders (NPC) is already involved in the war and I don't want to mess up the existing story. I'll switch to just having the still neutral Ayubi and Damak Var ask the EOS for help. Well within the sphere of influence. @Tagmatium Rules Would that work?
  23. During the first half of August I'll be taking a break from work. We plan to do some light travelling by car.
  24. So where do we head next? How do we close the 3rd council? From what I read in the original storyline, these were the main points to resolve: Re-negotiate the zone management. OOC I'm open to sharing a larger piece of the pie. From 11/12 pieces to just 7/12. Reviewing Prymont's map that'd be 8-12 and 1-3 which amount to the Oriental Ocean area. Allowing new members. The 3rd council has Salvia, Variota and Seylos. How do we integrate them? No military organisations. As you may have read, the EOS splits off it's civilian agencies into a separate branch. (See above.)
  25. Hello there Fjana and welcome on Eurth. Glad you could join us here. As an experience players you should have no problems running through our welcome process. For any and all questions you'll find that our staff of mentors and moderators is here to help. Good luck and have fun.
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