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  1. Wondering if I could be the cook. Already generated a random profile for the character which only needs minor tweaking. This would be a nice way to highlight the colder climates. It may even help activate the sleepy Deltannia and Volsci, if visiting those places are within the scope of this story.
  2. Manually cleaned up all ±60-ish articles with external links pointing them to the HTTPS version of our website. Each of these edits includes a comment that explains this. No insecure HTTP links remain. Everyone's privacy will be a tiny bit better. https://iiwiki.us/mediawiki/index.php?target=http://www.europans.com&namespace=&title=Special:LinkSearch
  3. You must not speak of such thinks. Unless, perhaps, in the brand-new https://www.europans.com/forum/158-non-canon-works/ I'd imagine the supply lines would also be quite overstretched. No sane commander would see this as a logical move. Then again, we're talking about Great Anglia here. Working from the shadows. Supporting either side just so you can influence any potential outcomes. I like it. This makes your and Tag's position clear. Now you Occidentals only need to figure out how the direct neighbours @Adaptus and @Suverina would respond. It's your collective backy
  4. @Vostau — That's a very realistic representation. I recognise several elements from (pre)historic barter trade. Works well with the Carthaginian backstory you envisioned.
  5. Thank you kindly for clarrifaing the border and customs procedure. If you academy candidacy goes well, and I hope it does, we look forward to establishing regular international flights between our two nations. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Oriental_Airlines
  6. 🎉 A very happy birthday to you @Monvisret

  7. That does sound really great. I'm sure some of the people in Orioni cannot wait to visit your mesmerising country. Should they come by boat or airplane? OOC: I've also gone and shortened your username so it's easier to mention.
  8. @Vostau — Very interesting reading. I have a question about your lore: where is the Natos complex and why did it change to Kesolon? https://iiwiki.us/wiki/List_of_monarchs_of_Thafon
  9. Hey there @Joosty, how are you doing?
  10. Good afternoon Michael from Indonesia. We're glad you found out about Eurth. If you like roleplaying and worldbuilding then you'll find a nice community here. We know that the lore and backstory can be overwhelming. Do reach out if you have any questions. There's no harm in asking. Have a nice day!
  11. It has come to the Triarii.
  12. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Scoop: Orioni bars entry to "over 9000" refugees from KBI SIRIUS -- A leaked government report reveals how last month the Orinese government barred entry to over 9000 boat refugees from Bainbridge Islands, displaced people from pirate violence in the South-Europan archipelago, the NGO Mercy International has said. Previously, Mercy International had independently estimated about 2500 people tried to enter Orioni from KBI in search of asylum. The true number turns out to be far higher. "We had received
  13. True. That's why the subcontinents were established. Highlighting the different cultures would be even easier with a simple cultures map. Then again, our cultures don't match most RL alternatives. Your estimate of the RP implications is largely correct. Those old inactive friends which joined EOS way back when are still IC members in my book. Any interference would certainly trigger the mutual defence clause. So you're right in describing it as a local Oriental sphere of influence. Similary, ongoing conflicts in in the Occident won't really bother us that much. It depends to be se
  14. @Vostau — Some minor additions to your IIWiki page. The information came from your NS page and map application. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Category:Vostau I also setup the country data template so you can use some common shortcuts.
  15. So this big war against Great Anglia _will_ be canon? I'm asking again because this other part has me somewhat confused. So the territorial changes are supposed be canon but _not_ permanent?
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