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  1. Good evening to all my strong and sexy supporters out there. I'm Bron Urgundy. And this is Big Story News, coming to you live from San Cristobal. I'VE ALWAYS WARNED you about the twisting tentacles of my former fatherland. Tonight you'll get to see yet another example of this evil. Let me warn you folks, because you won't believe how much is out there. The Orioni Empire has secretly sent navy ships to Damak Var and Ayubi for a deliberately destructive missile demonstration. This alarmingly aggressive action included offensive weapons and involved fifteen ships, 75 aircraft and at least two submarines. I'm sure you're asking yourself: why was this all done so secretly? Well, according to our BS experts, we believe that this offer for military support is actually an excuse for a future occupation. Obviously the Orinese want to occupy all the Meteorolan islands, no matter the cost. If Damak Var were to fall, the consequences will be catastrophic for regional peace and the economic system. It would signal that in today’s established Eurthican system of values, the Imperialist have the upper hand over freedom and democracy. When it comes to human rights, Orioni is one of the biggest violators ever. Period. You don't believe me? Well Uncle Bron has learned a thing or two from his recent battle with the law. These next examples will provide definitive proof of the Perfidious Empire's notorious human rights record and fake foreign policy. Exhibit 1: Tamurine Destruction. The massacre against Tamurine's conducted by Oriental colonisers in the 14th century. Orinese colonisation reduced the native population from 2 million down to merely 500,000 souls at the end of the 16th century. The colonisers operated what they called "trade posts", but which were actually camps of exploitation, slavery, and death. Exhibit 2: Neocolonial Construct. Referring to Orioni's plans to maintain its dominant political, military and economic influence in Oriental Europa. They use exhausting economic and financial sanctions to either bend or break "uncooperative" countries. In fact, their neocolonialism has never gone away in the first place. Over time, it merely morphed into new treacherous tactics. Exhibit 3: Deceitful Diplomacy. One of the most popular tools for the Orinese to achieve their policy goals is marrying diplomacy to military muscle, to coerce an opponent into stopping or changing an action already taken. O'polis has a tendency to wave its whip to punish the countries for blocking its power, such as imposing strict sanctions. In 2017, it happened to @Derthalen Dolchland, and today it is happening again to @Great Anglia. Exhibit 4: Lip Service. Orinese foreign policy is pure hypocrisy in so many ways. Over-promising and under-delivering is one of their most popular ploys. From support for regional reconstruction to climate actions, from combating piracy to welcoming exiled autocrats. Promises made, promises broken. If this isn't proof enough, I don't know what will convince you otherwise... But, ladies and gentlemen, there is a "but". All hope is not yet lost. Orioni can still be a friend of peace. Withdrawing all troops from Ayubi and Damak Var would be a first step in that direction. (OOC. I decided it would be fun to write a counter-narrative against my own previous writings. While Bron is not completely wrong, he does exaggerate a lot. Includes a nod and a wink to @Tagmatium Rules favourite insult. I wonder... who could be sponsoring Bron's continued propaganda channel?) (PS. Nominations are open for which player should be Bron's next target of ridicule. Just send me a private message, along with any idea you may already have.)
  2. A very happy 20th birthday to you @Mauridiviah
  3. Good evening everyone. I'm Bron Urgundy. And that means you're watching Big Story News. AFTER SPENDING FIFTEEN months off the air for some ludicrous reason, I can finally say that Uncle Bron is back, my dear viewers. Bron is back. Now let me tell you exactly what happened. Ever since starting this show, I've spoken truth to power. The powers that be have never liked me very much. There was my little spat with the government of @Suverina, the leaking of that secret project by the Orinese navy, even more leaks and revelations, which eventually led to my show's forced relocation from Zuidhaven in authoritarian Orioni to the beacon of freedom that is San Cristobal in @Mauridiviah. Enjoying this new-found freedom, I continued to highlight the perfidious Orinese and their nefarious schemes. That is: until my most recent show in 2020. This is where things really hit it off. When the goons come after you, you know you've stumbled upon something important. And they attempted to put me away for good. After leaving this studio, a van marked with blue stripes pulled up next to me and I was grabbed off the streets by four unknown, blue-uniformed men. The thugs took me to what can only be described as a police cage where I was detained without formal charges or trial. They then proceeded to interrogate me for nearly 5 minutes without a lawyer present. No journalist should ever be subjected to the physical and psychological discomfort I suffered that evening for almost forty-five minutes. The cell I was in didn't even have Wi-Fi. But that's not all folks. The tentacles of Orioni reach further than you think. Simply speaking the truth about their resurgent imperialism dragged me into a massive court battle over slander and defamation. Yes, folks, the powers that wanted to silence me for good by revoking my broadcast license. I was accused of "disseminating false news and receiving monetary funds from foreign authorities to defame the state’s reputation." But surprise surprise: no formal charges were ever brought against me. While the court battle raged my show was taken off-air. Channel-4 launched a worldwide media campaign to #BringBackBron. Yesterday, October 1st, the court judged the case against me as unfounded due to lack of evidence. This is a great moment of truth and an inspiring milestone towards press freedom. I want to thank those organisations and all the voices of truth that have called for my freedom. Thanks to your support, I have overcome this unbearable ordeal. Together we will start a new chapter. I know the mainstream media will continue to try and brand me as #fakenews. Well, I'm not fake news. You are fake news.
  4. @Iverica and @Metztlitlaca — Just sharing my opinion here since this is indeed unprecedented. At the moment our world map doesn't shown any sub-national political units such as member states. Those can be included on national detail maps for example on IIWiki. If these 4 countries + plus Iverica form one political unit, would it then be optimal to only show the top-most political unit? Would this name be "Federated Commonwealth of Iverica"? Before asking this question I've read through your major IIWiki pages but have not yet found the answer. Edit: After reading through Discord I seem to have missed this one new page. This explains where you're going. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/New_Iberium Would the short name be New Iberium or simply Iberium? This name would have my preference over "Federated Commonwealth". There can be multiple FedCom's but only one (New) Iberium. Similarly, there's also nobody calling themselves "The Kingdom" since there are multiple. (And I'm intentionally ignoring RL KSA.) These are just some of my thoughts. I don't mean to impose. The flaw in my argument is there are currently no Federated Commonwealths so there's really no reason for this premature optimisation.
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  6. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Meteorolan states seek safety in numbers AVANTINE, Damak Var -- The Meteorolan states of Ayubi, Damak Var and Orioni this week agreed to further tighten military cooperation and even look at joint development of naval technology The announcement is in part a response to manoeuvres by the OCA militaries that are causing increasing concern for the countries of Europa and observers and members of EOS. The three island nations, which share a common history going back many centuries, believe that the OCA transgressions have gone far enough; the countries’ defence ministers have agreed to strengthen the EOS air defence in the region. It was Anglia’s aggressive annexation of the SDC, @Suverina and Dragonryders that initially shook the countries‘ sense of security. But with questions in the air about the OCA's role in the forced abdication of the Grand Vizier Mamadou bin Sambo in Alshamal The Jubs, these nations want to be ready for any and all unexpected type of intrusion by their western neighbours. ⁂ Orient up in arms? O'POLIS -- The Orinese government intends to ramp up its defence spending, expand military assets in the Oriental Ocean and boost war games in co-operation with the EOS amid escalating tensions with the OCA. In a surprising statement the country’s chairlady, Awidefale Rezovi, yesterday announced that she will spend Φ800m on upgrading several military bases in the region. Although the statement focused mainly on the OCA, she stopped short of also mentioning TRIDENT, declaring that: "Our objective is to ensure a peaceful region by having a free and open Oriental Ocean." Rezovi's tone was moderate compared with her home affairs councillor Nijo Kujo-Michiie, who in her Ahuni Day speech earlier this year warned against the "drums of war" and "the imperialist threat to liberty". Relations between Orioni and Anglia have been in steady decline since the Sibiseba's call for an inquiry into the reasons behind Grand Vizier Sambo's exile in Orioni, which resulted in trade restrictions imposed on Godstone and its allies. With Orinese defence councillor Toren Nabérrie also having recently warned of potential conflict, peace and conciliation still seem a long way off.
  7. Howdy ol' timer. Glad you could find your way to Eurth. There's many aspects to NationStates, and RP is only one of them. I can see you've already gone and started your candidacy stories. Good luck with the academy! See you on the other side of graduation.
  8. Hey there @Mondiz . How's your day going?
  9. Ciao @Yetrasia, nice to meet you. How are you doing today?
  10. 🎉 A very happy 40th birthday to you AA.

  11. 2.3.3 Islam / Salam — Since I'm playing a non-islamic nation this doesn't affect me. In this case it's up to the player who do to figure this out on their own. I had created a setup with Salam, but there seems to be rather little enthousiasm to adopt this. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Salam Koku — Nice to see our old spam-king remain. I agree that the lore can be better if mixed with the other locals. Flag with the elephant matches the overall theme. I may have gone a bit overboard with the elephant references. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Koku Mongol Swedes / Turikel — Ah yes the obvious !Mongol culture. Fitting in such a culture was always tricking. They're wedged in between Scandinavians (Deltannia), Asians (Orient), and Latin (Amutia). While I recognise that the Khanate of Turikel can be a historic late-Mediaval nation, I doubt it would survive into the 21st Century. Which form of government would be present today: monarchy, republic, far-left or far-right? I also expect some influences from neighbouring Volsci, Vetok and Akiiryu. For example: on the Deltannia page I wrote about Volsci expansionism. Perhaps this also involved puppeting parts of Mongol Swedes / Turikel? https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Deltannia#History The 3rd flag with the stars looks very nice, but the symbol can be adapted depending on the form of government. Qardania / Dolet — Looks alright. I'd use the non-cross flag because that looks rather odd in !Asia. Vetok / Ouzoia — Nice. I'd pick neither flag as it should probably see some influences from being a "holy republic" with an old emperor and !Turkic culture. Maybe also something to symbolise the break-up with Mongol Swedes / Turikel. Karthenia & Branchia — Can also be merged into 1 country. That would mean less lore to figure out. Flag 1 with the ram is nice. Volsci — What's wrong with the current capital, Antium? https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Volsci Tal Shiar / Nusisium — Unsure if there should be socialism here. I'd expect some religious influence from nearby @Tagmatium Rules. That 2nd flag looks dope. Ide Jima — Nice expansion of the history. 2nd or 3rd flag do it for me. Jaihu / Inagata — This name wouldn't take too much to update. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Jaihu If there' a military junta in power, the flag probably needs either (1) a big star in the middle (unity) to highlight the break with the past, or (2) hang on to the old symbols to claim fake continuity and prevent civil uprisings. Mirian Republic / Myrialoyche — Nice one. I like that name, “Ten thousand Spears”. That'd stop the Aroman expansion dead in its tracks. The lore is still empty so easy to replace. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mirian_Republic The country could also be merged into the next one to have less work with the lore. It always looked weird to have that river delta split. Youtabonia / Hindisium — Weird name. Can we give this one another go? Also, the existing lore mentions Christian intervention which is too far east for the time. It think the Aroman advance halted somewhere around Lysia or Montgisard. https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Youtabonia
  12. "The @Acadiais dead, long live @Fina." Welcome back from the other side. While I've never been a fan of erasing content because it leaves holes in conversations, the possibility to do so does exist. It's also possible to merge your previous account into this one and avoid multiple identities.
  13. Have you ever wanted to draw your own subway transportation network? With this metro map maker, you can draw your own underground. Or "tube" as the Brits say. The interface is easy to understand. You just click and drag. Options on the right. Finished metro maps can be downloaded or saved. https://metromapmaker.com
  14. Thank you @Walneriafor diving so deep into cultural lore. I hadn't heard of this game before. There are a couple decks of cards lying so we'll give this a try next weekend.
  15. Home | Orioni | World | Business | Tech | Science | Culture | Health | Sports Orinese navy flexes missile capabilities in Southwest Europa ALHAFA, Ayubi -- The Imperial Orinese Navy (ION) has carried out a rare demonstration of its anti-surface capabilities west of the Saeida Strait, with the firings of several anti-ship missiles. The firings were carried out on 25 August as part of the unannounced Exercise Taming Trouble. Fifteen ships, 75 aircraft and two submarines took part in the exercise. The tests involved the first known launch of an anti-ship missile from the Meswati-class corvette HMS Bonesi since the ship completed its upgrade cycle. The upgrades include a new combat management system, 30 mm guns, and new optronics and torpedo launchers. HMS Bonesi, together with the Kebadi-class frigate HMS Ashenafi, each fired an anti-ship missile against a surface target. Meanwhile the Aniberi-class submarine HMS Ikan Lembing also launched an anti-ship missile while it was submerged. “The successful test firings of these missiles, which were all on target, is a clear demonstration of the navy's professionalism, capabilities, and readiness to deploy our assets and defend the neighbourhood,” said the ION in a press statement published on August 28th. Also involved in the seven-day exercise were vessels and aircraft from Ayubi and Damak Var with the goal "to achieve deeper military ties between the three nations", the service added. The maritime exercise comes seven weeks after the foreign ministers of both countries expressed interest in joining the EOS. “Our exercise indicates an effort to address common challenges and shared threat.“ The exercise is taking place amid the ongoing military conflicts in Azania. Roiters enquired whether this was related to recent actions by the OCA Pact and @Great Anglia, but a spokesperson declined to comment.
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