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  1. I think I might have flagged up how Limonaia's place on the map petty much meant that any colonising would take place on the forbearance of others, although I doubt I was the only one to do so. I'm also not sure about the "understandable" part of his leaving, since from the outside it seemed like a silly argument with obvious avenues of compromise for both sides but here we are. I don't mind who gets replaced or where this possible NPC gets put, just so long as it makes sense and, if there are PC nations nearby, everyone agrees. I know @Seylos floated the idea of replacing Byzantium
  2. Had the general made his announcement a year ago, there would have been very little chance that the Megas Agios Basileia would really have cared. Certainly, there was the chance that the dictator of @San Castellino's actions would have drawn some attention from Tagmatika – maybe a finger being wagged and the parties concerned preached at about the benefits of turning to green energy, rather than continuing to maul God's creation with burning fossil fuels, but that was about it. If the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion had seen fit to really care about the situation, it might have offered to send t
  3. Maybe a good way to expand your holdings down around your colony - bringing peace and stability the Haru way!
  4. You grave-digging monster! I think it's worth me putting my comment here as well as on Discord, just in case it gets lost or not noticed as things progress. I have no problem with this but with some caveats. The first and most obvious one would be any suggested wipe or erasure of nations in Europa, although I do believe it was merely a suggestion. It does, however, need addressing. This was kind of suggested but is either impractical or needs close thought. Europa, certainly the Occident, western Burania and heading down into Amutia, is the cradle of not so much civilisat
  5. Oh, that sounds interesting! Welcome to Eurth!
  6. Hello and welcome! Great that you could make it here! I like the outline of your nation!
  7. Hello and welcome to Eurth! I did see your nation when it came to the region. The name is eye-catching
  8. Hello! Have you been able to take a look at the Balance Sheet? It'll help with ironing out your final stats for your nation, such as GDP, size and population, as well as giving the Cartography team a bit of a hand when it comes to settling the size of your nation. I'd imagine that, from how you've described your nation in the past, you'd have less points in GDP and more in population and/or area.
  9. Very belated happy birthday, @Batengdei!
  10. Hello and welcome to Eurth!
  11. I quite like the first one
  12. An idea floated to make another localised Europan opponent was buff Qubdi to a bigger area and put the population up to about 150 million.
  13. Ooh, and what about the buffed Qubdi? How far did we get about talking about that, @Orioni?
  14. It's fine Both of them have been active on Discord in the last few days, although I don't think they've been active on the forum in that time.
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