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  1. haha, its far too complicated to describe. i 'm technically untaken at the mo, but that's kinda...simple description
  2. Karthene City Times Governerial Election Candidates Announced The candidates for the election to replace impeached Governor of Solamnar-Karthene District Aidan Brass have been announced today. As expected, the Republicans have designated the popular Mayor of Karthene City, Dunstan McCaffrey, as their principal candidate, although Party Secretary Jan Kovu is also standing. Mayor McCaffrey believes he has a strong chance of winning, citing his effective programme of positive reforms within the capital. This compares very strongly with his nearest Isolationist rival, Joachim Sim, a relative unknown and former army officer. One other candidate is standing; Danny Moss, of the Moss Trading Company, a millionaire businessman, who is running on a pro-business ticket. Onto football, and Malaz have suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Solamnar Saints, allowing both Kurast and Impresk Pirates to rise above them in the table. Vilhon 0, Estwic Rangers 0 Solamnar Saints 1, Malaz City 0 Nevrast 2, Predd 3 Karthene City 1, Sweetwater Vale 1 Kurast Docktown 3, Sud-Karthag 0 Impresk Pirates 1, Kapal 0 1.Kurast 9 2.Impresk 7 3.Predd 7 4.Malaz 6 5.Karthene 4 6.Nevrast 3 7.Estwic 3 8. Sweetwater 3 9.Solamnar 3 10.Kapal 1 11. Sud Karthag 1 12.Vilhon 0
  3. Hey, cos of various uni-year 2 start up related madness, i'm not able to post as much as i would like. C'est la vie.
  4. Three Orthodox christian nations and one weird Catholic throwback
  5. @Tag: ur doing archaeology? thats pretty cool. i'm doing medieval history...
  6. ~Internal Message: Alexei Andrews to John Dunsidian~ Received reply from von Steinburg...Tamurin have no intention of deploying troops into Tribelands...they will recieve RNV Karthenia as a peacetime observor... ~Internal Message: John Dunsidian to Alexei Andrews~ I personally don't believe that Tamurin has sent no forces at all...but regardless, nothing more we can do on that front. What do you want to do now? ~Internal Message: Alexei Andrews to John Dunsidian~ We've already decided that we oppose the Tribunal's stance...we must try and contact Fortin Lobonsky...but carefully, he could still lose, and we can't afford to lose face now...tell Jakob to keep watching the Voice of the Northern Alliance, and get some pro-Lobonsky stuff in the papers...
  7. Welcome back, Nev! I just returned myself, can't stay away...
  8. To Deltannia From Dr Lance H. Kender, Department of Archaeology, Karthene Metropolitan University RE: Mathar Digs Having received your message regarding digs in ancient Mathar, we would like to offer the services of our finest team of research archaeologists. Dr John Revel, Dr Jonos Lychfield, and Dr Mark Mullendore have been informed of the project, and have expressed great interest. Dr Mullendore in particular has always had a great interest in your history. They can fly out tommorrow, if you so wish. We have received a grant already for such projects from our government, so there is no concern about funding.
  9. I'll send a team, this sounds like a refreshing new RP
  10. Karthene City Times Brass Impeached; Pope Triumphant After deliberating for two days, the government announced today that Aidan Brass, Governor of Solamnar-Karthene District, has been impeached, following a twenty minute rant against fellow Governor Cayman Reeves, on a live TV debate. Mr Brass was a key ally of the President, and Isolationist Party leader John Pope has called this a major blow for the Republicans. "The loss of one of Andrews' inner circle in such an ignominous way will send shockwaves throughout Karthenia," he said. "It leaves the door open for the election of an Isolationist governor." The government has yet to set a day for the election. In the interim, Brass' deputy, Magistrate Derren Matthews, has been appointed Acting-Governor. Mr Matthews has already stated that this is temporary, and that he will not run in the election.
  11. To The Citizens' Rights Coalition From The Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Karthenia Friends, we offer to provide funds for your forthcoming electoral campaign. We believe that the nations of Europa are best served at this time by parties who offer moderate politics, who have the best interest of the people at heart. In Miiros, you are the party we believe to most enscapulate this ideal. As you know, we are recovering from a costly and brutal civil war, and thus we cannot offer you as much as we would like. However, we hope this 3.5 million$ will be used wisely, in your evantual victory.
  12. Hey, wilkommen! Enjoy europa!
  13. submachine gun (you know, that scene from the Naked Gun, "Look, disgruntled postal workers!"
  14. 9722 bottles of beer on the wall 9722 bottles of beer You take ten down, its called buying a round 9712 bottles of beer on the wall.
  15. If i'm in the passenger seat, i will wear it, but if i'm in the back, 9 times out of ten if its a short drive then i won't wear one. If i ever had bothered to learn how to drive, of course i'd wear one.
  16. ~Internal Message: Foreign Minister Jakob Bonns to Prime Minister John Dunsidian~ John, the Tribal Tribunal has started arresting foreigners. Only unattached ones at the moment, but I can see the shutting down of embassies soon. I've told Ambassador Reynolds to evacuate all non-essential staff...hopefully, enough will be able to leave. What do you want to do? ~Internal Message: John Dunsidian to Jakob Bonns~ Jake, the President has already prepared a plan. Send the following message by special dispactches to Field Marshall von Steinburg in Alaghon. -------------------------------- To Field Marshall von Steinburg From Alexei Andrews, President, Democratic Republic of Karthenia Field Marshall, I know our nations have never totally seen eye-to-eye, and I know that for the most part, this was a failing on Karthenia's behalf. But that was the past; this is the future, and it is a future in which, i hope, Karthenia can have a place as a progressive and positive influence on our region. We have watched the events in the Tribelands with great dismay, for they mirror the origins of our civil war a year ago. We emerged, battered but at peace; however, not without much suffering. The Tribal Tribunal has become a government as corrupt as our own former Sovereign Military Council. We wish to help the free peoples of the Tribelands, but obviously, Europa is not yet ready for a Karthenian army on foreign soil. Therefore, I would like to suggest something. We would like to put a number of units into the field, as observors in your army. Ostensibly, they will be there to learn how the Tamurinian army and navy function; in reality, they will be under our joint command, in order to deal with the situation in the Tribelands as it comes. What do you think?
  17. Karthene City Times Second TV Debate Turns Into Slang Match The second live political debate of the season was held today, this time between Governor Aidan Brass of Solamnar-Karthene District, and Governor Cayman Reeves of Sud-Karthag District. The intention of this debate was to showcase the differences between the running of heavily metropolitan districts as compared to rural districts, and also to show how an Isolationist governor like Mr Reeves can function in a Republican government. Unfortunately, Mr Reeves was not given that oppurtunity, as the debate was abandoned after 20 minutes. Mr Brass turned up inebriated, and proceeded to verbally abuse his opponent and his ideology. Mr Brass was evantually coaxed from the set, and an apology was given to Mr Reeves by the Mayor of Karthene City, Dunstan McCaffrey. There has been no word from the government yet on this, but fellow Republican governor Randyll Meyers, of Kurast-Atuan District, says Mr Brass' position is untenable. "What Aidan did is inexcusable, and it has brought shame to the government. I think President Andrews has no choice but to fire him" In other news, Malaz City continued their strong start to the season, beating Nevrast 2-0. Kemi ben Gurian and Olsen Davies both scored, solidifying Malaz's position on top. Karthene City, obviosly looking to assuage last week's defeat, annhilated Vilhon 5-1, including a hatrick from Ray Marshall. Karthene City 5, Vilhon 1 Nevrast 0, Malaz City 2 Predd 2, Solamnar Saints 1 Estwic Rangers 0, Sweetwater Vale 0 Kurast Docktown 2, Kapal 1 Impresk Pirates 1, Sud-Karthag 1 1.Malaz 6 2.Kurast 6 3.Impresk 4 4.Predd 4 5.Karthene 3 6.Nevrast 3 7.Estwic 2 8. Sweetwater 2 9.Kapal 1 10.Sud-Karthag 1 11.Solamnar 0 12.Vilhon 0
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