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  1. Hoags

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: The Sophocracy of Hoags Government type of nation: Intellectual Oligarchy Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Blended, maritime Give us a short description of your nation: A relatively young state established after a violent revolution in 1982. The nation of Hoags has existed since the middle ages, originally as a hereditary monarchy and later as a representative republic. Hoags is a coastal nation, and has historically enjoyed the benefits of trade and commerce. Do you have an IIWiki page?: No WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? Years of experience, always focused on narratives and character development rather than "gaming" (Apocalypse wurld in favor of Dungeons and Dragons, for example) How would you describe yourself? A passionate college student who looks down on everyone else. RP/Writing samples (if available already): A short story I wrote for a Star Wars RP guild A short story I wrote for a college course Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? Only if the staff feel I would benefit from one. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: To engage in interesting diplomatic roleplay. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: No. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. Just messing about with goofy governments in high school. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates wurld Assembly? Yes. Anything else?: Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
  2. i'm an experienced roleplayer, but i've never done any on nationstates before. i play guitar and bass, and i like grunge/alt rock from the 90s. my favorite books are 1984 and a confederacy of dunces. i also like playing video games; my favorite game of all time is psychonauts. i created Hoags to represent a political system that had been kicking around in my head for a month or two, and i joined eurth to see what nationstates rp was all about!
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