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  1. Welcome to Eurth! What is your nation like?
  2. I was originally going to do this on the discord, but I decided that this would be a better place to gather my ideas and have a better audience of people to hear my ideas. I want to propose some kind of regional or international annual sports tournament similar to others of other sports in other regions of the wurld. If the idea gains traction from nations around the wurld, then the tournament would be international. If the idea only gains traction in one region, likely Argis since that's where ice hockey would be logically played, then there could be a regional tournament. If this is the case, however, there could also be a more in-depth hockey league in Argic with teams across the continent, a similar concept to the IRL Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), with teams across Eurasia, although that league is dominated by Russia and Russian teams. This league would be more in depth than a tournament, with standings updates every week along with highlighted games for that week, during the regular season. without national teams, players on these teams can be of any nationality, and there will be a draft for players as well. This AHL could even be the top hockey league in the wurld, and one which every player strives to end up in, ala the NHL. I don't yet know where I can sim games for this tournament or league, but I'm sure somebody could help me out. Why do I want to create a hockey league/tournament? I want to further entwine myself into the fabric of this community, encourage some RP through news posts or team prep and such, and just have my favorite sport of ice hockey represented here on Eurth.
  3. is it too late to join for a new country?
  4. >>> Fina TALKS OF HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY HEATING 08 September 2021 KULLEHOLM – Lawmakers in the Riksdag are pushing for a high-speed rail line that will connect Obbola to Karolinaburg and Kulleholm, running along the coast, with hopes of eventually expanding to Tallträdvik when such an endeavor becomes possible. The train line, currently proposed as the "Pan-Fina Line" or simply the "Quick Line", would be the first of such in a country trying to modernize and adapt to a level on par with other modern Argic nations. Pro-rail Riksdag representative Gunn Alvarsson had this to say when we talked to her earlier this morning. "Well, I'd love to see a high-speed rail connecting our major communities in Fina! We'll show the wurld we too are a modern nation worthy of its attention, and that we can compete with the lands around us. The line will also run through Klartvatten and Niklasslottsby, helping develop communities that don't get too much attention unfortunately. And I'd love to take a vacation to those hot springs down in Drakön without having to worry about travelling on some rickety old rusty hunk of metal built 50 years ago by the commies." Alvarsson expressed great points on the benefits the rail would have, bringing new infrastructure to overlooked communities outside of the big cities. However, many detractors to the idea point to where the money is being sourced with worry. The project is supported by NOBFAF (Naturgas-och Bensinföretag av Fina), the largest and most profitable company in Fina, running over 80% of Fina's natural gas production. NOBFAF would provide over 60% of funds necessary to undergo the project. Many worry that Fina would not only become increasingly reliant on its natural gas resources, but also NOBFAF itself, with local resident of Gamlastad Lorens Waltersson saying, "I don't want to live in some place like Galahinda or Cashar where [corporations] run the show. I'd love to have a shiny new train to replace those old trains just as much as anyone. Heck, I have to ride the rusty railcars every morning just to get to work in Karolinaburg. But if that comes at the cost of giving this country up to the men with the big pockets, I'm never riding that train, ever." The matter is still being debated through the chambers of the Riksdag, however recently there have been signs of progress. The bill encompassing such action will be voted on in the coming weeks. Polstjärnan will be covering the situation closely as it develops. >>> Sports HC HÄSTHUVUD TRAMPLE KRONA SK, HOT STREAK CONTINUES 08 September 2021 KAROLINABURG – Klubb vid Floden Hästhuvud, better known as HC Hästhuvud, shutout the esteemed hockey club of Karolinaburg, Krona Sportklubb Karolinaburg (Krona SK) 2-0 for their first shutout win at the Boreala Isgardens since 2006. The win came with the heroics of Hästhuvud's goaltender Thore Lindholm, a young goalie who has single-handedly dragged Hästhuvud from the basement of the league and laughingstock among fans to a true contender in the East. Veteran centerman Paul Sorenson gracefully planned the first goal, playing a bit of tic-tac-toe with youngster Right Winger Kristofer Ingesson to confuse Krona's goaltender before Ingesson set up the shot for Sorenson and collected an apple as Sorenson's puck easily made it past the disoriented Krona goaltender. Ingesson would tally another point later that night in the form of a slapshot goal from the right faceoff circle unassisted. Krona can chalk the loss up to bad goaltending and offensive ineptitude, combined with an electric performance by the opposition's Lindholm. Mille Hellström, goaltender for Krona, had a rough night, with a save percentage of a mere .894. He couldn't save a beach ball. Hopefully, he can bounce back for Krona as they face their rival Kulleholm AHK Friday. With the results of this game, Krona drops from 1st in the West to 3rd, while Hästhuvud continues its 5-game win streak and jumps to 2nd in the East.
  5. Polstjärnan - Digitala Nyheter (Anglish: North Star - Digital News), better known as Polstjärnan, is a Finan online news website, and the primary news source for many Finans. The company was founded in 1993 by Emrik Östberg in Karolinaburg, originally as a newspaper-magazine covering local events and occasional national events, though often even these were in passing references unless they were major events. Despite its limited coverage, the paper became wildly popular throughout the nation, especially in its detailed and relatively unbiased coverage of the Velescian War, bringing attention to the utter incompetence of the military operations in Östranka and the great loss of life which resulted from it. During this time, Polstjärnan also had a large online presence, even owning one of the first webpages in Fina on a fledgling public internet. Polstjärnan became fully web-based in 2004, a controversial move at the time in a country with underdeveloped web infrastructure, however it ended up paying massive dividends for the company, as it grew rapidly along with Fina's internet usage. Polstjärnan is currently one of the most profitable countries in Fina and is currently trying to expand outwards from the country, expanding its wurldwide event coverage and offering articles in Anglish, Dolch, Lysian, Cristinese, and Vellander, with more languages likely to come as the site develops.
  6. In that case, I would like to have the cities of Tallträdvik, Kulleholm, Karolinaburg, and Obbola, thank you!
  7. Nation in Eurth: Fina Flag: https://i.postimg.cc/pr6JcYps/fina-flag.jpg Capital name: Kulleholm Capital location: Inland, on a river Stats Chosen: Population: Medium (1) - 13M GDPPC: Medium (1) - 15,000 Land: 260,000 km^2 Factbook/iiwiki link: Vision Statement: IIWiki: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Fina Culture: Swedish, with hints of Russian and Sami Climate: Cold winters, warm summers, transitional between temperate and subarctic History: Prehistoric: Nomadic Celts 1600-1500 BCE: First Lami (Sami) people 300 CE: Vikings from Ateenia or other vaguely Nordic areas 500-1000 CE: Viking Age 1300 CE: Mostly consolidated into Kingdom of Karolina, Kingdom of Kullarnas, and Duchy of Nordlund, fighting for control of Fina. 1500s/1600s CE: Repeated attacks by the Rankari nation of Markovy leading to antagonization of Rankaris and actually leads to further unification. 1724: The three kingdoms unite to become the Kingdom of Fina. 1731-1735: 1st Straits War against the Markovic Tsardom, leading to some of the lands lost in previous centuries. Late 1700s: Expansion and incorporation of eastern areas into the kingdom like Drakön or the northern Hästhuvud river basin. 1804: After years of building up and expanding their respective empires, Rankar and Fina go to war in the 2nd Straits War. Fina wins, annexing the three Velescia regions, however not establishing full control of Middle Velescia. 1877-1883: 3rd Straits War, Fina loses, losing control of the Middle Velescia (Shinovo) and Lower Velescia (Velland) regions, while maintaining control of Upper Velescia (Östranka). Large financial cost for Fina leads to growing unrest. 1907: Foundation of the FFF. 1914: Kullarnasstad Massacre, catalyst of the Civil War. 1915-1924: Foundation of the Kulleholm government and Civil War. Communists win. Fina becomes a de facto one-party communist state. 1930s-1960s: Alliance formed between Rankari communist state (name still being worked on) and Fina. 1960s: Rankari-Finan split. Dangerously close to war, almost splitting the communist wurld. Loose alliance remains, but some semblance of tension remains. 1989: Finan Revolution, violent overthrow of communist government, establishment of the Republic of Fina. 1992: Discovery of natural gas in the Östranka region makes it much more economically enticing and attractive, along with its location near the straits. 1996: Velescian War between Fina and Rankar over the Östranka region, ending in embarrassment for both sides. Both sides have likely been building up for part 2 ever since, and tensions have been increasingly building over time. Desired Location: Explanation for location: Haven't really seen anybody do this but I feel like it'd be pretty useful to show my thinking behind this spot. It's in an area that's already been established as having a Nordic culture, gives room to my west for the Rankari nations, also fitting along with a bit of a Slavic belt or arc from Prymontian Rus to Sanarija. The only issue I really have with the location is that the climate is predominantly subarctic, where optimally the coastal regions like the areas around Tullinge and Karolinaburg would be more temperate, however I don't see this as too much of an obstacle for me. This plot of land measures out to 268,000 km^2 (measured out in google Eurth), just barely under the threshold of being High tier in land area. If this is too close to being a High land area, I'll gladly add another point to my Land area stat. I would also like to set up some NPCs for the Rankari nations, however I can understand if I have to do some actual RP and contributions first before being able to establish these NPCs.
  8. Requested Stats Population: Medium (1) - 13M GDP per capita: Medium (1) - 15,000 Land area: Medium (1) - 260,000
  9. Elias Rundström was smoking a cigar as he pulled out a dusted old blue shoebox. He had been tasked with getting all his mother's old junk into a moving van to head off to the calm and peaceful Karolina coast for her retirement. However considering that old mama had kept every facet of Elias' childhood stored away in every nook and cranny of the household, this wasn't going to be easy. There was nothing remarkable about the shoebox on the surface really, but Elias recognized what it was upon seeing it. He set the shoebox down on the single piece of furniture left in the home, a visibly used and stained coffee table which was currently home to disorganized piles of papers he was planning on getting to later. He slid some pens and rogue sheets to make room for the box and gently opened the box. Within it there was a pile of yellowing papers over two decades old. Carefully reaching with a nearly trembling hand Elias picked up the first of the pile. It is quite obvious what these papers are now. Letters from Elias' "pappa" Niklas to his mother. Elias was growing quickly invested in the letters he had not seen in so long. His memory had mostly faded of these papers. Even though he knew how this story ended, he continued reading. It would not take long regardless, the next letter was brief. It was also the last. Elias placed the letter back while carefully grabbing the second sheet in the box. This letter was atypically short, even for pappa. Niklas was never much of a writer, he just did enough to get his point across. Still even, this letter was just one simple paragraph. Pappa didn't even try to separate his thoughts into two separate paragraphs, something he had always done with even the most simplest and bland ideas and stories. No this was just a singular quickly written paragraph. Obviously pappa did not have a lot of time for this one and one could understand why with further reading. Elias picked up the paper and began reading. Said Rankari rogues employed guerrilla tactics upon the retreating 25th Infantry, intercepting them along their route to Volkovstad and ambushing them. The soldiers were massacred, unprepared for an attack, especially so deep in their own territory. However the sheer incompetence in the Finan military can not be ignored in allowing such a thing to occur in the first place. Among the casualties was Niklas Rundström. The cruel irony of it all is that the news of Niklas' death arrived to his family the 8th of May. The birthday of Niklas' son Elias. The moment still sticks with Elias to this day. The last time he saw his pappa, he was in a casket draped in the Finan flag. Elias wiped a tear from his eye and returned the yellowing paper to its home in the shoebox. He took the box and slid it into the van along with other similar boxes with old dusty relics of past. He returned inside to probably gather some somewhat creepy Pelvis Resley and BABA bobbleheads which were collecting dust in the bedroom. Elias Rundström is not the only kid who lost won of their parents to the Velescian War. He's one of many. This war is a modern cause for Rankari hate among many in the Finan population, and prejudice against the Östrankaris which is source of much tension in modern Fina. This is just one example of how the Velescian War affects Fina to this day.
  10. Fina

    Q&A Fina

    My country would be some kind of Eastern European post-Soviet Sweden. I'm not completely sure what IRL country it is most similar to right now, but if I have to say I think maybe Poland in its current situation. And the name doesn't actually come from Finland, that was just a bit of coincidence, though it can be an absolute pain when trying to translate things and the get spit out as either Finnish or finance.
  11. Fina

    Q&A Fina

    Hey look at this completely new and original idea I had while looking at other completely unrelated threads created by @Costa Madora, @Unuecejo, and @Zaxar. Even though this idea was totally original and created by me, I'm still giving them credit where credit is due. With that aside, feel free to ask anything about Fina, you'll learn more about my country and I probably will to. This gives me an opportunity to expand and further build my nation and show it off to the whule wurld. So without further ado, ask away!
  12. The Republic of Fina (Finan: Republiken Fina) is a federal constitutional republic consisting of several provinces and 2 special administrative regions (Östranka and Sappland). The culture of Fina is largely Finan (Swedish) with minority cultures in the SARs being Rankari (Russian) and Lami (Sami) respectively. The capital is Kulleholm and the largest city is Karolinaburg, with other large or significant cities being Tallträdvik, Obbola, Tullinge, Volkovstad, and Hästhuvudfors, among others. It is bordered by its historical rival Rankar. The modern day lands of Fina were first inhabited by nomadic Celts who once traversed the continent. Not much is known about this Celtic period or when it even occurred. The only remnant of Celts in Fina are large stone monoliths that can be found dotted throughout forests, with the most famous one being Mossigsten (literally meaning mossy stone) in Karolinaburg's park of the same name. The first signs of the Lami people in Fina come from Nordlund around 1600 BCE. The Lamis are believed to have completely pushed out the nomadic Celts by 1500 or 1400 BCE. Unlike the Celts, the Lami are actually believed to have built somewhat organized settlements, or at the very least gathering places of different people and tribes. The Lami are also believed to have once had several distinct languages and traditions that are now all lost, with the exception of Northern Lami, with the last significant language other than Northern Lami going extinct in the 1970s. The first arrival of Europan people came around the year 300 CE, with Viking explorers and later settlers from modern day Ateenia. The settlers easily pushed the Lami inland with superior weaponry and tactics. Those Lami who could not escape were enslaved or made into wives for the settlers. Fina is named for the Lami people, who the settlers referred to as the Fenns or Finns. This began the Viking age of Fina, where several kingdoms not only fought, raided, and pillaged far away lands for their treasures, but also did the same to each other. The Vikings were also great explorers and nation-builders, despite their pillaging reputation. The Finan Viking kingdoms had several colonies which were later abandoned, except for the land of Drakön (Dragon Island) which actually later became a part of Fina. In 800 CE, some explorers settle into the Eastern lands, home to old Slavic cultures. One such settler named Kurik was elected ruler of the city of Veles. He subjugated the nearby lands and forged an empire out of his city. His following ruling dynasty created the Velescian Rus', one of the building blocks of modern-day Rankar. The ending of the Viking age coincided with the introduction to Christianity to Fina. From 1000 CE on, Fina was largely ruled by warring city-states and occasionally a small pagan state which was quick to be crusaded by the Christianized cities. Over time, much of the city-states were absorbed and consolidated until in 1300 CE where mostly all of the Finan core was controlled by the Kingdom of Karolina, Kingdom of Kullarnas, or Duchy of Nordlund, all vying for power in the region. The Rankaris, under the Grand Duchy of Markovy, saw an opportunity in all the infighting. The Markovics repeatedly attacked, raided, and pillaged the borderlands through the 1500 and 1600s, chipping away at Finan lands and importantly taking control of the valuable Velescian straits. While the lands were long contested, Markovy and later the Markovic Tsardom held a strong grip on the conquered lands despite repeated internal and external resistance. However, the Markovic occupation of the strait lands strengthened a Finan antagonization of Rankar and the unity among the lands. In 1724, after centuries of fighting amongst themselves and Rankar, the three royal houses and their corresponding nations united under the persuasion of King Oskar IV of Karolina. In 1731, King Oskar lead an invasion against Rankar which lasted until 1735 and ended in a Finan victory. Fina reclaimed some previous lost lands and forced it to accept peace. Still, the Rankaris controlled the straits and still held on to cultural lands, and many anticipated that this was far from the last of battles between the rivals. During this time peace, both were able to grow. Rankar formed an empire spanning many cultures and vast swathes of land. Fina incorporated its eastern frontier and settled the untamed lands. Both were getting stronger and setting the stage for an interesting battle to come. By 1804, tensions between the two become dangerously hot. Finan travelers were falsely captured and imprisoned, and Finan civilians burned up a Rankari ship in retaliation. The breaking point was when Rankar began blocking Finan trade vessels from traveling through the Velescian straits, and attacked a ship which defied these orders. The Kingdom of Fina officially declared war upon the Rankari Empire, kicking off the Strait Wars. Rankar had taken several decisive victories early on, capturing valuable forts along the most navigable woodland paths. The final stand for Fina is at the town of Vidafalt. Beyond it is an easy journey to any one of Fina's western major cities. However, Fina was able to hold back the Rankari forces at Vidafalt, and after some reorganizing, the Finans were able to push the Rankaris beyond the Velescian straits and into their own territory. By the heroic stand at Vidafalt, Fina ended up victorious in the Strait Wars, gaining their lost lands along the straits along with the region of Upper Velescia, modern day Östranka. By the late 1800s, Finans had grown tired of fighting and war with their neighbors. Fina had accumulated a massive debt due to the constant wars and destruction of the past century. However, the rich and powerful families of Karolinaburg had to fill their pockets somehow. Money was constantly funneled into the capital while the common folk endured physically and mentally taxing jobs just to make a living. Many were poor. Karolinaburg and the rest of Fina became growingly disconnected. Eventually the government caved into calls for some type liberal reform, by forming a Riksdag and limiting the King's powers through a semi-constitutional monarchy. This still did little to please the weary population however. The population wanted increasingly more radical reform. Mnay even called for the removal of the King entirely. While this was unfolding, an underground group known as the Fraktionen för Frihet (Faction for Freedom), or FFF was founded in Kulleholm, 1907. They secretly spread communist propaganda, imagery, and ideas throughout the nation, further radicalizing the public. The most notable of their contributions was the Ändringens Röster (Voices of Change) pamphlet which became popular with the growing radicalized Finans. A revolution was brewing in Fina. The catalyst for said revolution came December 1914. Students had gathered at the College of Kullarnastad for a demonstration in the mourning of a famous socialist journalist who had tragically passed away at the age of 42 just a week earlier. However through the actions of some individuals the demonstration had turned into a protest which engulfed the college town. There was much confusion in the town square where the core of the protest had moved as people began yelling and causing chaos. Amidst the chaos, the officers who were stationed at the town square opened fire on the crowd mistaking the yelling for violence, when in reality, it was likely a few college kids doing drunk college kid things. The crowd turned into a mob and fighting broke out in the town. By the end of the night, 12 civilians were dead, 8 of which were students, and 3 officers were killed. Word of what is called "the Kullarnastad massacre" spread rapidly across the nation through the Ändringens Röster and riots broke out just as fast. All major cities were engulfed in violence, including the capital of Karolinaburg. News of deaths due to the violence only fueled these revolutionaries. In May 1915 the leftist coalition deserted the Riksdag and formed a new government in Kulleholm. The Civil War had started. While it was slow at first, by 1923, the royalist Blue Army was overrun by the revoltionary Red Army. The Kingdom of Fina ceased to exist in February of 1924, existing for almost exactly 200 years. Now what stood in its place was a wartorn Finan Commune (Finsk Socialistkommun). Although not on paper, all political parties aside from the Finan Communist Party were defacto banned, with whole parties sometimes not even showing up on ballots. Fina became a one-party authoritarian communist state. Similar events actually unfolded in nearby Rankar. What resulted was the Union of Argic Socialist Republics (UASR), a union of several communist states divided along the cultural lines of the former empire. Fina was invited to join the UASR at the drafting of its constitution, however declined after some careful consideration. The two states did collaborate closely however, maybe the first time that has ever happened in the history of the two states, and the last tine it ever will. However over time, the alliance between the neighboring states deteriorated as both took on different forms of communism, disputed over each others' territory, and competing for influence over other communist states. One major issue was that the Commune and its people saw itself and only itself as the liberator of workers and as the greatest state on Eurth. This didn't quite sit well with the UASR which wanted to take a chief role in the wurld of communism. The split is usually said to have occurred in the 60s, although some may put it earlier. For the purposes of keeping the communist wurld unified, the UASR and the Commune maintained a fragile de jure alliance, although de facto the Commune acted largely on its own. In 1989, communism and leftism wurldwide wasn't feeling all too good. Unlike most states that had try to transition into a semi-modern state while keeping communism, Fina stayed hardline communist. The government saw how it backfired elsewhere and was too cocky about the strength of communism and the weird form of communist nationalism that existed in the Commune. However, the country was in a very, very fragile state. People were outraged. They wanted change, and they wanted democracy. Over the course of 2 weeks the situation only got worse. Finally, on July 1, 1989, the people stormed the capital. Soldiers. Teachers. Factory workers. They all participated. There was practically no resistance from guards and stationed military, most of whom just put down their guns. What little resistance there was was easily overrun. Commune flags with the large red star cut out were flying all around Kulleholm. President Van Almstedt and his wife were captured and hanged in the public square. The Folkråd was dissolved and those lucky enough to escape the chaos fled to the UASR, which would be engulfed in war just years later. These events are known as the Finan Revolution and they established today's modern Republic. In 1996, the Rankari Federation invaded Fina over the disputed Östranka region, known as the Velescian War. The region, in 1992, was discovered to hold large amounts of natural gas in and around it, giving the holder of this land not only strategic advantage with the Velescian straits, but economic advantage as well, which is likely the underlying motive which prompted the war. The war caused great losses and humiliation on both sides and only resulted in a reaffirmation of the status quo. It did cause deepened resentment for the other in each country. It is widely believed that the two countries are gearing up for round two, and that rematch may be sooner rather than later. Fina is currently in a transition period that will decide what its future holds. If managed properly, the natural gas Fina holds could lead to prosperity for years to come. If mismanaged, it could become Eurth's Venezuela. There are several internal issues that must be addressed before Fina can reach new heights. Though Fina is successfully beautifying its capital Kulleholm and largest city Karolinaburg, there are still several underdeveloped nations throughout the nation. The complex political situation in Östranka and external issues from Rankar must occur before Fina can establish regional power. Overall, Fina has a lot of issues and bases to cover. But if everything goes right, it could be one of Eurth's next influential powers. If everything goes wrong? Well tough luck have fun getting split up by the Rankaris.
  13. I hadn't posted all too much as acadia outside of the academy and my map application to my memory, so I don't think too much harm would be done in deleting my previous content.
  14. Fina

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Republic of Fina Government type of nation: Federal constitutional republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Swedish, with bits of Russian and Sami mixed in there. Give us a short description of your nation: Fina is similar to a post-Soviet state trying to adapt to the modern western wurld, similar to Poland. It has the potential to jump in as a chief state in the region through modernization, but first it must solve its internal issues, specifically with the unrest in the Russian-culture region of Östranka, while the neighboring rival of Rankar, who is breathing down Fina's neck regarding the issue. There is also a large divide between the highly developed cities of Karolinaburg and Kulleholm and underdeveloped rural areas. But when Fina isn't concerned with these issues, its probably playing ice hockey. Do you have an IIWiki page?: Not yet, but hopefully I can start to develop one soon. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? Intermediate I suppose. I'm not the best roleplayer but by no means am I all to bad at it. Just a bit lazy and lack motivation sometimes. How would you describe yourself? If you couldn't tell by my 4 different iterations on this forum now, I might be a bit indecisive. I do really like exploring other cultures and different parts of the wurld, which is why I decided to do a 180 on my decision to be similar to my own country and do something different. We'll see how that turns out. I'm very smart but I can also be very stupid at times. And like I said above, sometimes I lack motivation. I could come up with a cure for cancer but couldn't drag myself to write a sentence about it. I'm just like that sometimes. RP/Writing samples (if available already): This part gets pretty easy once I've done some Academy RP already. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? Why not, I could probably use the help. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: Y'all are cool and have the highest quality region overall that I've seen on NS. I enjoyed being part of this community in the past and I'm sure I will continue to enjoy it through the future. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: Nope. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. Well if you couldn't tell already I was a part of this region before so its kinda obvious that this isn't my first rodeo. I was also previously a part of a region called Nova Historiae based on a real wurld map until it more or less just slowly died despite several reforms to try to attract activity. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates wurld Assembly? I think? Not sure if Aanbreck Aurora still has WA membership since it CTE'd. But I'll probably get to it at some point. Anything else?: Probably, but nothing I can think of right now lol Providing any falsified or deliberately misleading information will result in your application being rejected and your access to the forum revoked. By submitting this form, you are indicating that you agree to abide by the community and RP rules of this community. Any breach thereof may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to revoking of forum posting rights, banning from the forum, removal of regional citizenship, and ejection from the region.
  15. haha, I suppose that's one thing to be happy about with my reset!
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