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  1. To: His Excellency, Eugenios Goulielmos, The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules From: Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica Christian de Ebraria Your Excellency, The Government of Ebrary will be more than happy to send and accept trade missions between our two nations. It is the policy of the current government, headed by His Excellency Carlos Renaldo, President of Ebrary, to further liberalize trade with trustworthy nations while simultaneously maintaining the Christian and Ebrarian nature of our economy. Certainly, a nation such as the Greater Holy Empire of Arhomaion will be such a trustworthy friend. We are also more than willing to discuss matters of regional security in these talks, if your country so desires, as trade is inextricably linked with security in this area. We will keep or lines of communication open. Regards and Blessings, Eduard Blanco Minister of Foreign Affairs Republica Christian de Ebraria
  2. To: Geoffrey Tatum, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Seylos @Seylos From: His Excellency, Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica Christian de Ebraria Your Excellency, Our Geltic roots do bond us, but make no mistake that the bonds of faith in Christ bounds believers more than blood. We gladly accept the proposal to build a new embassy on Ebrarian soil, and a suitable plot of land has been selected for the Seylosian embassy if it is acceptable to the representatives of your esteemed nation. It is located in our capital of Ceres, nearby other more modern embassies and within a reasonable distance from our Foreign Affairs building. We are favorable to more open trade, as long as our national interests may be safeguarded against predatory free trade agreements. We must note our interest in closer ties, so long as doing so does not jeopardize our geopolitical interests. Regards, Eduard Blanco Minister of Foreign Affairs Republica Christian de Ebraria
  3. To: His Excellency, Eugenios Goulielmos, The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules From: Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica Christian de Ebraria Your Excellency, The Commonwealth of Ebrary is thankful for any efforts by Arhomaneia to secure the North Adlantic and Sea of Storms, although we must caution that any efforts be taken with an eye not to unnecessarily antagonize the situation. Ebrary will benefit from secure and safe trade in our region. We are also grateful for the acknowledgement by His Majesty Kommodus III of our acceptance of the esteemed ambassador, and our own President Carlos Renaldo sends his thanks. Certainly, we will see closer ties in the coming years. Since the subject has been broached, Ebrary is more than willing to open talks between our nation and Arhomaneia, as well as other like-minded states, that could solidify safeguards in the northern seas. Ebrary is in a vital but unique position, and the disconnected efforts of nations may ultimately fail if they are not coordinated. Regards and Blessings, Eduard Blanco Minister of Foreign Affairs Republica Christian de Ebraria
  4. Below is an article from Le Dissension, an underground newspaper in Ebrary: DANIEL LUCAS COULD DIE ANY DAY 13.09.2021 By: Anonymous Though it is becoming more difficult to get information from the inner circle of the Sovereign Protector, our sources can confirm that Daniel Lucas has suffered a series of debilitating heart attacks in recent weeks. We all know in recent years he has made fewer and fewer public appearances, however the government has put up a facade to fool the public into believing their dear leader's health was under no immediate threat. More details are hard to come by, but rest assured that the facts we bring you are true. President Carlos Rendalo has been more and more active in governing the nation than past presidents precisely because Lucas's health (and influence) has been waning. Though we are no fan of Renaldo and his support of the current theocracy, his liberalizing influence is certainly a modest improvement. We can only pray that the result of this development with improve the freedom of the Ebrarian people, and not replace Lucas with an even worse dictator over our once proud, free nation. Keep an eye out for agents of the so-called-Christian Defense Legion. As their commander-in-chief becomes more ill, they will surely become more violent against dissidents. Viva Libertate! Viva Ebraria! Viva Le Dissension!
  5. To: His Excellency, Eugenios Goulielmos, The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules From: Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica Christian de Ebraria Your Excellency, Your message of friendship finds us very well, as does the appointment of your new ambassador. We humbly accept Meletia Kardalaina as the ambassador from Arhomaneia to Ebraria, and thank the Lord God for the continued and, we pray, improving relations between our two countries. Ebrary is more than happy to accept your capable diplomat, though she may be lacking in direct experience as an ambassador. The Light of Christ shines upon the entire wurld, whether or not the heathen peoples of Eurth take the time to recognize it or not, but both of our peoples know the Truth. We here in Ebrary believe it is the work of Providence which is guiding all of us, and the relationship between our country and yours is no different. I am of the utmost faith that this new ambassador will herald stronger ties between us. Of particular interest to all of us, I am sure, is the continued security of the northern regions of the Eurth in which much trade occurs, and in which Ebrary resides. We implore the Arhomani nation to stay alert and vigilant against heathen and other threats. As well, Ebrary and Arhomaneia both stand to benefit greatly from increased trade between our two nations, which just emphasizes the importance of keeping the northern waters of the glube safe and free for our countries and others. With Warm Regards and Many Blessings, Eduard Blanco Minister of Foreign Affairs Republica Christian de Ebraria
  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Christian Commonwealth of Ebrary Salutes! This is the official communications channel operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ebrary. Official communiques to and from the Christian Commonwealth of Ebrary will be found here. Daniel Lucas, Sovereign Protector (HoS) Carlos Renaldo, President (HoG) Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  7. Le Messagero is the oldest newspaper currently published in Ebrary, first published in 1891. It is headquartered in Ceres, the capital of Ebrary, and is considered the Ebrarian newspaper of record. * * * * * PARLIAMENT PASSES LAW EXTENDING COVERAGE TO CHILDREN 30/08/2021 The Senate voted to approve the State Medical Coverage for Minors Act, which extends coverage under the National Christian Healthcare Fund to all children under the age of 12. Despite intense lobbying against the bill by President Carlos Renaldo, a cross-party coalition of sympathetic members of the Ecumenical Dominionist Party and every member of the Farmer-Labor Party pushed the bill forward, and the bill passed the Popular Assembly last month. The Senate had an intensely debated session, but ultimately the bill was pushed through today with a narrow majority. It is not expected that the Sovereign Protector will use his veto to strike the law down, and President Renaldo has effectively conceded defeat on the issue. This has been heralded as a landmark victory by Assemblyman Jon Carlo, Leader of the Farmer-Labor Party. Carlo's party broke with their usual alliance with the president's Center Reformists, citing the need to reduce the cost of childcare in an era when Ebraria is experiencing below-replacement fertility rates and net migration out of the country to find work. President Renaldo has generally pushed for market-based reform, which has caused some friction with the Farmer-Labor Party. However, both parties remain committed to economic development and have consistently isolated the formerly dominant Ecumenical Dominionist Party and sidelined its focus on social and religious issues. The bill is expected to reduce premiums for Ebrarian families, although critics cite it as an expensive increase in government spending at a time when the government cannot afford to spend more. Proponents counter that Ebrary does not currently spend an obscene amount on healthcare, at only 7.5% of GDP. The previous law mandated the purchase of health insurance by employed adults which would cover their dependent children, with exceptions for those of low income, so the new law merely extends the coverage under the exception to all children under 12. State contributions to medical savings accounts of families covered by the law will not be changed, and the new law will not affect the Special Medical and Pharmaceutical Fund for the elderly and disabled.
  8. I will go with door number 3. If I may ask, what are the IRL regions with a climate closest to mine? Is the area a relatively flat plain? And, how do we determine the mineral resources I will get? Thank you for the hard work, Metz. And Tagmatium for being so helpful too.
  9. Sorry I was under the impression the very tip of the peninsula was vaguely temperate but I must have been misinterpreting the colors on the climate map (on the map page) trying to reference it to wikipedia climate pages.
  10. Nation in Eurth: Ebrary Flag: Capital name: Ceres Capital location: Slightly inland from coast, sort of like how Rome is IRL. Stats Chosen: Population: (Medium | 1 pt): 22 million GDP per capita (Medium | 1 pt): 12,000 USD Land area (High | 2 pts): 300,000 Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Ebrary Vision Statement: RP: Culture: (I have percentages on iiwiki for these ethnicities, but I may adjust them) Ebrarian: Majority culture/ethnicity, speaks Ebrarese (OOC: Interlingua), descended from native Celts and Aroman/Latin-speakers who colonized the area in Late Antiquity or Early Middle Ages. Think of them as what would have happened if the Latin Romans did to Brittanic Celts what the Anglo-Saxons eventually did. Gallasians: Celtic minority in Ebrary, remnants of the Celts who used to be dominant culture. Majority culture in the province of Gallasia, and many still speak their native Celtic language. Nurdmans: (Name subject to change, I don't like this one) Descendants of Germanic/Buranic/Etc raiders who eventually conquered an area in northern Ebrary and settled it, and went on to conquer and unify the whole country before an Ebrarian revolt overthrew them. Ebrary is a very religious, Christian culture, although somewhat less fundamentalist among ethnic minorities. Climate: Temperate History: From iiwiki: "Ebrary was long inhabited by the "Old Ebrarians", Celtic tribes who inhabited the area roughly coinciding with modern Ebrary. Ebrary was settled by Aroman-speaking Christian settlers during the fifth to seventh centuries, who eventually developed a common ethno-cultural identity as Ebrarians. Ebrary became a unified kingdom in the 10th century upon being conquered by seafaring Buranians, and during the 16th century, Ebrary became the center of the Amendant Reformation. Following the Ebrarian Civil War, the Republic of Ebrary was declared in 1932. However, efforts to nationalize its (insert major industry) from foreign ownership led to a foreign-backed coup in 1943 and the reinstatement of the monarchy. After the Ebrarian Revolution, the current Christian Commonwealth was established in 1983 by Daniel Lucas, who became the country's first (and current) Sovereign Protector." I would elaborate that the Ebrarian Revolution was a Christian dominionist, fundamentalist revolution that saw the institution of a system partially outlined in my government and politics section on the wiki. Since the Ebrarian Revolution, the nation has been relatively isolationist and slow to adopt modern internet technology for civilian use. Desired Location: https://imgur.com/a/jfw1dtC But I would be happy to see other suggestions, even if they might require a slight tweak to my lore.
  11. Population: (Medium | 1 pt): 22 million GDP per capita (Medium | 1 pt): 12,000 USD Land area (High | 2 pts): 300,000
  12. Studio 6, Television National de Ebraria, Ceres David Michel heard gunshots. He was live, broadcasting around Ebrary, expounding on his opposition to the newest push by the Renaldo administration to loosen restrictions on imports of internet technology. His sharp features and quick wit were on display every weeknight at 7 pm for millions of viewers, and even Sovereign Protector Daniel Lucas watched him occasionally. However, the gunshots cut him short, and he stared blankly at the camera. "David, get down!" yelled Orion, his producer. Michel nodded at the control room and slammed down onto the floor, crawling to one of the cameramen. It was somewhat difficult to move as such in his suit, but he didn't have time to take off the jacket. The cameraman looked abjectly terrified, and Michel couldn't remember the guy's name for his life. "Hey buddy, what do you think is happening?" Michel whispered to the cameraman. "I-I'm not entirely sure," the man replied. "Maybe it's terrorists. The bastards already bombed the bus station in Urtedo last month, remember?" "That's exactly what I'm afraid of," replied Michel. Suddenly, a door burst open and three tall, red-haired men wearing blue bandanas and head-to-toe camouflage walked in. They were wielding weapons Michel did not recognize from his time as a conscript, so he assumed they were smuggled into the country. The patch on their chests identified the men as members of the Gallasian Wildcats, a particularly brutal terrorist group which had been slaughtering random people in the name of Gallasian independence for half a century. Michel's blood ran cold, the Wildcats hated people like him. Last year, they had murdered two reporters for the state paper on the streets of Ceres, and the perpetrators had never been caught. He gulped and tucked his head down. Michel himself was a particularly staunch supporter of nationalist, traditionalist policies the terrorists opposed. One of the three Wildcats fired his machine gun into the ceiling, and bits of it fell onto the hostages on the floor. "Hello ladies and gentlemen," bellowed the terrorist from under his bandana. "Welcome to a special episode of the Michel Zone. Your usual host David Michel is a bit preoccupied at the moment, so I'll be your host tonight. You can call me Redhands, because I tend to strangle my victims until my hands are red." He fired into the ceiling again and all three of them began laughing. * * * * Outside Television National de Ebraria, Ceres The scene outside the TNE building in Ceres was buzzing with police and officials, cordoning off the area and setting up a perimeter around the building. Julian Ferro, chief of the Ceres City Police Department, had been on the scene almost immediately because his daughter and himself were attending a play nearby. He was not happy he had to leave the play, and he was exceptionally pissed that his authority was being questioned by an outsider. “No! You are not going in there, guns-a-blazing, and getting everyone killed,” police chief Julian Ferro yelled at the Legionnaire commander standing in front of him. The paramilitary Christian Defense Legion answered only to the Sovereign Commander himself and was his fist inside (and sometimes outside) Ebrary. Ferro didn’t care; however, because he outranked the commander of the small Legion squadron and didn’t want to see everyone inside the building shot by the Gallasian terrorists. The Legion was competent, to be sure, but not at hostage situations like he’d been dealing with since the terrorist threat had worsened these past few years. “Chief Ferro… with all due respect,” replied the commander of the Legionnaires. “These terrorists are known leaders of an organization that has been murdering in this country for half a century. We cannot allow them to escape, by orders of the Sovereign Protector himself. We have been tracking their movements for twelve hours but were unable to prevent this… regrettable situation. I request immediate access to the building.” “The Sovereign Protector himself? He rubber-stamps everything you do, but I’m still the ranking officer here.” exclaimed Ferro. “I’m warning you, if you go in with your usual techniques you use to smoke out Gallasians in their province you will get all these hostages killed. I need time to save them, my SWAT team is en route as we speak.” “Very well, sir,” replied the commander of the Legionnaires. “But if these men escape, you will be hearing from the protector.” “I don’t plan on letting them escape,” said Ferro. “I plan on grinding them into dust, but only after we save the hostages. There are some very important people in there…” To be continued...
  13. The Christian Commonwealth of Ebrary (Ebrarese: Republica Christian de Ebraria) is a devoutly Christian authoritarian republic, speaking the Ebrarese (IRL: Interlingua) language, and opening itself up tentatively to the wurld after a period of isolation since the "Glorious Religious Revolution" in the 1980s. Ebrary has been slow to adopt many of the benefits of the internet age, viewing the free access of information as a negative moral influence. However, Ebrary is generally classified merely as an authoritarian and not a totalitarian state due to its adoption of a mixed economy with strong unionization and ability of people to choose their religious beliefs among approved Christian denominations. Ebrary is a nation originally inhabited by Celts (the Old Ebrarians), the remnants of which are the Gallasians who live primarily in the Ebrarian province of Gallasia. The primary ethnic group of Ebrary are the Ebrarian (Ebrariano) people, descended from Aroman Christian conqueror-pilgrims who left the Aroman Empire somewhere in the vicinity of 300-800 AD and settled what is now Ebrary. They were led by their leader Marcus Ebraius, for whom the land was name. Over subsequent centuries, and further waves of immigration and slaving, the majority of Ebary spoke a form of Vulgar Aroman which then evolved slowly into the modern Ebrarese language. The second largest ethnic group in Ebrary are the Nurdman people, who inhabit the "Northern Region" formerly known as Nurdmany. Nurdmany is a part of Ebrary conquered by Germanic raiders in the 1000s, and the Nurdmans subsequently conquered the rest of Ebrary by 1230 and there was a period of Nurdman rule of Ebrary. There are some other small ethnic minorities in Ebrary, primarily descended from neighboring countries or Christian refugees the government has taken in. The Ebrarians followed a form of Catholic Christianity until 1502 when King Charles II "the Greedy" created the Church of Ebrary in order to sell indulgences which would directly fill his own coffers. This blatantly corrupt situation sparked the "Amendant Revolution", which led to various Christian groups popping up in Ebrary, the fall of Charles II's dynasty, and the installation of the King of Nurdmany on the throne of Ebrary where the Church of Ebrary was itself officially declared to be an "Amendant" church. Today there are a number of large Amendant denominations in Ebrary, all of which have tended to cooperate (or be forced to cooperate by the government) since the creation of the Christian Commonwealth, but outside Christian influence is generally viewed with suspicion. Ebrary's current Sovereign Protector is Daniel Lucas, who was the leader of the Glorious Religious Revolution in the 1980s which overthrew the King of Ebrary and instituted the current Christian Commonwealth. Lucas however is old and in failing health, and time will soon come that a new Sovereign Protector (which has a life-term) may be appointed by the Ebrarian Senate. The President of Ebrary is Carlos Renaldo, a member of the Center-Reform Party who hold a tentative hold on power and (behind the scenes) butts heads with Sovereign Protector Daniel Lucas constantly. The Center-Reform Party is in an uneasy alliance with the Farmer-Labor Party to push forward more moderate legislation in opposition to the hardline Ecumenical Conservative Party. Will President Renaldo be able to weather the death of the Sovereign Protector and continue to push forward his agenda for economic growth? Where will Ebrary go from here? The state of infrastructure in Ebrary is abysmal in the peripheral regions of Ebrary, particularly in Gallasia. Building of an inter-provincial highway system and overhauling of railroads is a big goal of the current government. The expansion of internet access must go forward if Ebrary is to compete on a Eurth-wide scale, but this must be balanced with considerations of morality as the Ecumenical High Council may veto laws which the view as corrupting morals of the nation. Foreign investment must be courted, and Ebrary's financial system needs to integrate more heavily with that of the rest of Eurth, Gallasian and Nurdman nationalist terrorist activity, at one point almost eliminated, is now on an uptick again. How will the government deal with this? Will these terrorist groups spark a two-front guerilla war? The Sovereign Protector Daniel Lucas, head of state who shares significant power with the elected President, is on death's door and could die at any time. Who will his successor be?
  14. Yeah I haven't been on NSG for a minute either. Have just been inactive for awhile. I also spent a lot of time in the factbooks section. I've made a few detailed factbooks only to never RP with the nations, lol.
  15. Ebrary

    The Front Desk

    YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Christian Commonwealth of Ebrary Government type of nation: Unitary presidential Christian republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Ebraryns (Majority culture, protestant Latin/Aromance speakers. Speak Ebrarese (IRL: Interlingua). Nurdmans (Largest minority, Germanic language speakers) Gallasians (Indigenous Celtic peoples, displaced in the past by the Ebraryns) Give us a short description of your nation: Ebrary was originally settled by Celtic (or analog) peoples in ancient times, but these peoples were largely displaced to the Gallasia region of Ebrary. Intermarriage and immigration created the modern Ebraryn people, who speak Ebrarese (Interlingua). The Ebraryns set up a kingdom but eventually were conquered by pagan Germanic/Nordic peoples for a time, leaving a large Germanic minority (the Nurdmans) in the region of the country now known as the "Northern Region" by the government. Ebrary was an independent kingdom (backwater) for quite awhile until the rise of protestantism, republicanism and liberal nationalism. The protestant reformation or equivalent swept through Ebrary, which now adheres to various independent Christian denominations. Eventually a republic was established in the early 1900s, but was overthrown by a Great Power and replaced with a secular-leaning monarch in the 1950s when a leftist government won the elections. However, fundamentalist Christian groups in the country rebelled and eventually overthrew the monarchy in 1982 and instituted the Christian Commonwealth of Ebrary. The current government, while it has democratic elements, is rather authoritarian and strongly religious. Do you have an IIWiki page?: No, but I can create one. (edit 8/21/2021: I went ahead and made a wiki page the other day) WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I've dabbled in it, mostly in high school. So, only very limited experience. How would you describe yourself? I'm relatively introverted. I enjoy learning about wurlds, rather real or fictional. I try to get along with people. RP/Writing samples (if available already): None that I would feel comfortable sharing. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? If possible, sure. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: To try out RPing in an environment with a realistic, modern-tech setting and create interesting narratives together. Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: I've had a nation (Living Freedom Land) on NationStates for a very long time. I may have been warned on the NS forums once or twice in that time seeing as the nation was founded in 2007 and I was still a kid, but I can't recall it. Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. Mostly just had a series of nations, some of which I still have. I would just post on the forums mostly. I tried RP a little but it rarely panned out. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates wurld Assembly? No.
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