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  1. To: Megas Logothetes, Grand Minister of the Logothesion ton Barbaron, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules From: Maurice la Vaneu, Foreign Minister of the Empire of Greater Zaxar Your Excellency, We would be honored to host the esteemed Demetrios Meitzomates as the representative of your holy empire. We have selected an embassy site that we feel would be quite suitable for a nation as important as yours, located just outside Sandrica city-centre along the historic Glenne River. If this location is deemed unsuitable for any reason then we do have other options available as well. The location you have selected in Tagmatika is an excellent place for our embassy and are ready to begin sending in our diplomats as soon as we can. To this end, Emperor William has appointed one of our nation's foremost diplomats to be our ammbassador in Tagmatika. His name is Julien Sapcheki and we have attached his credentials to this document. If he should be deemed unfit for this role then we can send a list of other possible candidates. It is our hope that through these embassies, peace and stability can be preserved and greater cooperation and relations can be established. We can assure you that you diplomats will face the full force of Zaxar hospitality and be treated with the respect they are deserving of, and should our diplomats experience the same, then we would be glad to call you friends. Long may our nations rein, Maurice la Vaneu Foreign Minister of the Empire of Greater Zaxar
  2. To: Megas Logothetes, Grand Minister of the Logothesion ton Barbaron, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion (@Tagmatium Rules) From: Maurice la Vaneu, Foreign Minister of the Empire of Greater Zaxar Your Excellency, I speak on the behalf of our great Emperor when I say that we would be honored to establish embassy ties with your great and ancient nation. It was not lost on our great Emperor how swiftly you responded to our diplomatic entrance onto the wurld stage, and one of the core values of our nation is that respect will be treated with in kind. You are not wrong in aligning your embattled history with our own. Both of our nations were born from a crucible of war and have emerged triumphant. Your crucible was long ago however, ours is still fresh, you have recovered and surpassed your ambitions of the past while we can only try to emulate your success. This will take time, but we are confident that someday we will rise to be alongside your great nation. It is also of great importance to our Emperor to align ourselves alongside the other monarchs of the wurld. Today democracy, communism, dictatorships, and anarchy nip at our heels in this time of national fragility and we believe that by standing together with other monarchies we can support one another. So on behalf of our illustrious Emperor, William Zaxar I, and the great peoples of the Empire, I hereby accept your request to exchange embassies. May our great nations prosper from these embassies and from the peace they shall bring, Maurice la Vaneu Foreign Minister of the Empire of Greater Zaxar
  3. New Government Power Project Getting the Green Light Just this Friday, the Zaxar Ministry of Finance released an official statement giving authorization for the construction of the Fravon Gorge Dam just outside of the city of Beliere in southwestern Zaxar. This project was originally proposed in late 2018 and has been on hold ever since until the local authorities could "properly and thoroughly asses the ecological and humanitarian impacts of the dam." This delay led to large-scale protests in Beliere as electricity prices began to climb and smoke from coal powered electricity plants choked the air. Protestors were seen to be carrying banners saying "do your dam job" during marches in early 2020, shortly after air quality in the city reached a record low. Today however, protestors and citizens alike rejoice as Emperor William signed off on the project after receiving a positive environmental report from the leading biological and geological researchers assigned to the project planning. This contract for the project is with the large Zaxar hydropower company Blue Fields and signed for an undisclosed amount of money. Government economists have estimated that this dam will provide enough electricity and fresh drinking water for the entire city of Beliere which is set to finally end years of coal dependency in the region. Blue Fields has also stated that they will be employing more than 10,000 local workers throughout the construction process which will almost certainly spark a new economic boom in the region as most of the workers there are currently employed in the agriculture or timber industries. Fair trade groups and environmental groups from across Greater Zaxar have declared their support for the project as it will cut the nations dependency on foreign coal imports significantly and is considered one of the first steps towards the illusive net-zero carbon goal set by the Emperor back in 2010. The most support for the project however, comes from the citizens of Beliere. Whether conservative, liberal, libertarian, or green, nearly every group has something to gain from this project. The project currently has no set completion date although the Emperor has said that it should be done within five years if safety allows. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and analysis on this project. Genetically "Better" Crops Growing on the Sarthus Recently, one of our reporters traveled to the banks of the Sarthus River, right into the historical breadbasket of Greater Zaxar, and what she found there was farming that was far more modern than that which was practiced there twenty years ago, and, far more controversial. Across the Zaxar side of the Sarthus River Basin, a new kind of crop is being planted. It may look like the same old corn and wheat that has been grown here for thousands of years, but these plants have something special about them, engineered DNA. Produced by domestic companies, Inovant and Glanoag, with help from foreign biotech companies, these plants are proven to yield nearly twice as much crop while being more water and nutrient efficient. These crop have been widely adopted by farmers who have been desperate for more efficient crops due to the labor shortage caused by the war, which limits the amount of land that can be farmed and harvested. With these new high levels of productivity, many farmers speculate that they may be able to begin exporting once again. Already, shipments of corn and wheat from Zaxar have been seen cruising down the Sarthus River destined for markets across Aurelia. Not all are happy with this however. Some environmental groups have protested the use of genetically engineered crops due to the possibility of them becoming an invasive species in local ecosystems. Both Inovant and Glanoag have released statements declaring these worries to be unfounded and assuring the public that all genetically engineered plants have been made sterile to prevent them from spreading beyond farms. Anti-monopoly groups have warned that the sterilization of crops will give the biotech companies too much power over the food supply and push smaller farmers out of business. The companies, however, assured that they will remain competitors and keep prices reasonable, this remains to be seen. Mine Collapse in Niyol On Wednesday, a large lithium mine in Niyol suffered from a sudden and unexpected collapse. The collapse occurred in a tunnel two miles below the surface and was likely caused by water damage to the structural systems of the unfinished tunnel, according to Geolithia, the company who operates the mine. Fortunately no one was killed or injured in the collapse but some workers have gone strike over the relaxed safety regulations in place in the mines. Company officials have stated that the safety of their employees in their number one priority and that they are currently looking into better ways to monitor the safety of the mines. Government officials are monitoring the strikes closely and have stated that they are prepared to break up the unions if the strikes last any longer than one week. This government interest in the mines in nothing new, as the lithium deposits of Niyol are considered to be the single most important factor to the modernization and economic growth of the country as a whole during this new era of lithium batteries. The Lithium Miners Union has stated that it only intends to strike until the safety of the mines are improved but many fear that they intend to try and leverage better ages at the same time. We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.
  4. Greater Zaxar Foreign Relations Office This is where Zaxar foreign policy changes and statements will be posted as well as any diplomatic statements or outreaching by other nations that do not require their own thread. Please feel free to ask any questions about our current foreign relations policies that may impact your nation or its interests. This is also where business deals and contracts will be managed until a more suitable location is established. Emperor: William Zaxar I Minister of Foreign Relations: Maurice la Vaneu Minister of Finance: Nicholas von Kenne Grand General: Leon Varxsos Grand Justice: Alberto Patrar Current Embassies: N/A
  5. Zaxar

    Q&A Fina

    Well for starters, I love your flag and it combined with your name seems to point to Finland but your vision statment seems to be influenced by Sweden so I have to ask, what RL country do you think Fina will be most based on or related to?
  6. I @ you on my post, I take no credit.
  7. Glad you joined the bandwagon Anyway, have you decided on your culture for sure yet and if so why did you choose it? Also where on Eurth do you see yourself headed as a nation?
  8. Zaxar

    Q&A Zaxar

    Thanks! I'm not really sure what inspired my nation, I guess I just kind of took my ideal imaginary country and gave it a bunch of issues so I could try and fix it. I am particularly interested in the economy and foreign relations of it although I haven't really work much on it yet as I am waiting to be on the map. This is really because I just have an interest in those topics in general so why not have fun with them in some rp . I also am interested to see how my culture will turn out because I have never gave it much thought or effort but it seems to be important (I wonder why lol).
  9. Zaxar

    Q&A Zaxar

    Glad you like it Its based off of my original nation ns nation Zarnath which is in turn based off of my name (I'm not full of myself at all ). I'm sure you can guess my name by now lol. Where did your name come from?
  10. I liked @Costa Madora's idea for a national Q&A so I copied them So any questions you have about The Empire of Greater Zaxar feel free to ask them here or on discord
  11. Is there meaning behind your colorful flag or do you just like colorful designs?
  12. @Metztlitlaca Just an update on my culture: I have not changed my culture but I decided to be more specific than "European-American." If possible it will be French (or its equivalent) and Atlantic American Indian (Wampanoag) Hope this isn't any trouble for anyone
  13. @Rhodellia could have that river valley and maybe I could have those 2 little islands directly off my potential coastline?
  14. To better fit the region I have decided to take plot #3 and switch my culture to a creolized Western European/Native American mix if that is ok with those already in that area.
  15. Is there a culture map of Eurth? I feel like I remember seeing one somewhere but it may have been for something else. I just want to know so I can better manage diplomatic relations and develop Zaxar's history to fit better with the rest of Eurth.
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