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  1. Isarias

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    Full name of nation: Democratic States of Isarias Government type of nation: Scandinavian-Like socialist democracy Culture / Ethnicity of nation: Culture is a mix of RL Caribbean Islands and RL U.S.A Short description of nation: My nation is an Island-based nation with seven states and Our Capital is Somais. We have multiple ethnic groups including one small group of a few thousand located in the smaller state of Lemmes. Our leader Elias Kruger was placed into power five years ago and will go out of power if his overall approval rating drops below 50% currently it stands at 61% with it only being below 50% in the state of Lemmes. Our Vice-leader is Second Speaker: Aidel Fujimoto elected by congress and his role is to hear cases and trials and form them into possible policies and in some of these cases he has the final say however in most it goes to the Grand Leader Elias Kruger. Do you have an IIWiki page: No How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I would say i'm new at it. It sounded interesting nut in terms of experience, I have none How would you describe yourself? An okay writer, but I may have a little bit of trouble making the roleplaying scenario sound true RP/Writing scenario (if ready): After Recent news surfaced on the Comedy News show "News While Shooting Buckets" It was revealed a compromise was found between Leader Elias Kruger and the Jirnos a small ethnic group in Lemmes the compromise was controversial on both sides and stated that their native language would not become an official national language but would be the second official language of Lemmes meaning all written material including textbooks, road signs and other things would be translated to both languages which Elias Kruger states "would be too difficult to implement on a national stage without hurting the economy and environment heavily" currently the Lemmes approval rating of him [Leader Kruger] is at 42%, the lowest it's been at since his election long ago. One member of the native group at age twenty-four is gaining national attention as he gains support from his peers protesting the compromise saying "it's not enough" he will be attempting to run for the Jirnos party leader while their current party leader Jim Hareks is facing mass criticism for signing the agreement for a compromise. We spoke with him earlier today her's what he had to say [translated from native language] "It was the best we were going to get. I saw an agreement to better the lives of our people, to make our lives easier. It isn't what we wanted in full but it was a good step im proud of my people and hope they see this as a good day in not only our history but our future" We also spoke to Second Speaker Fujimoto who supervised the case and agreement here's what he had to say; "This was an interesting battle for civil rights but when it happens that they are asking for something so large to suit the lives of a small group we must compromise in attempts to make both sides happy. I can say for certain this issue will come up again in the future but unless we can find a way to please both sides without making an inconvenience to people outside the ethnic group the current compromise will stand." Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you? No Why do you want to join this region? I read the Telegram sent and after reading it in full I found what the region was offering was interesting after I saw that the region had a thought out map and roleplaying I thought it would be fun Have you ever had any trouble with a moderator? Nope Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? yes, I had a seperate nation I created about two years ago but I never worked on any roleplaying in that time however. Are you currently a member of WA or plan to be? No Anything Else? No
  2. My nation is Isarias, we are a liberal country focused on great civil rights. Our climate is warm and humid since we are an island based off of RL Caribbean countries we hold somewhat of a democracy in which our leaders are elected for virtually forever or until their their approval rating drops below 50% this keeps it so the majority of the country is happy and even though it isn't as democratic as other countries it makes it so every leader has limitations and a need to keep the people happy.
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