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  1. I'm always here if you need a help with formatting or templates any time
  2. That may actually be the point in it: I am a person who spends most of the time on iiwiki and this could be potentially used by me to link to something that you did in the forum. This tool is useful to those who are more active there, so they can refer to the people being most active here. I already created those discussed templates and compiled into a category.
  3. Hello, it's me again! I have receltly created templates, that link IIWiki page to NationStates page and I realized, that I could possibly create a similar system for this forum. The currently working templates I created for NS are {{NSD}} (links to NationStates dispatch), {{NSF}} (links to NationStates factbook), {{NSN}} (links to NationStates nation), {{NSNFlag}} (links to NationStates nation and puts a flag in front of it), {{NSNFlagIcon}} (creates a flag icon that redirects to NationStates nation), {{NSR}} (links to NationStates region), {{NSRFlag}} (links to NationStates region and puts a flag in front of it), {{NSRFlagIcon}} (creates a flag icon that redirects to NationStates region), {{NSColor}} (colors the text by the NS link color) and {{NSRColor}} (colors the text by the NS region link color). I was thinking I could create something like a {{EUN}} (for nation link), {{EUNFlag}} (for link with a flag), {{EUNFlagIcon}} (for redirecting icon), {{EUT}} (for redirects to a forum topic), {{EUC}} (redirects to a specific comment in the forum topic), {{EUF}} (for forum link), {{EUFFlag}} (for forum link with a flag, in case of linking to international organizations), {{EUFFlagIcon}} (for forum links hidden in a image icon) and maybe {{EUN}} (redirects to the newsfeed). Would anybody be interested here for such a thing? I feel like it would make the life for linking things way easier, as some of the posts here are comprehensive and do not require a IIWiki counterpart. Please let me know your toughts.
  4. I personally doubt that @Walneria would be interested in such an enterprise, at least not to the extent you are proposing it. @Walneria is a country, that somewhat relates to a mixed culture, even though it is majority germanic for centuries now. I get that point and I think that some politicians would really support that idea, but it would never come into fruition as @Stedoria and @DPR Velaheria are not democratic and the general anxiety of being tied to an autocratic bloc would probably outweigh the possible sense of belonging and economical gain from such a plan. Even on the economic side of things, we do not stand much to gain. Our GDP per capita, both PPP and nominal, is better than the one of the other named countries and possible trade union would rather serve as a boost to their economies, less so Walnerian, as other countries may stray away from trading with us due to the beforementioned political problems. If there was only a cultural cooperation without economical ties and if @Stedoria and @DPR Velaheria were democratic as @Walneria is, then there would not be any problem in this plan, but in the current conditions, we have high stakes, where possible negative outcomes outweigh the possible positive gains many times over. In regards to political ties: Walneria always stands to sign bilateral agreements ensuring non-agression among nations, both Dolchic and non-Dolchic. Legally, @Walneria can not enter with their troops any foreign soil first, only as a act of counterattack, so unless a neighboring nation desides to provoke a war, we will not pose any serious threat to them. @Walneria is not opposed to a local forum or a sense of international summit between Dolchic nations, but any further integration with current conditions is detrimental to us and therefore, we will not be taking part in it. TL;DR: If there was such a organization, @Walneria would act only as a observer nation or a neutral third party rather than participating actively.
  5. @Tagmatium Rules honestly, there may be many IC justifications, such as countries hoping to avoid conversions scams. Before the currency in real wurld was established, there were cases of people who managed to use the conversion inconsistency for their benefit. If they found, that conversion from currency A to currency B was easier through currency C, they did so naturally, which simply complicated trade sanctions or barriers in the first place, while in general the conversion unit didn't set this profit, so even when the countries' citizens evade the sanctions set by their government, they may not stand to profit by a conversion loophole to the extent they would had there not been a common currency. There have been talks about a common currency unit in real life far before WWII, for some time, there have been even a British pound based local system for some countries. Simply said: it is profitable for the government to have a rigid conversion rate with as many nations as possible, because that may prevent fraud and solidify possible trading power of the country as well as prevents unforseen problems, such as inflation by unit conversion.
  6. Hello dear wurldbuilders! I would like to propose canonisation of a common currency unit for Eurth countries to better organize the international trade. As I have noticed, we use the USD and GK$ as a OOC conversion standards, even though there are no United States on Eurth. I would like to propose the creation of a arbitrary conversion unit which may help the trade to be shifted to in-character roleplay. The positives of this approach would be, that the trade negotiations and currency conversion could be kept entirely in-character, and that the stats, such as factbooks or iiwiki pages can be written with a understandable unit and yet still in-character rather than each player pegging it to OOC USD or stating it in their national currencies. In real life, many currencies are transferred using the virtual currency equal to the United States dollar. Country A's currency is equal some dollars and Country B's currency is equal other amount of dollars, and the trade proceeds by both countries' currencies' relation to the common currency, which is equal to one United States dollar. This trade doesn't really necessitate the conversion of the amount payed through the United States dollar, but it goes directly from Currency A to Currency B without any transfer state through a third currency (the USD), but the third currency (USD in our wurld) is used as a general comparison tool for trade. You technically do not trade with dollars, because there is no point in the transaction, where you are paying and/or recieving dollars, but there is a virtual conversion unit. In our wurld, it is the USD, because the United States are the superpower with a strong and relatively stable currency, while on Eurth, there is no such nation, so I would like to propose a general virtual currency for better conversion rates (literally creating the equivalent to the virtual transaction example just with the real existence of the common conversion unit removed) Few options I would like to propose are: Canonisation of a standard unit, which would be equal to one irl USD, so is only a canonic renaming of the value for Eurth lore, to which the International Dollar equivalent could be linked Canonisation of a standard unit, which would be equal to one irl EUR, so is only a canonic renaming of the value for Eurth lore, to which the International Euro equivalent of the International Dollar could be linked This unit could be creatively named, such as the "United Standard Dollar" (USD), "United Standard Currency" (USC), "United Standard Unit" (USU), "Eurth Standard Currency" (ESC or EUR), "Eurth Currency Unit" (ECU or EUR), "International Currency Unit" (ICU), "International Common Currency" (ICC), "International Currency Standard" (ICS), "Universal Currency Standard" (UCS) etc. The simple short-hand signs could be the one of the Dollar $ - for "standard", the one of the Euro € - for "Eurth", crossed C letter ₵ - for "Currency", crossed I letter Ɨ - for "International", or the crossed U letter Ʉ - for "Universal". I would personally suggest the "Universal Currency Standard", with the code UCS and a symbol Ʉ, equal to one United States Dollar and the "Relative Currency Standard", with the code RCS and a symbol ℞, equal to one International Dollar. I would like to hear some opinions for sure, but I feel like creating a common conversion point for the Eurth nations to better orient in would be helpful for trade realisticallity.
  7. I would like to ask for this small river to be added to the large map in the next update please. It would be useful thing in the lore, regarding the culture and linguistic zones in the area. Thank you
  8. @MetztlitlacaAlright, I would like to modify the Option 1 a bit: Cities: Large circle: Tirámen (capital), Smaller circles: Bítënberk (central dot), Blanov (western dot) Thank you!
  9. Nation in Eurth: Walneria Flag: Capital name: Tyrámen Capital location: Riverside city (on the map I provided ideally on one of the three rivers in the middle of the country) Stats Chosen: Viz my vision statement Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Walneria (Note: I hope to fill in the lore after I get the location, because I do not want to be vague) Culture: Walnerian (Germanic with very strong historical Slavic influence) Climate: Temperate or Subtropical. ideally Central European, or Balkan History: Historically an independent kingdom. lost its independence in 1640's. In 1820's, local uprising lead by the nobility ensures independence, but local stagnation and problems with dictatorial regimes start the 1880's revolution, which brings the nation close to being broken apart. In 1899, the conflict is conlcuded by establishment of the Confederacy of Walneria. In 1920's, the economy boom provided enough money for the country to quickly develop, even starting defensive lines against foreign threats. 1930's (or early 1940's), the country has been invaded by a foreign authoritarian power (mentioned in my academy story), which was eventually driven out of the country, which pushed Walnerians to looks suspiciously on the wurld and rather pushing neutral and isolationist policies while arming to the teeth for just in case scenarios. Since 1899, the country is a democracy. In 1912, women were given their votes and with few notable exceptions (such as during the mentioned war), elections are held. The last major reform of the system was in 1988, when the country shifted from bicameral to unicameral system. It is a parliamentary republic with a president as a representative. Desired Location: For lore, it would be ideal, if Walneria was located between an authoritarian Germanic country/bloc (Stedori and Velaheria play that role really well) and a democratic Slavic country/bloc (Possibly future comers?) (for interesting roleplay regarding the national identity of Walnerians).
  10. As the sun settled, it was clear, that the situation in Starbov is shockingly grim. Two days have elapsed since the first enemy transporters crossed the river using the old bridge and occupied the city centre, and the number of destroyed building by paranoid soldiers as well as partisans was getting bigger every hour. Michael was one of the occupiers. He was not fond of entering another country, and the government that sent him to the first wave was despised in his family for long time, but yet, he was sitting on a tank in a hostile territory and looks given by the people walking around him reminded him about the sad truth, that he is not welcome here and that he would be one of the first people to be shot by a revolutionary firing squad just when the local resistance gets a chance. He was dehydrated, hungry and tired. His head felt heavy and his feet were covered in blisters. His platoon, as well as many other platoons, were expected to be welcomed by the people and be offered food, water and maybe some alcohol, but the opposite was truth: No local would get close to them, the supply lines were crumbeling under the weight of the army and locals closed the pipes, poisoned the local well and hid all the food. Alcohol, which was promised by them by the political commissars was either used in Molotov cocktails, used to desinfect partisan wounds or was simply hidden away. He hasn't drunk for over two days and the supply corps managed to send their way only a single truck filled with mostly empty barrels of water. He tried relieving his left leg by shifting the centre of gravity more to the right, but his right leg quickly protested and sent a set of strong painful impulses. A young mother with her young sun quickly walked around the city square, looking on Michael and his comrades with a "I would strangle you using a phone line if I had a chance" look. Her son looked too tired, as he didn't have the stamina of his mother and was slowing down. Being tired, the kid looked on the soldier. He probably knew the soldiers of their own army really well, just like many other people in the area, and walked to them, screaming something in a strange accent that Michael could not understand. "Zys! Zys! Bité!" the kid said, being amused by the different uniform of the soldier. Michael shook his hand and layed a hand on his ear, then again shook his head. The kid realized, that he is probably articulating wrong, so he said "Zys! Ssokoláda!". That finally brought Michael to the conclusion, that Walnerian soldiers possibly gave sweets like chocolate to the children as a kind symbol of unity and humanity. He reached into his pocked and pulled out a single bubble gum. He lowered the hand and offered the bubble gum, which the child happily accepted. The mom looked somewhat shocked, but they turned around and started walking away. Only few steps away, however, the mother slapped his son's hand, so the bubble gum dropped on the dirty pavement. "Zí sint okupante", she explained and quickly dragged the kid away. Michael was stunned by the hatred that can not be crossed, but he understood perfectly. He probably wouldn't behave much better if Walnerians walked into his town. He was slowly considering the probability and severity of a punishment he could recieve if he shot that woman, but then decided, that it would help nothing. His friend knocked him on the back and pointed on one of the third window on the second floor of a old hotel. Few minutes ago, the transparent with with the text "Danke fyr bezazunk!" (thanks for the occupation). "See, somebody wants us here!" said his friend. Michael replied: "Bezazunk means 'occupation', not 'liberation'. It is probably a provocation." The night is going to be sleepless, just like the night before. Hopefully, the supplies will catch up, else they would have to turn around and face consequences from the leadership. Maybe the only winning move was not to play? If so, Michael is not going to play, just like many others on both sides.
  11. Honestly, I imagine Walneria remaining somewhat a constant. I hope to create a political dilema between people valuing democracy and wanting to align to a Slavic democratic neighbor and people valuing nationality, wanting to align to a Germanic authoritarian neighbor. I hope to establish some dilema of the Slavic minorities asking for more representation and a political standstill. I am not going to start any successful revolution or a civil war, or take any militarised action, I hope to generally get the story. I hope to establish the history with my neighbors and cooperate with them on establishing some common lore, and maybe some trade deals. I generally rather wish to describe the day-to-day life, some companies, TV programming and historical questions.
  12. Walneria is a country, that has seens many issues from the past and is culturally rich in nature, being almost 10.6 million people strong. Historically a Slavic country, it got Germanised during the middle ages and early modern era. The official language, Walnerian, is a direct evolution of the Early New High German, with notable Slavic influence on its orthography, phonology and grammar. Although being 91.7% Walnerian, there is still a notable Czech (3.6%) and Sorbian (3.3%) minority. Both areas, where the minorities live, are labeled as "Settlement Areas" (Walnerian: "Sídlunkróme"), and the local languages are co-official with Walmerian there. Czechs live mostly around the rhithron of the Savran River (Walnerian: Závran; Czech: Sávraha) in smaller cities and towns, while Sorbs live in the Artan Hills (Walnerian: Atŕnán; Lower Sorbian: Małenki; Upper Sorbian: Malenski) in villages. The capital city of Tyrámen is the cultural and political hub of the state, having a population of 1.6 million people (2.6 with aglomeration around it). The city contributes about 25% of the GDP of the country and is the one of two cities, that operates a metro system (the other one is Ssanburk, the regional capital of the Ssanburk region). Tyrámen is also the location, where the government meets and where the president resides. The national legislative is unicameral and forms the National Assembly, which is directly and proportionally elected by the people, while the executive is formed by a cabinet filled by coalition-appointed leaders. Traditionally, the leader of the largest party of the assembly becomes the Prime Minister. Assembly elections are held every 4 years. The current prime minister is Zimón Novak. President is also elected by the people in a direct vote, but there are two rounds, where in the second round, there are only the two strongest candidates, ensuring, that the president is elected with over 50% of votes. Presidential elections are also held every 4 years, but are offset from the Assembly elections by 2 years. Unlike the unlimited number of terms for Prime minister, nobody can serve more than 2 terms as a president. After the president is elected, he has to revoke and partisan allegiance and serves as a non-partisan, even in the elections for their second term. The current president is Gyntŕ Ssvarc. Walnerians are known for their casual patriotism (the type of patriotism, where a person watching a cooking show in a TV just says "A Walnerian would cut that cabbage better") and in many cases mild xenophobia, but also for being kind and friendly to newcomers, once they get used to them. Although being armed to the teeth eversince the armament over the threat of an invasion in early 1930's, trigger discipline is furiously followed and there are almost no gun homicides. Although over 65% of people own a gun, there is a national registry of guns and anybody wanting to own one has to undergo a safety training and gain a license. The currency of the country, the Walnerian Króne (shortcut WKR, symbol Ԟ) is a relatively stable currency, maintaining an average 1.9% annual inflation. 1USD = ~ 15.5WKR. Economy-wise, Walneria has developed automobile and weaponry industry, as well as having a booming constructions sector. Its agriculture is highly mechanised, but Walneria is not sustainable by its own agricultural production and imports grain from abroad, although it lately significantly lowered the percentage of the imported grain. There is no compulsory military service anymore, but in many regions, it is still considered to be humiliating to not serve. There is a strong sentiment of "if we waver for too long, the enemy is waiting to strike". The question of "who is the enemy" is fairly problematic, as people seem to not unite on a list of names. Religion-wise, Walneria si a protestant country with notable jewish minority, but more people every year deconvert and claim atheism or agnosticism. Although not an official figure, it is estimated, that over a half of Walnerian population may not have a religion and claim the cultural religion as their own in the census. Note: Ideal setting for my country would be between a democratic (Western) Slavic nation and an authoritarian (German) Germanic nation. Hopefully, there would be more than two neighbors... =================================================================================================================================================== EDIT: In accordance with the document sent to me, I am including the numbers and point system:
  13. Today, two days after the voting was concluded, all ballots have been counted in Walneria. With about 71% turnout, As a unicameral democracy, the only assembly, named the National Assembly, was replaced after 4 years. THE NEW NATIONAL ASSEMBLY STRUCTURE IS: The changes relative to the previous setup are: Liberal Party of Walneria: 57 seats (+11) Christian Democratic Party of Walneria: 23 seats (-5) National party of Walneria: 18 seats (-3) Green Movement: 11 seats (+3) Social Democratic Party of Walneria: 8 seats (-5) Worker's Party of Walneria: 6 seats (-2) Party of National Rebirth: 4 seats (+4 newly founded) Walneria First Movement: 2 seats (-3) Few hours after the results were announced, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats announced their intentions to create a coalition government. As expected, Communists, Social Democrats, Nationalists and First Movement announced their intentions to vote against the bills introduced by the government, creating the opposition, while the Greens and the Rebirthists announced they would vote on the bills depending on the topic at hand in accordance with their best interests. There is a total of 130 seats in the National Assembly, one of which is traditionally given to the vice-leader of the victorious party and serves to regulate the discussion and is the only place without a vote (the leader is traditionally asked by the president to form the government and act as the prime minister). The new speaker, Dítmar Fissŕ, was today ceremonially sat down by its party into the cushy red seat in the head of the room. At the same time, the leder of the Liberals Zimón Novak was called into the Presidential palace in Tyrámen, where he was in front of the cameras asked to lead the new government by the president Gyntŕ Ssvarc. Although it was brought up in the past, the First Movement, losing 60% of their seats, and reaching almost obscurity, decided to go to their party press and announced, that the elections have been rigged against the people. The Communists, which have a history of doubting the results and blaming the Social Democrats for making the left look weak, have not yet released any statement to the results. Notable shift may include a mass migration of voters from Social Democrats and Nationalists to the Liberals, which eventually brought them to the top and allowed to form their third government in a row. "Honestly, I felt the pressure around me in the last few weeks, be it by my family, the paparazzis and serious reporters alike, my partisan comrades..." admits the old new prime minister Zimón Novak, which has already served for 13 months in the last government after the sudden abdication of his predecessor Lókass Kacënbóm, "I, and everyone around me, was really worried, that the new members rising through our ranks may weaken our image, but ít seems, that the opposite is true, as the people wish to see new blood in politics, not just a crumbled paper (this is a reference to a civil conflict in the assembly from last year, when a First Movement candidate openly tore apart a bill presented by the Greens, which caused a skirmish, when the at the time 5 First Movement MEPs started throwing shredded pieces of documentation on anybody else. They had to be removed by a security team on Live TV and were prohibited to return and the First Movement had to appoint new people)" Unlike the somewhat relived atmosphere in the Liberal HQ, there is a tense pressure laying on the shoulders of everyone, who gathered around a round table in the Communist headquarters. The party leader has been left (that means, has "voluntarily" left after being forced to leave) just hours after the results were announced. After a historic era of instability of the last government, where multiple crises in the coalition and constant filibustering (before it was outlawed that is) paralyzed the government for over 4 months. is, as it seems, over, and the new government is ready to take a step towards the future and pay back the debts done to the voters. After all, as it is said in the national motto:
  14. YOUR RP NATION Full Name of Nation: Confederacy of Walneria Government type of nation: Decentralised centrist neutral democratic secular unicameral parliamentary republic Culture/ethnicity of your nation: Historically Slavic, but over time, it got germanised. There are still Slavic linguistic islands in multiple areas of the country, but the official national language, Walnerian, is a germanic language, highly related to German, which has notable Slavic influence (mostly Czech and Sorbian). Give us a short description of your nation: It is a country of 12.5 million inhabitants, possibly landlocked or with indirect access, that had remained mostly neutral in the last 2 centuries. It is a mostly protestant (although many people claim agnosticism and atheism) nation, however a secular Do you have an IIWiki page?: I would generally want to create one once I got an assigned location on the map first, but the current running idea is a nation of 12.5 million inhabitants which borders at least one slavic (ideally Western Slavic) and one germanic (ideally German) countries. WRITING EXPERIENCE How would you describe your level of experience in regards to roleplaying? I have spent over a year wurldbuilding my first nation, Zhousheng, its demographics, administration and the Union it sits in. In Anteria, I have organized a list of space missions, created a Vatican City equivalent, organized a linguistic belt with other players, created and am still working on a wurld War with others, created both dramatical and mockumentary series and developed an alterenate board game for the lore. In regards to cultural wurldbuilding, I created 8 conlangs myself (including one sign language) and cooperate on 3 more with other players. I also am developing my own branch of Christianity. I created a backbone introduction dictionary for potentional members of Anteria as a introductionary tool and established an alternate Zodiac (by making a constellations map) and created multiple fictional planet geographies (and I fabricated a fake loonar landing video for the lore). How would you describe yourself? Mostly impulsive in wurldbuilding, but generally dedicated. I dislike the real time roleplay, so I would most likely not participate much in it, but I would contribute a lot in regards to history, culture and lore. RP/Writing samples (if available already): I am not sure what exactly am I supposed to post here, so I will copy an introduction of the Nartel and War of the Council iiwiki pages, but for better orientation, see my userpage on IIWiki. Do you wish to have a mentor assigned to you to help guide you through the start of your time here? I am not sure if I need one. I may ask for one in future if I notice I have problems getting used to the Eurth way of doing things. NATIONSTATES Why do you want to join this region?: I wanted to try out new things my first nation in Anteria doesn't allow me to, because of the lore I created for it. I joined Eurth because I was recommended to try it out Have you ever had trouble with any moderators?: Honestly, I rarely get into trouble, mostly because I say what I think at many times without wanting to offend anybody Do you have any prior experience on NationStates? If so, give a brief accounting of it. I have had a nation named Free Union of Bohmia back in 2019, but I returned to NationStates in early 2020 and founded my first serious nation, named Zhousheng. Currently, I created my second nation (Walneria), to play on Eurth. Are you currently or do you plan to be a member of the NationStates wurld Assembly? I do not want to create a second email to register Walneria as a WA member, so unless I change my mind in the future, I will restrain from WA activity Anything else?: I would like to not be thrown in between authoritarian countries, I would like at least some democratic nations on my border, because it is essential to my considered lore. I do not care if I have a sea access or not (I do not wish to be an island nation), and if possible, I would like to be in a temperate climate similar to Central or Eastern Europe
  15. Hello everyone, I am Fjana and I recently started my second nation, named "Walneria". I am mostly a wurldbuilder, not really a man of action in regards to roleplay. I am a furious conlanger, a mad vexillologist, I love heraldry and can somewhat enjoy creating a history and culture of my nation. Simply said - I am a person, who will not join you in a war, but will not attack you either, but if you need a OOC help in anything I could help with (such as making a flag, a coat of arms or simply helping with iiwiki formatting), I am here to be helpful. I have another nation in Anteria, named Zhousheng, on which I have worked over a year as of now, so if you need some general overview of my character, I recommend seeing pages relating to it on iiwiki (which are compiled on my Userpage on iiwiki for better orientation). In real life, I am a somewhat hyperactive student with a three cubic meters of black humor with a large slice of sarcasm on top. My hobies include: volunteer theatre, boulder climbing, reading fiction (mostly Sci-Fi, Althist), but also nonfiction (generally history, geography, carthography, heraldry, vexillology...). I am not a gamer, if you are lucky, you may catch me playing Minecraft, Workers & Resources - Soviet Republic, Cities Skylines, Subnautica or Kerbal Space Program, but I mostly spend my time creating new interesting scenarios in my head, some of which make it into my nations. I am a Czech and my native language is Czech, so please forgive the inevitable grammatical mistakes happening in this posts as well as all posts from hereon out, because there is going to be many of them. At rare occasions, you may find yourself thinking, that I may show signs of non-bacterial life and basic symptoms of complex thought, but rest assured, that as many people on the internet, you would never have to worry about me much. Hope you enjoy me as well as I expect to enjoy it here, Fjana
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